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  1. It's a new engine in the sense that Source was a new engine for Valve. It is, technically, but it's directly built off the old one and is really just a new version rather than its own thing.
  2. You know full fucking well neither of those is the kind of thing I am talking about. You are a liar. A fucking LIAR. I am talking about things like cars exploding after crashes, or paramedics with defibrillators being just about capable of raising the dead, or that glass can be broken bare handed without hurting yourself. You fucking know full well exactly what I am talking about and you choose instead to lie to my face about my own position. This is why I can't stand talking to you.
  3. I'm resisting the urge to make a crack about religion... Or conspiracy theorists... Or several right-wing economic models... Or quite a few things, actually. No, see, it isn't the whole work, it's just specific things featured within it. In this case, easy clean vaporization (this myth contributed to prohibition of alcphol by allowing the myth of alcoholism-induced spontaneous human combustion to spread), and the 10% of the brain myth (which fuels an industry selling brain-unlocking snake oil). But these aren't even the best examples, they're just the ones I used. For a personal example look at the "soft glass" trope... I once saw a guy break his hand trying to punch out a car windshield. Guess where the idiot got that idea. Ooh, ooh, how about the Hollywood drowning, Hollywood heart attack and Hollywood CPR depictions that constantly get people killed as people fail to recognize actual drowning and heart attacks, and treat them like CPR is just a magic bullet that always works and medics can just turn stopped hearts back on with their magic defibrillator? Oh, or how about the "all men are eager" trope that leads to victim-blaming, shaming, abuse and dismissal of male rape victims? See also "all abusers are male", which does the same for victims of domestic abuse by female abusers (especially male victims, who are often ARRESTED if they try to report abuse they received). I can go on all day. Television is trying to kill us.
  4. No it isn't. It's because it's a Bethesda game and their AI is questionable at best, their pathfinding moreso. Vanilla companions also do both of those things just as much.
  5. And again, ignoring my explicit statement of exactly where I have a problem so you can strawman my position. Allow me to try one last time. If you still don't get it, you're either a liar or you're illiterate and whoever is reading this to you is a liar. MY PROBLEM IS NOT THE INNACURACY ITSELF. MY PROBLEM IS PEOPLE ACTUALLY, LEGITIMATELY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY BELIEVE IT AND MAKE CONSEQUENTIAL DECISIONS BASED ON THAT MISINFORMATION. PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF THIS KIND OF STUFF. Is that clear enough for you? Do I need to fit it into a six-second soundbyte? "My problem is that people believe it." Is that better, then? Work with me here, I am at a loss on how to make this any more clear to you.
  6. @Heliocentrical It's probably a joke. Like the dihydrogenmonoxide ban petitions, the stick patents and lastthursdayism.
  7. I have a mod for Automatron that lets me make an eyebot. It's certainly *less* of a liability, but it still manages to start fights I don't need and get stuck on map geometry.
  8. This is a pretty bad argument, seeing as most people don't realise it's not actually something that can occur. And it's important, because some people not only believe it can occur but that it does occur, and pushed this belief onto others to help pass extremely harmful legislation, here in the United States, and while that legislation has been repealed the myth remains to this day, with the same bullshit explanation. See below, towards the bottom of this post, for more detail. Here's the deal. Let's say we're having an absolutely wonderful day hanging out, we're having a good time, then I punch you in the face for no reason whatsoever. Even if the day was overall a good one, does that at all change the fact that I punched you in the face? Because I don't have to assume a damn thing. Most people DO BELIEVE THAT, it is NOT in question that most people believe it, that is ABSOLUTELY the case. Look at the 10% of the brain thing. 65% of Americans ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT, according to a survey done by the Michael J Fox Foundation. 65% of people believe this myth because it's repeated over and over again in television, movies, advertisements, everywhere. And it's actually based on a mis-quote of a philosopher in 1908 who really just said humans weren't living up to their potentials and could do a lot more with their lives. (An indisputable point, I might add.) This myth ALSO causes real-world harm, if on a much smaller scale. It's a myth pushed by many scammers claiming their product will "unlock" more of your brain. Con men are scamming poor people out of what little money they have using this myth. Because that is explicitly stated to be fantasy in the premise of the movie, and is called into question in the Marvel Universe by the same being that explained to Peter Parker that his powers were not caused by radiation. It also doesn't bother me when wizards and magic are involved in a setting, because that is ALSO explicitly part of the setting's fantasy. Nobody watches that and thinks that radiation can actually turn them into the hulk. Somebody being vaporised without a massive explosion is not addressed as magic or part of the fantasy of the universe, they treat it as something plausible and in fact not even noteworthy, leading the audience to believe it is. It's so widely believed in the real world that this is a thing that is physically possible and actually occurs that it has had to be debunked many, MANY times. Treating it as something that can happen is only going to further the pervasive belief that it does happen. Because, again, people actually believe it. Not kids, ADULTS believe this shit, when they should KNOW BETTER. Just like how many people believe the 10% myth, many people believe that human bodies can be so easily destroyed without any damage to what's around them. This is ACTIVELY making the American public EVEN DUMBER, by presenting complete lunacy as plausible without so much as a handwave. What part of "I'm pissed because people BELIEVE IT" do you not understand? Oh, all of it, because you specifically ignored that part to strawman my position? Yeah, that's what I thought. And this DOES matter. This is also a key player in the spontaneous human combustion myth. People actually believe that people can just spontaneously burst into flames and are completely incinerated in seconds without damaging anything around them, and blame liquor for it. People legitimately believe that alcoholism can make you magically combust into non-existence with no damage to the surrounding area. It was an even more pervasive myth back in the day, when it was part of the propaganda against liquor and partially contributed to prohibition of alcohol in the United States. (Not as much as the church, though many in the church used fabricated anecdotes of alcoholics spontaneously combusting as part of their rhetoric.) And one of the main things keeping that myth afloat today are obviously fake images floating around on the internet of supposed remains of people who combusted, with no damage to the surrounding area (which has always been a key part of the myth). Movies and television are not helping by treating myths people actually believe as plausible, they are just spreading the misinformation further, and treating misinformation that has already caused immense harm as harmless is extremely, impossibly daft.
  9. I wouldn't go that far. I would. These studios still peddle that "10% of the brain" myth, too. That is an outright lie, how does it not inspire anger in the people watching when it so brazenly insults their intelligence? Probably because they have no intelligence to insult, seeing as the overwhelming majority of people BELIEVE THAT BULLSHIT. And why? Because movies and TV told them, so it must be true. That is legitimate real-world harm, most people will blindly accept as true anything they are told that they don't already know to be false. (This is the basis of propaganda, as well. Don't think they don't know it, given that many forms of entertainment are mostly poorly-disguised propaganda. Almost every cop show and war movie, for instance.) I'm not pissed off because of the glaring six-orders-of-magnitude innacuracy itself, I'm pissed off because most people will BELIEVE IT.
  10. Watching The Avengers. I both love and hate Marvel movies, in the sense that I mostly love them but they frequently do things that make me want to punch my monitor.
  11. I get really worked up over works of fiction, you know. The MST3K Mantra just doesn't work for me at all.
  12. If I see one more movie have a human body disintegrate, or vaporize, or be instantly incinerated or the like without the massive multi-tonne explosion that would actually result from such a thing, I am going to track down the director and give him a physics lesson with strong negative reinforcement, likely involving jumper cables. Take that scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where the Red Skull fires an energy cannon that just vaporizes the people it shoots, and he does it at point blank range. The realistic result would have been him firing it once, blowing the man in half rather than disintegrating him (as the energy will NOT transfer cleanly through the body) and killing himself and everyone else in the room from the resultant blast, likely collapsing the entire section of the building and definitely destroying his cannon in the process. And that's assuming the cannon's energy cells don't explode from the damage they sustain, at least destroying the entire building and likely causing massive damage to the complex and creating a mushroom cloud they'll be able to see from Paris. Worse is Iron Man III, where the villains can do this to entire rooms of people at once, and leave shadows on intact walls behind them. No, that's not what would happen. If they're really releasing enough heat to completely and instantly incinerate people over a hundred feet away, the resultant explosion would DESTROY THE ENTIRE DISTRICT, because it would need to have the power of a HYDROGEN BOMB. And the shadows are clearly based on the Hiroshima Shadows, because of the absurd myth that people were vaporized by the atomic bombings. Nobody was vaporized, that's impossible. Those marks aren't their ashes darkening the surfaces behind them. The area behind them isn't darker, everything else is lighter, the infrared radiation bleached the surfaces it hit, and they shaded the area behind them. Not all of those people even died, much less had their bodies completely destroyed. For the Hiroshima bomb to have vaporized human bodies at that distance it would have needed to be *literally* millions of times as powerful, and it would have rendered all of Japan (and the east coast of China, and the southern half of Korea) uninhabitable. Seriously, of all the ridiculous bullshit people believe about the human body, this has to be by far the dumbest. We're 70% water and people apparently think we're made of flash paper.
  13. Anybody who stays the fuck out of my way when I'm shooting, doesn't push me out of cover or block doorways and is just generally not a liability. That's about as much as I'm prepared to dream, given the extremely low standards the game has set so far.
  14. You are perceiving hostility that does not exist.
  15. Like Doogie's, for instance. Oh, I found the video of the extremely obviously gay homophobic pastor.
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