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  1. One game I can reccomend for those nights where you have a craving for obscure DOS RPGs is Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Notable features include (but are not limited to): Own notes on map, it's up to the player to keep track of where everything is. Janky graphics that gets worse when you manually tilt the player camera. A plot I don't want to spoil because the adventure (with the potential help of an online guide) makes the journey worth it, I think.
  2. Screw you Ross, I love you, I waited until today to watch this because I thought it was gonna be a meme video, I have conflictiong emotions about this
  3. I did not know about that :V I just hope you get on terms with the horrible eldritch secrets
  4. After watching this video and you mentioning Super Metroid I thought you should try a recent game which perfectly captures the exploration (and massive exploration when finding hints and dealing with alien languages and such), it's called Environmental Station Alpha http://store.steampowered.com/app/350070/ I think it's worth every penny after playing through it multiple times, even if you don't make a game dungeon out of it I think you should give it a shot at playing. The pure alien atmosphere and setting is well worth it in my opinion (also good music as well).
  5. Biggest problem with AA is that it usually happens within driverland instead of os-land. So unless the OS is actually emulated, not virtualized. It won't work because noone in their right mind would want to rewrite their old drivers for silly AA support. Now if programs actually handled AA itself, old ones by downsampling bigger images, we would have no problems. If people had the will and knowhow they would port the code over, but the facts are people think it's easier to just leave it be instead.
  6. You should consider playing undertale for a horror/normal/what game. I will say I do not belong amongst most of the barricade of over-hypers because I could barely afford it myself. But after playing it OH BOY it sure has one of the most interesting takes on what a game can be, would gift it to you if I had the cash.
  7. Thank you for giving me the mental image, I will cherish it
  8. I think the reason people voted no was because the longplay like nature of it, instead of the more highlighted game dungeon style videos most people here are used to, 2 hours of content vs 2 hours of watching someone doing basically the same thing, you get the idea. I myself also lean towards the "no" side, but I could definitely see this working if some of the stretched out segments would get shortened just a bit, but then again that's just my opinion.
  9. You know I found something that proves it was more than my imagination: Now this is only using anaglyph mode, but back when I had an s-3d setup, I was using page-flipped shutter glasses. Regardless, if you look at these, you can tell there's definitely a difference between the two. Unfortunately it's likely multiple settings are different, but just from that screenshot I think the TriDef one definitely looks better. The roof windows and general perspective just seems better somehow. I'll say one of the problem with 3D gaming is that the focus point, or where the anaglyph has no effect is really hard to do accurately. The simplest way to do any form of truly realistic depth requires at least somewhat eye tracking so the focus point would at least loosely be around where the player is looking, having infinite sharpness (like many games) tends to be easier to deal with since there is no need to track where the dof should be (player isn't restricted to looking straight forward on a specific point, which causes issues). I want to also address the way people try to justify 3d being shallow in a cinema, it's due to the screen being flat, I've seen one of those 45 minute IMAX 3D videos WAY before anything 3d even remotely came out where I live. The fact is that the IMAX cinema room was/is bigger than any other cinemas here AND it's a giant dome, this simplifies/enhances 3D and it works for everyone in the cinema. Since 3D in a regular cinema is projected on a small screen the 3d isn't prone to the brain-shattering depth IMAX can give, having amped up 3D to compensate causes the people viewing on the sides to have a really bad 3d experience, and the people running cinemas don't bad reviews. The reason converting a regular 3D game for 3D glasses support is the obvious things like different depth settings, when and where the depth things happen in the graphics pipeline and general things available. And last thing to note before I end this seemingly infinite post is that 3d should provide just as much depth forwards and back, but that shit is so hard to pull off most devs on all sides don't even care.
  10. Dammit ross, where do you keep finding so awesome pictures for your posts(the kinda big update ones)? You must be some kind om image seeking pro... something.
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