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  1. 2 questions, if you don't mind. 1. What is your opinion on heavily story based games. Do games always need to be mostly focused on gameplay? 2. Have you ever seen the show HAWP (Hey Ash Watcha' Playing) made by Ashly and Anthony Burch? Opinions?
  2. Are you familiar with TeamFourStar's new Machinima series of Final Fantasy VII? Any opinions?
  3. Ross, we all know your history and opinions on Machinima. Have you heard of Teamfourstar's new Machinima series of Final Fantasy VII? And what are your thoughts on it?
  4. Ross, since the end of Freeman's Mind in 2014, over the last year and a half you have opted to make less narrative content as opposed to Game Dungeon and your Ross Rant videos, while I enjoy them, I am curious if you have anything planned in a narrative format (meaning like Freeman's Mind or Civil Protection) in the coming months/years, besides the movie itself.
  5. Because I had nothing else to do today, I thought about an idea for an HL2 mod as Civil Protection: The Adventures of Mike & Dave Basically you would go on various missions throughout City 17, playing as both Mike & Dave (multiplayer available). These missions would test your skills, but be mostly for the humor. The majority of these missions would just be comedy-based stuff, like dealing with the Shadow man, or train surfing or something, generally not hardcore stuff.But another idea I had, Civil Protection takes place some time between the events of Half Life and HL2, right? So what if, slowly, every 3 or 4 missions you get a "story" mission that slowly builds into the plot of HL2 and Mike & Dave just reacting to everything and trying to escape the city. And it has to have an Eddie cameo, and a Freeman (specifically Freeman's Mind Freeman) cameo. Think this would be a fun idea? What other things could be in the game?
  6. Ross, what stage of the animation would you say you are in with the movie? Could we expect it before the end of 2017?
  7. Did you film this like a year ago or something? I'm looking at all your videos the last couple of months and I see no beard, just goatee.
  8. Will age be a deciding factor? Like if some of us happen to be around 17-18.
  9. How do I do that? I'm somewhat new here...
  10. Are we ever gonna get a part 2 to "The Tunnel"? It left a lot of unanswered questions. One, why was everyone missing, two, what was that sparking monster, three, what was with the squatter who closed the door on Mike. I get Ross is currently doing FM, but assuming he ever got back into doing it, would that warrant making a part 2?
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