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  1. This video went deep into my memories. When I was a 8 or 10 year old, I actually had this game and I only remember now due to this video. You think this is crazy game? Well, now imagine being my age at the time AND also only knowing english already, because I had an english copy of this. It was clearly amazing to find out what the story is about just know. I'm pretty sure this is one of the most awkward stories+atmosphere in western video games to date. But back in the day the story for me went like this: Joey and some monsters live together. Monsters want to wake him up (slapstick is a universal language) and blow the place up. So he needs to find them. Never made it past the first level and soon forgotten about this. Up until now. But should I really be thankful? btw: Does he really say Lance Boyle? Because that would be awesome. Are the makers of megarace in any way connected to these developers? edit: @SiCaRiO31: Same thing for me, exactly the same experience!
  2. Found this in an update from 2008 on this site and had to post it: Freeman’s Mind: While the writing is more difficult and the format is less interesting than my other ideas, it has the shortest production time of anything else I do, so I plan to continue it interspersed with other projects. Hehehe.
  3. Impressive and well deserved. Now get the job done
  4. Paypal only donation option? Also: You are in the union, just order your parts from a neighbour country where the stuff is cheap atm and you'll do fine even with the transport. I can also go and check with my partners if we can send you some old parts out of our eastern warehouses but I guess you would have to get the stuff yourselves if I can convince them to do so.
  5. Depends on your viewpoint really if Poland is eastern europe. When talking about culture or in a political sense it is often considered eastern europe. Even the UN files it under this label. Although this is totally wrong from the point of a geographist. Seeing how every scientist makes his own categories according to his profession it's probably a case of: Does it really matter? When talking about Xen I do tend to have a few ideas in mind how Freeman might react. But it's all speculation anyway so I rather let my self get surprised. But if Freemand really does get his acid trip I would love to see the halflife mods coming in the play. Imagine him saving CShostages, then flippin around in Ricochet only to end up depressed in a WWIIbunker in day of defeat...nah won't happen but still makes me wonder.
  6. Just registered to answer to this topic. (Antibot questions become alot harder, if english is not your mother tongue btw, thank the gods for google!) I used to follow the freemans mind series back in the days when it was still under the flag of machinima, although I generally don't care for machinimas at all. I remeber being confused when it ended and then forgetting about it like it so often happens with treasures found online. Not so long ago I somehow got to this site and was just happy to watch this very intriguing series of yours again. Now I read this huge wall of text concealed by magic artwork and alot of things become clear to me after following up on this topic a bit more. Fraud was the first word that came to my head but it does not seem to fit the whole incident. That is because they must have profitted in a huge way by this breach of contract. I sure do know that this would be a major delict in the legal framework of my country and find it hard to believe that this could be settled outside of a courtroom. Besides that I wish to thank you for the good times I had with this series so far and will stay tuned for all that is to come. And since I already took the time to write this: all the best to you both. Cześć & alles Gute! and also: The doom bit was friggin awesome!!!
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