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  1. Released just on my birthday I see. Ross, really, thank you for this series. It's one of the few things I look forward to anymore.
  2. I loved how your reference to Warhammer 40k in regards to "spy checking" echoed my exact thoughts. That was the first thing I was thinking of before you even mentioned it.
  3. Glad to have you making gaming videos again Ross. Hope you like your new place.
  4. I feel like this has probably been discussed before, but Ross, if it comes down to it would you consider starting one for your housing situation? It sounds like it's getting to the point where it would behoove you to have it.
  5. I really don't think that Ross will do another freeman's mind UNTIL he is done with his big project. Except he has been..? Production is just halted for now for health/safety reasons as he told us in his latest update.
  6. Absolutely genius, sir! I loved the 40k servo-skull reference with the scanners.
  7. To be honest Ross, I agree with you on Kyrandia. It could have been done better, but I feel that the game itself wasn't the problem. I wouldn't be averse if in the future you decided to work on the sequels.
  8. Ross, how dare you not cover ALL the games? This is something you really need to consider working on. You owe us! Anyways, on a more serious note, do you have plans to do any more obscure First Person Shooters? I've always been fond of the AvP series, but I'm not sure if that's too mainstream for you or not.
  9. I honestly don't see a situation in which Robots actually try to take over, even if they do become sentient. Whose to say they won't see it better off as doing they're jobs, which they were created for, and which they would pretty much be used to. But yeah I can't say I'm too pleased about robots entering the economy. Unless I'm able to invest in my own personal robot worker that I can hire out to a company and have him do my job for me. That's an interesting idea. Then again, since I hope to be a full time novelist in the upcoming years, hopefully this won't even factor in. For the Black Mesa thing, that's why I loved your joke episode so much after you left Lambda labs, where you literally just drove off in a jeep. It seems rather realistic as opposed to purposefully going after the Nihilanth, which killing that turned out great for Earth anyways, right? Que Civil Protection. Also, anyone that does play Guild Wars 2 still, friend me some time, if you feel like it. Konrad Xeroth.4192.
  10. On another note, I'd just like to mention that I would have actually liked to see if I could help you out on your writing problem with fillers and what not, as I have planned to become a writer at some point. I have so many ideas for fictional novels, it's unreal. Unfortunately at the moment I am in the process of becoming a military recruit and am therefore somewhat busy at this point, but if that was to fall through I would simply love the chance to explore possibilities in helping with the writing load.
  11. Ross, I think your fanbase is a lot more dedicated than you think it is. Freeman's Mind may be your best and most popular series, but we love you for being you. Now, that being said I really have to ask this question. How do you view your video making? Do you plan on doing this as your career? I mean, if you do I think that's great. You're making money, and I love watching your stuff, so it's a win-win. But all I'm asking is would there ever be a point where you would think enough is enough? I mean, obviously one day there would be, but I'm asking before retirement. Also, extra question, are there any other little hints/details you could give away about this movie of yours, or are you keeping it a much better secret than the HECU ever could hope to? I really hope it isn't the latter, I don't feel like answering the door to a squad of armed marines.
  12. My guess is he represents another power that take pleasure in pulling the strings of other races to prevent them from ever becoming powerful enough to be a threat. Humans + Vortigaunts are an actual threat. That's an interesting thought. Perhaps these entities merely used the Combine as a tool, and the release of Gordon Freeman to destroy their holdings on Earth a means of controlling them. But I always thought of the Gman and his employers as a form of PMC. The Combine "paid" a price to expand through Xen and into Earth, and now the Gman has received a new highest bidder for Gordon's "services". Think inter-dimensional mercenary.
  13. See, now I'd justify that with the idea that Freeman is probably no longer in touch with reality. In fact, I could argue that he never was.
  14. The Mind series isn't ending Freeman, you're just being paranoid ^^
  15. Ahh yes, I forgot about the date as well. Happy New Years, everyone!
  16. Ross, thank you so much for years of entertainment. I hope to see plenty more content from you in the future, and I plan on sticking around Accursed Farms for quite a while. On a side note, goodluck with the Combine Freeman. If you think you hated cops before..
  17. Whoo, one more episode! Though I must say, you missed a good chance to discuss options if those spores started crawling out of Freeman's nostrils and into HIS mustache.
  18. Yeah, Source in general can be a big headache, whether film maker or the games. Hope to see what you have in store for us later. Merry Christmas, everybody.
  19. Not necessarily. It could be like the British use the term series for what in Americas is called a season. Colour.
  20. Cornwaffle is going to be out for Friday - Sunday, so sound editing work won't start on 67 until Monday, so no. Only deadline I'm promising is before 2015 on the series. Season* But I expect that we'll see at least two more episodes. Maybe three of you draw it out? 3-4 days does seem to about the right time frame for that, so I'm sure it's what most people would expect, regardless of the lack of a deadline. Well, that, and I have confidence that you can finish the series. I'm just not sure if you'll be able to retain your sanity after New Years
  21. I look at it this way, even if you lose you're still donating to a good cause.
  22. I wonder what would have happened if Freeman was able to tame the Vorts while on Xen. Based on what happens in Half Life 2, this Freeman would probably wish he stayed on Xen and just have built his own society of aliens.
  23. Way to go Ross! You've finally given us the Month of Freeman that we've all been waiting for!
  24. Yeah, like everyone else I'll be really sad to see this series finished. I haven't a doubt that Ross will continue making awesome things, but as for Half Life 2... To me he seems like more of a realist than anything else, and if he doesn't think it would work out (which it very easily couldn't) he won't do it. Don't get me wrong, I'd do anything for a continuation of his version of Freeman, but there's a pretty fair chance HL2 won't happen.
  25. If that was his reaction to the Gonarch, I'll barely be able to contain myself when he gets to the Nihilanth.
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