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  1. So long Freeman , you will be missed , thank you for every episode and every laugh Ross. I will look forward for more RGD or any other proyect you make. Happy new year and thanks for such great series !
  2. I knew there was something else bugging me about this explanation. Okay, fine, let's say the Xen islands are orbiting a black hole. That still does nothing to explain the gravity. Because look at it, satellites and space junk orbit the Earth, the moon orbits the Earth, the Earth orbits the sun. The moon and Earth only have GRAVITY because of their density. All the space junk has no measurable gravity because it's not dense enough. That's the situation the Xen island cloud is in. The islands are so comparatively small, they would have no measurable gravity. While I still think that the problems with the gravitational pull at least when Freeman and other organisms and objects independent from the whole structure are concerned can be solved by considering that the whole geometry of the space-time in the area might be twisted in a visually imperceptible way enough to cause a gravitational pull through that possible weird curvature (who's to say that if you go far in the direction of those clouds the whole visuals of the place might be changed because the space might be twisted and so could the light?), those floating structures still pose a legitimate problem. However it has been stated by valve somewhere and actualy it is considered to be part of Freeman's canon theory regarding the crystal sample he had to put in that beam that caused the resonance cascade, that the xen crystals have some sort of anti-mass (which means mass of opposite charge than regular mass), even though Freeman might have been lied to with regards to where these crystals came from (although exactly how did those have come to Freeman's knowledge if he didn't know about Xen in the first place is technicaly a plot hole, since it affects our understanding of future events), he at least knows about the anti-mass part and about its possible role in quantum displacement; so who knows wether those structures in Xen are made of a simmilar material with anti-mass along with regular mass or not. He will find crystals and he should recognise those, so theorizing a way through that would be quite natural and obvious with regards to Half-Life's cannonical environment and Freeman's background. I think the green pillars are the cause why every "little island" floats on Xen. Also it maybe the reason why those rock platforms can orbit around them too. As far as i can recall , all of the places in Xen have one at least , except for the first rock where you stand on at the beginning. It's the best theory that i could came out with.
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