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  1. Halogenlampe


    Holy Moly, have you seen your donations for this month Ross? If 5K extra can't fix the problem, what can?
  2. I'm really glad this happened. If this is the last development of the HL lore ever to occur I can live with that.
  3. Halogenlampe

    Happy Birthday Ross <3

    I hope you don't work too much today and enjoy yourself. I'm looking forward to that Supreme Commander stream later!
  4. Halogenlampe

    The real significance of episode 61.5: Mike and Gordon

    "City 17[1][4] is a grand city in an unknown Eastern European country [...]" (From Half Life Wiki) I think you've found something
  5. Halogenlampe

    Videochat December 2016

    Quote from Freeman's Mind episode 64: "What was I supposed to do, turn down Black Mesa? oh yeah, I'll just go work at ANOTHER well funded facility looking for PURE physics work. Theoretical no less." I feel like a reference to Aperture Science could've been built in there somewhere, since that exists in the Half Life Universe and acts as a competitor to Black Mesa. Did you consider and dismiss that during writing, or did the thought not hit you?
  6. Halogenlampe

    Freeman's Mental State

    Pretty sure the implication was just that Freeman doesn't have a very successful love life. In the earlier episodes Freeman thinks about past dates with coworkers. This is also referenced later, after Freeman... Somewhere in between episode 30-35

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