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  1. What is the name of the DOS musical visualizing software used in the Game Dungeon episodes? It sounds like a sequencer (MIDI/MOD) player. I'd like to download the program. It's the one which says "Press ESC to quit the jukebox." and "Arrows keys change the song being played." Thanks for any useful info!
  2. 1) What would you change about human nature? 2) Is there a "hidden goal" of individual human lives? Is this different than the meaning of life? Why is there life in the universe? 3) Biologically, humans are animals. Humans are capable of acting in morally superior ways to other animals. But, at their core, are people better than animals if both animals and humans are capable of evil? 4) What realistic feature would you like added to your favorite video editing software? 5) When making machina, what should one look for in a game engine and/or other software to have ease with capturing, character animation, and editing? What is your recommended methodology for machinima/video production? 6) With gaming on Linux, why not just run Windows in a virtual machine? This might not work with the newest games, but surely anything from the 90's & early 2000's should be open season. 7) What are your predictions for the 22nd century? How will our computer hardware and OS's have changed compared to today? What effects will humanity have had on the ecology and environments of the world? How will humans have changed biologically and mechanically (meaning DNA manipulation, molecular nanomachines, replacements for organs, etc.)?
  3. 1) What are your recommendations for driving games for DOS, Windows 9x - XP, or Linux? They don't need to be racing games per se, just games where you drive a lot. Thanks! 2) What's your impression/opinion about the new Toejam & Earl game which was recently Kickstarted? [ ] 3) Have you played Escape from Hell by Electronic Arts from 1990? Impressions? [ https://archive.org/details/msdos_Escape_from_Hell_1990 ] 4) Edu-tainment games - what are your thoughts and beliefs about software being both educational and fun as a game? Have you played any good educational games? MECC, Knowledge Adventure, and Electronic Arts used to make some pretty good ones. 5) Why do you believe Nintendo does not make its arcade games as downloads available for purchase, yet it makes almost all of its console and handheld games available for sale as downloads? 6) What are your thoughts about the disappearance of truly useful physical copies of games? By "useful" I mean ones which work without an Internet connection being required at any point. It seems most PC games in North America don't get tangible copies at retail anymore, but when they do, they are effectively useless for reuse (selling, trading, borrowing, etc.). Installing them even once causes them to lose all value due to them basically just being launchers/installers of Steam-downloadable copies which then tie to an account. The discs sometimes contain a few files for the installation with the rest of the files sourced from online. Other times the discs don't even have that much included: it's just an installer of Steam + the game's code for downloading it. 7) D/Generation seems like the sort of classic computer game that you might have played in the 1990's. Have you, and what do you think of its bio-engineering-gone-wrong scenario? 8) Simple question: What do you like about your favorite weapons in DOOM I & II? 9) Concerning the killing of online-dependent games, should you get the Electronic Frontier Foundation involved? It seems like the perfect match with Dead Game News, so I suggest you contact [ https://www.eff.org/ ]. The EFF is all about digital rights, online privacy, consumer protections, and freedom, and it is definitely anti-software-killing in spirit. Perhaps you two can work out a collaboration? 10) What do the Polish people seem to think about American people, politics, food, culture, movies, music, TV, etc.?
  4. === Halloween Idea for Ross === Why not just record an hour or two long video in advance of a Halloween or horror themed computer game, then play that video back while you talk about it on Twitch? Then you can showcase a game but not have to deal with the trouble of playing it live, yet you can still talk about it live and engage with the chat room.
  5. === Questions for Ross === 1) What are some of your favorite games from Sierra Online? 2) A few times before, you mentioned you want to see the difference between PC vs console FPS's with keyboard and mouse versus gamepad controllers. Do you still? If so, look to Quake III Arena for Dreamcast and PC. To help the comparison along, the Dreamcast version supports both gamepads and mouse & keyboard for input. Just set up a server and there you go! Perhaps a fan can take care of the comparison for you by sharing a video online. 3) Do you know about the new King's Quest game which launched in an episodic format in 2015? If so, will you be playing it? If you have, what's your opinion on it? What do you think about episodic gaming? How about "game re-imagings" in general? 4) In fiction, magical powers and supernatural creatures are often just super powers and super heroes/villains with no limitations nor downsides, but this flies in the face of the whole pro versus con that usually goes with real world attributes such as a weightlifter being strong but not fast. What sort of offset should magic and the supernatural have to balance them out within their respective works? Should it be something like negative health effects, e.g. the more a warlock teleports, the more exhausted he gets, possibly causing him to collapse into unconsciousness; or a werewolf gets addicted to the adrenaline rush of the transformation process? 5) What are your thoughts about the Professor Layton series? 6) Are zombies overdone in popular media at this point? Is it time to go "post zombie," not eliminating their presence completely but perhaps dialing down the number of times they appear and/or being more creative about things?
  6. === Questions for the next video chat session === 1) What is your opinion about the Ace Attorney series of adventure games? 2) Have you had any story ideas set in the Left 4 Dead world? 3) The reason why you answer certain e-mails is obivously due to their importance. Why do you spend so much time and effort answering messages from various strangers like us? Things will only scale more out of proportion as you gain more fans and grow more difficult with time with this approach. What will happen if you ever reach the breaking point where continuing with individual correspondences is unfeasible?
  7. === Questions for Ross Scott for the next video chat === #1: Do you even want to play Half-Life 3 anymore? The possibility of it ever existing as a retail product seems remote at best, but it could happen. Yet after all the exhausted hopes, Freeman's Mind, years of time passing by, etc., do you still harbor much interest or excitement at the prospect? If it were to release next month, would you want to play it just for the sake of its entertainment value outside of anything else, or are you too burned out on Half-Life as a series to care anymore outside of fan demand? #2: Are you interested in seeing the Warcraft theatrical movie? What are your thoughts about it? #3: A portal to Hell is opened in the present on Earth by the U.S. Marines. How do you think they would handle this? Please consider both the scenario where they can open and close the portal at will and the scenario where they can't close the portal without major research.
  8. Well I guess this didn't really shine through in the writing, but the comment/question about that was intended to be, at least in part, asked in a joking manner. It is true that other people have had the idea just as I pointed out in the question. But the timeliness is what is interesting. The Hyperloop idea is actually turning into a reality at this point in time unlike in the 1900's and 1800's.
  9. Zelpa: If you want to fairly support YouTube video makers, you could check out YouTube Red. Basically, you give money to YouTube to pass along to the content creators. Each view of a video is counted and the money is distributed fairly according to what you viewed. In exchange, YouTube doesn't play any advertisements at you. There's a few other extras too. Granted, you would have to allow YouTube to track your viewings to allow the counts to be collected, so whether it is worth it is up to you.
  10. Lost almost 90% of the video chat, huh? It's a good thing I suggested that you should auto-save those videos using Twitch's past broadcast archiving feature then, eh? === Questions for Ross's Next Live Videochat === Would ya please be doin' something grand or funny fer International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Your "pirate episode" of Freeman's Mind is me all time favorite. Something pirate-y for September 19th would be might fine. Perhaps a pirate computer game fer Ross's Game Dungeon? Thar be plenty o' candidates! But then, it dunna need ta be so grand. Perhaps just a bit o' pirate banter in a video chat or a blog post on ta Web site in September would be good fer a lark. Yarr! Thankin' ya kindly, cap'n. Re-viewing Freeman's Mind #15 shows us that you, Ross Scott, predicted the Hyper Loop by Elon Musk. Then again, what child upon visiting a bank and seeing the pneumatic tubes hasn't dreamt of a scaled-up version and all the possibilities it could hold? Funny enough, in the early 20th century lots of places used pneumatic tubes, not just banks. They were very popular as a means of transporting small things in places like San Francisco and New York City. There were even plans at one point to use them to transport people a la a subway in NYC! Why'd you make Freeman's Mind in Half-Life: Source instead of using the original Half-Life which ran in the Gold Source engine?
  11. === Ross - News for Dead Game News === The ironically named Disney Infinity series is cancelled and its online multiplayer will soon be dead. Around 200 people lost their jobs over this. https://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/42671/disney-cancels-infinity-series-exits-game-publishing Some SEGA Dreamcast games are currently available to play online. A couple of these are still running their original server software; others are using proprietary homebrew server software; and some are using open-source server software. A few of these have only been brought back online in the past few years. 4×4 Evolution Doom Maximum Pool Phantasy Star Online (v1 & v2) Planet Ring Quake 3 Arena Starlancer Toy Racer This guy is crazy-awesome and is developing open source server software for Dreamcast games to bring them back online. http://www.dcserv.org/?page_id=98 Server software in beta / available soon from dcserv.org: Alien Front Online Worms World Party
  12. ===Question for Ross / Questions for Ross=== (These are for the next video chat.) ---Old/Skipped Questions--- Hi guys. Ross, thanks for answering questions. I requested that these be answered on the last chat, but I don't think I heard them being read. If they were read, sorry for not noticing, and if anyone wants to point me to the time at which they were read, that would be very helpful of you. If they were intentionally skipped, then please feel free to skip them again. Otherwise, would you please answer these: 1) Do you prefer to use FLOSS (free, libre, open source software)? What are some FLOSS programs or apps which you use? (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, VLC) What do you think about the philosophy behind the GNU GPL? 2) What do you do to verify the benevolence of the CD and DRM cracks that you use? Do you have any recommendations for alternatives to Game Copy World? ---New Questions--- 1) What are the books / stories that HLPrincess is looking to have published? 2) You're the king of Valve. What are your orders? 3) Would you please make your raw Twitch.tv "past broadcasts" available for viewing? While I appreciate you cleaning up the audio/video after the live stream, some of us such as myself would prefer to just watch the video sooner. The only work required to make this happen is to check a checkbox on Twitch.tv!
  13. Ross, very good work. This video is a clever response to those that said to the effect of, "I want more Ross, not less!" in the Moon Gaming videos. The only improvement I could honestly ask for is that Ross #2 should have a noticeably different-sounding voice. Identical voices aren't a problem when you are both on the video, but when it cuts away to just the game's video, that makes it difficult to know which one is talking. Perhaps Ross #2 could have signal noise, something like digital Skype feedback, or a little "walkie talkie" static, or a lower bitrate to alter the sound of his audio... or it could be a "dirty line" caused by an alien signal's interference. Or something story-based could be the cause, like there was a fire during his yesterday and his voice is gravely from the smoke inhalation, or perhaps his voice is hoarse from screaming a lot due to an emergency happening or something painful occurring to him. Or perhaps he just has laryngitis.
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