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  1. Hey Ross, how is your EA campaign going? Is there any progress or is EA silent?
  2. Hey Ross, I hope you are cool with me downloading your game dungeon vids and listening to them at work. I work in a recycling factory and your vids make it a little more tolerable when I'm doing my 12hour nightshift.
  3. You've been obviously gaming for quite a while, I was wondering. What console did you grow up with? Or did you always have a PC?
  4. It's been a year since your first follow up episode, do you plan on making part 2 anytime soon?
  5. Since Ross is a fellow nerd. I'd like to know what is your zombie survival plan?
  6. Ross, in the in the secret world video you mentioned that you noticed an odd graffitty sprayed on the side of the walls around your home. TSW, did you find out what it means? Also, when making cult tycoon you said so many things about how to make and maintain your own cult, makes me wonder if you ever led a cult. I mean, what do we know about you before you revealed your face? For all we know, the reason why it took so long to make freeman's mind was because you were too busy running a cult.
  7. I live in a small town in England, I meet many Polish people and all of them say that it's economically shit over there which is why they're moving to England. I wonder if you and your girlfriend ever thought of moving to UK?
  8. Hey Ross, have you heard anything from Strife's legal team? Since the developers are selling their game again and you encouraged people to download it and did download it for the game dungeon. I'm just wondering.
  9. Ross, do you accept fanart? I'd love to draw up some of my favorite moments from CP or freeman's mind.
  10. I have but one question. Maybe you have heard (or not or just don't care ) that I want to make a silent short film with theremin music playing. It's about a guy who's on the road decides to stop at a gas station, he fuels up and is ready to pay for the gas. On his way in he sees a vending machine and decides to get a chocolate snack bar. He drops some coins in, punches in the number to get his chocolate bar. The vending machine pushes it and then it just gets stuck, leaving our hero hungry and sad. He collapses in front of the vending machine all the while sad theremin music is playing. I think you'd be perfect for this role as you do look kind of like a drifter I'd pay you for your time of course + for the trip to Latvia. So my question is as follows. Would you be interested in starring in my short film?
  11. Well....This was disappoint
  12. Yeah, I know you're not too crazy about youtube, tough shit, bro. You get what you get These are from Godfather the game. (The first game) Most soundtracks for this game are remakes of the original Godfather movie soundtrack so I posted the ones that aren't remakes and I thought were the best.
  13. All of these are from Morrowind because I'm a big softy towards this game. Except this one
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