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  1. Episode 59, not a lot to be said. I just started with Episode 60, so it might take another week D: It takes so long because... reasons ;-; freeman_s_mind_episode_59_spanish.srt
  2. I'm sorry for the delay in the translation, but I have a lot of things to do, I'll try upload both 59 and 60 next weekend ;-;
  3. I'm a little late but I'll translate it a soon as I get on my computer
  4. Well, just as I promised, translated file in less than a Week. I could have done it faster, but... I've been going to places... hehe :B So, here it is, and see ya the next time P.s: please make clear that I uploaded the spanish file, because I've been very distracted these days and I could upload the english file by accident :/ in case I did something as stupid as that, please PM me and I'll upload the correct file as soon as I see it heheheh freeman_s_mind_episode_58_spanish.srt
  5. Well, time to get back on track. P.s: I love your profile pic hahahaha
  6. Hi guys, this is gonna be quick. My vacations are over and I'm going to school again. I enter the... how do you say "Afternoon shift", so I use the morning to make my stuff and I'm out all the day until night (when I do homework), this will be reducing my free time a lot, so the spanish subtitles are going to come out veeeery slooowwly :C So... that's all. I'm not quitting on doing this (I'm just saying that they will come out sloowweeeerrr than usual). That's for the Game Dungeon videos, I'll try to make my priority to translate the Freeman's Mind subtitles faster (I mean, finish them max a week after the english version of the subtitles are uploaded). I know this is veeery wrong redacted, but I really didn't know how to say this. Until next time, see ya
  7. I can't even understand half of the vocabulary hahahaahaha, God bless the Urban Dictionary
  8. Ah... yeah... I really believe I made this thread before... Maybe I closed it before I submitted it or maybe it is in the wrong forum (that would be embarrassing D: ). So... here they are, the spanish version of this episode subtitles (attached file). P.s: I'll continue with Strife before I get to Potty Pigeon, but if Daniel uploads the english files of Arcade America, I'll stop those two and begin translating these. Español: Well, to be honest, I think there isn't a lot of them remaining here... so I'll try to use english to communicate with you. But, just to be sure: Subtítulos de Helious en español! puedo jurar que los subí antes! próximamente Strife y Potty Pigeon... a menos que suban Arcade America antes, entonces me pondré a traducir esos primero! Fin! ross_s_game_dungeon_helious_spanish.srt
  9. I'm gonna get red eyes permanently :B Spanish version coming soon...
  10. Well... I don't really know what to say... only that I'll be translating CarnEvil next... :3 Hugs and kisses to everyone freeman_s_mind_episode_3_spanish.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_2_spanish.srt ross_s_game_dungeon_zany_golf_spanish.srt
  11. Aquí pondré el progreso de la traducción al español de los subtítulos de los episodios Bueno, no sé para que sirva, pero se verá bonito hehe Episodios 1-10: Episodio 1- 100% Episodio 2- 100% Episodio 3- 100% Episodio 4- 20% Episodios 11-20: Episodios 21-30: Episodios 31-40: Episodios 41-50: Episodios 51-60: 51- 52- 53- Episodio 54- 100% Episodio 55- 100% Episodio 56- 100% Episodio 57- 100% Episodio 58- 100% Especiales: Episodio 0- 100% Episodio 10.5- Help Make Freeman's Mind HD - 100% Freeman's Universe - 100% Ross's Game Dungeon: Tyrian- 1% Nyet 3- 1% Test Drive- 1% CarnEvil- 1% Eternam- 1% Zany Golf- 100% Strife- 60% Potty Pigeon- 30% Helious- 100% Arcade America part1- 25% Arcade America part2- 1 Arcade America part3- 1
  12. Hola mi querida gentecilla! , primero que nada quiero disculparme, tal vez me crean algo irresponsable, pero la demora de este mes se debió totalmente a que estoy en época de exámanes finales y he pasado todo el mes de mayo tratando de no reprobar (y hasta ahora lo he conseguido hehe). Por favor no se desesperen, que no importa lo que pase, seguiré haciendo sus subtítulos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I'm back , first of all, I'm very sorry for my delay, but there were some things that needed to be done first and now I'm almost free ! I know Danielsangeo already uploaded an Spanish translation for the Episode 57, but there are some mistakes... I'm not perfect, and I know Spanish is not his first language so it's understandable, also I came up very late and the subtitles were most needed long ago, so I want to apologize for that :I. Anyways, I made my own translation too! It's not an edited copy of Daniel's translation (obviously they are a spanish translated version of his subtitles, but what I mean is that I translated them in a different way, with another words. Maybe some words or phrases looks similar but that is because there are some words that can only be interpreted in one way and we could have used that same way. Finally I want to thank you guys for using my translations :3, I was very excited when I saw my name on the video ^^. And please forgive me if I still making some spelling errors when writing this messages hehe. I'll attach the subtitles file on this post, and see you next time! freeman_s_mind_episode_57_spanish.srt
  13. I'm starting to add ALL LANGUAGE FM subs so if you have more or plan to make more, than I'll add this! Of course I will!
  14. Spanish traslation coming soon!
  15. Well, anyways thank you very much for replying P.d: do you think Ross can upload them later?
  16. Aquí están otros 2 archivos help_make_freeman_s_mind_hd_spanish.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_56_spanish.srt
  17. Primero que nada, perdón por la tardanza el problema es que no he tenido mucho tiempo libre para trabajar en esto pero hago lo que puedo para mantenerme al tanto. En semana santa traduje los videos más recientes de Ross Scott pero no los subí porque intenté hacer lo que dije de subir 2 traducciones por fin de semana, lo cual salió mal y ahora estoy muy atrasado en eso. De ahora en adelante subiré los subtítulos traducidos de los nuevos capítulos tan pronto como salgan los subtítulos en inglés (los que traduzco). Y en cuanto a los otros (pre capítulo 54), los subiré después por el hecho de que son mayor cantidad y más difíciles de traducir. Eso es todo por hoy amigos, nos vemos a la próxima freeman_s_mind_episode_1_spanish.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_0_spanish.srt freeman_across_the_universe_spanish.srt
  18. Hi Daniel, I'm the spanish subtitles' guy and I wanted to inform that I'll be uploading the Spanish traduction of Episode 56 later this day or tomorrow (along with some other episodes that I missed), but the older episodes (pre-54) will have to wait since Im very busy right now with some school things hehe. I'll try to keep the pace with the traduction of the newer episodes and continue working on the previous episodes on my spare time (translating some episodes is difficult because there are some words that can't be translated into spanish). I'm not sure if this is the correct place to tell you, but I just wanted to inform you that the Spanish translation still in progress .
  19. Hello, I'm Adrián, I'm from Mexico and I'm an alcoholic .....
  20. English: This is my version of the spanish subtitles for Freeman's Mind, and I'll keep translating more subtitles unless someone tells me don't do it. I hope they get into the final version of the original videos P.d: Yes, I'll be making RGD spanish subtitles for later.
  21. Bueno, ya que no veo que nadie por aquí lo haya hecho, y no hay ningún capítulo de FM original con la opción de subtítulos al español aún (no cuentan los subidos por otros usuarios del YouTube), he decidido ponerme a hacer los subtítulos de los últimos 2 capitulos de Freeman's Mind (54 y 55). Aún tengo que ponerme a trabajar en los capítulos 1 a 53 para subirlos de igual manera, pero cada traducción me toma como 2 horas mínimo (si creen que es lento, creen mal hehe.. o tal vez sí), por lo que los demás capítulos me tomarán un buen rato. Por ahora pienso subir de 2 o 3 subtítulos por cada nuevo video que haga Ross (Nuevo capítulo + 1, 2 o 3 viejos), para el sábado del fin de la semana en que el nuevo video sea subido. Me imagino que habrá subtítulos en español en otros sitios, pero aquí no veo ninguno y el último tema fué publicado como hace uno o dos años, seguiré haciendo esto hasta que alguien me diga "Hey, ya hay alguien trabajando en la traducción para los capítulos ORIGINALES en el canal de Ross Scott), mientras nadie me detenga, lo haré Una aclaración es que los capítulos los estoy subiendo en... pues, ese es el problema, soy de Nuevo León, México y los traduzco de la manera que me parezca más entendible en una buena parte de las modalidades del Español. Y ya como último, espero que mi versión de los subtítulos (a fin de cuenta una traducción al español de los de danielsangeo), lleguen a ser también los oficiales :3, dejo los subtítulos adjuntos y me despido, bye bye Freeman_s_mind_episode_54_spanish.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_55_spanish.srt
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