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  1. Mafia. That game is the bane of my existence. To this day I don't know how people can enjoy it.
  2. Just my two cents but I have found that the Dolphin emulator for GameCube/Wii works really well and is far more stable then the PS2 emulators. Might let you tweak better although I am not sure. Truthfully I only ever played TS2 on the GC so I may be a bit biased. Either way looking forward to what is sure to be a hilarious series.
  3. Yes, you're sexist. Here: MRA movement is misogynistic to the core, feminism is not majority sexist. It seems you have no interest in having a civil debate and address any of my points. Instead choosing to simply call me names. This is often the reaction I get from feminists when questioning their dogma. Which might explain why the group as a whole has left a poor taste in my mouth. Unlike you I feel no need to condemn all of the members of the MRA. While I may not agree with them myself I still see that they are trying to fix gender issues in their own way and not as you would put it out of misogyny. Just like I think that not all feminist hate men I don't think that all MRA hate women. Still it is clear we are at an impasse as you don't seem to want to have a discussion on the topic. Truthfully I don't feel I really have much more to say on the topic or at least not more then I already have. Certainly I feel any continued discussion on my end will just devolve into forum drama which I hope to avoid at all cost. So I will see myself out of this topic. Thank you for your time and I am sorry we couldn't find some common ground.
  4. Get out. Seriously, GG is just a misogynist, MRA temper tantrum, that's all it is or ever was. No it wasn't. As someone who has been active in it since the beginning I can tell you it was always only ever about journalist ethics. However I am not surprised you would simply call me a misogynist and an MRA as that is a go too for anti GamerGate. Although I do wonder if you have ever researched it at all. You certainly have on replied to my first line. Now I haven't had a chance to look through and disprove most of what I am sure that article is saying and I wont for a about a week but if I had to guess I would assume it is full of mostly lies and I am sure someone else has gone through and ripped it apart. Now by all means I encourage everyone to read the above article and check it's sources as I am sure it gives the stance from the other side. The issue is that one of the websites that has been targeted by GamerGate is GawkerMedia and we have cost them millions in ad revenue. So it really comes down to a group of people accusing press websites of corruption and yellow journalism and the accused websites saying that their accusers just hate women. Now I have a question for you ThePest179, why if it is true that we hate women and we are only doing this to harass women would we spend almost a year compiling evidence of journalist computation? Just to cover are tracks? Seems like to me it would be a lot easier to actively and openly hate on women. Hell my favorite part of this that we only 'attack' three women in the game industry. The pattern I see with this is that the women who we 'attack' (really we ignore them but I don't think I could prove that to you) is its only people who take on the extreme feminism banner. You never hear of GamerGate attacking Anna Kipnis, Corrinne Yu, and ect... --- Anyway I think this is all I will say about GamerGate in this thread as the topic is about Feminism/Gender equality. While I do feel there is overlap I don't want to distract from the topic at hand. I don't really like talking about here much anyway as like I said I feel it has little to do with Ross's work so I am not one to push it. Although I imagine if someone makes a GamerGate thread I wont stay absent from that. --- Moving on to the main topic at hand which is Feminism/Gender equality. I had a whole long post planed out but finding the sources for all of it was a fair amount of work. Well I still will grab the sources for claims made but only on request as it's far easier this way for me and I have a lot of work that would delay grabbing all of the sources anyway. Now I have seen Feminism become quite the hate group full of the most vile people. I do hear people try and hide behind the fact that these people are no true Scotsman and while it is that you should never judge the actions of a group based on the actions of a few bad seeds feminism is overrun with them to the point I would argue it is a majority voice in the movement. This is more of an issue of feminism being an ideology and run much like how the church has run it'self. There are of course decent feminists like but they are often attacked by other feminists for being the wrong kind of feminists. Indeed she has been called an MRA and conservative of which she is neither. Truthfully there isn't anything wrong with the MRA movement yet but it really wouldn't take much for it to go down the same road as feminism. In the end I think it is far easier to fight for equal rights for all and avoid labels. I think I will end by linking to this video which can articulate my point far better then my hungover ass can. CRzb8LVWDP8
  5. Aw, your making me blush. That's fair. Most people in GamerGate just wanted to play games. I wouldn't ask you to side with it as there it nothing wrong with not being bothered with it. The only thing that bugs me is when people try to slander it.
  6. Late to the party due to not frequenting the forums as much as I should but I think I'll add my two cents to things. I have tried to avoid talking about GamerGate here as I felt that the topic had nothing to really do with much of Ross's work but as someone who is pro GamerGate I might be able to clear some things up. I think hate is a bit of a strong word for what most people feel over Anita Sarkeesian but there is certainly no love for her in the video game industry. She goes around acting as a moral authority for video games while continuing to straight up lie about the subject. She has also faced all criticism of her work by declaring harassment and blocking anyone who calls her out on her hypocrisy. More often than not her arguments will devolve into the same arguments Jack Thompson made back in the 1990’s. Here you can see her saying how much of a fan of video games she is when trying to raise money for her kickstarter and then a clip from a few years before that of her saying how much she hates video games. Here is another example of said hypocrisy. She is also against violent video games much like Jack Thompson was. She will also go on to claim peoples criticism as harassment or people trying amass an army of minions to harass her like below. (Mind you I only know the bottom two youtubers in the picture so the top two could harass her but given her track record I am doubtful.) In the end this is how I imagine most people in GamerGate feel about her. Has she received harassment? I am sure she has. You can't be a public figure without reviving harassment, it just comes with the job. But lets not act like it isn't the same stuff that people gave Thompson back in the day. Now on to GamerGate. I always hate talking about Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and Brianna Wu when talking about GamerGate as they have nothing to do with it and the movement as a whole tries to ignore them but they keep trying to stay relevant by claiming harassment. Anyway I think I will start with a brief history of the movement as it's been going on for about a year now and there is a lot to talk about. It really started before the whole Zoe Post as it's come to be known. Video games 'journalism' has always been iffy and consumers have been getting fed up with it for years now. Most notably is the whole 'DoritosGate' thing. But one day Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend decided to (wrongfully) post proof (not only was what he posted conclusive but Zoe her self confirmed it at one point) that Zoe Quinn had cheated on him with five guys. (He would later go on claim it was enough to fill two greyhound buses but that they had no relevance to why he was making the 'Zoe Post' and I agree it is irrelevant.) These five guys happened to work within the gaming industry. Now one person a Nathan Grayson had written about Zoe Quinn in a positive light all the while never once disclosing he had any sort of relationship with her. This wasn't the major issue. The major issue ended up being that when people tried to talk about the concept of nepotism between gaming press and developers for which there seems to be a ton of they where silenced from doing so on every major gaming website. So they tried to talking about it on /r/gaming of reddit and the same thing happened so people got desperate and went onto the video game board of 4chan known as /v/. Now despite the reputation 4chan has built up over the years it is easy to have a civilized conversation there as long as you can stand their adoption of slurs as terms of endearment. Well people talked about it a little bit but there wasn't much talk until a youtuber by the name of MundaneMatt decided to talk about Zoe Quinn's game in a less then positive light. Zoe Quinn's response was to file a false DMCA claim and have his video taken down. This sparked a youtuber who went by the name of Internet Aristocrat (who at this point was well known on 4chan for making fun of tumblr feminists) to make a video about it and other examples of corruption in the video gaming press. Now talk blew up on /v/ and people started to dig into what else the press had been doing that was unseemly. Well a funny thing happened. The threads started disappearing as it turned out the mods on 4chan where also silencing discussion on the subject. The the owner of the website (who turns out was in a relationship with someone in the gaming press) said he was banning the topic as it wasn't something appropriate to be discussed on 4chan. So people found a new home on the reddit board /r/KotakuInAction and the 8chan board /gamergatehq/. Now before the exodus from 4chan's /v/ a few things did happen. It turns out that Zoe Quinn and her friend Randi Harper had helped shut down a game jam (I think it was for 'sexism' or something but it's been over a year now so my memory is a little fuzzy) which is a contest to see who can make a game in a short amount of time and then award a prize to the winner. Zoe Quinn then made her own and I imagine is still taking donations for it though I could be wrong. (Fun fact the donation button for her game jam was the same for her personal donation paypal.) Now Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper had contacted the majority of the gaming press telling them not to cover a game jam by a group called The Fine Young Capitalists do to it being a sexist. Well turns out The Fine Young Capitalists is a group trying to get more women into comics and game design by by running contests in which all an applicant needs to do is submit an idea (with the ideas to be voted on by the public) and the winning idea would be made into a game. The only skill the person would need coming into this would be simply to have the best idea after that the team of The Fine Young Capitalists would help them make it from start to finish. The catch being that these contests where to be crowd funded and with no media attention there would be no crowd to fund it. Well GamerGate decided as a whole to give it the push it needed and funded most of it. Now for a bit of speculation on my part but a fair number of people including myself believe that the reason Zoe Quinn stopped press coverage and doxxed this group was to prevent people from donating to this game jam for women is so that people wishing to donate to a cause would only find her's and donate to the gamejam that is linked to her donation paypal. Why bring up all of this? Well this is where any relation to Zoe Quinn ends for GamerGate despite claims that say otherwise. The only other thing of note that really happened before the exodus was that Adam Baldwin of Firefly/Full Metal Jacket fame coined the term GamerGate on Twitter starting the hashtag. Now withing the first few months of GamerGate it was mostly figuring out what the consumer revolts main goals where and going about them in a rational way. Truth is no one expected GamerGate to last this long. So the goals where laid down and they are as following. All gaming news websites should have a ethics policy similar to that of the Society of Professional Journalists in which there is full disclosure of any relationships journalist have with who they are covering or better yet having them recuse themselves from writing the article. Further to go back and update all prior articles that didn't bother with such things. The gaming press of course responded to this request in a reasonable manner by declaring all gamers dead. They also helped spread some other stuff around that would lead the the plot for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit : Intimidation Game. (Warning: Language) Other factions in GamerGate is an anti harassment group that goes around twitter looking for people harassing under the GamerGate hashtag and reporting them. There is also a group who feels the need to identify as #NotYourShield do to GamerGate being called out as a bunch of white men in which they show their support for GamerGate and declare that they are not the shield of the press to hide behind see: Now there is just far to much to get into as it's been going on for over a year and I only posted a small fraction of the mess that has been GamerGate. I have left many things out but this is already long enough. I can post more if people want but I have doubt it is of much interest. Now there is a lot here to read and I don't expect you to read it all, click on every link, and watch every video. Still if you would be willing to listen to both sides of the debate and make up your own mind based on what they have to say. Also if you only click on one link, then consider this one which is all of the evidence we have found of journalists corruption. Also this video is a good summary if you don't mind snark and the annoyance of someone having to deal with this for months. I will close on saying that GamerGate is a hashtag consumer revolt and it's nature lets anyone post with it. So don't judge on the actions of a few trolls but rather how GamerGate reacts to it (Warning: Also Language) and it's overall actions. There really is two stories painted here. The first being that this is a group of about 300 white dudes who hate women keeping at for months on end as being reported by the gaming press. Or it's a group of gamers who are sick of being thrown in the mud by a press wanting to make money off of them without doing any real journalism instead calling them trash and hiding behind three women who have nothing to do with the topic at hand but do make money from claiming harassment. Perhaps this explains why people are so defensive when a small clip of Anita is used to show an example of harassment.
  7. Okay, since this is under serious topic discussion I will assume you are not trolling (I hope you can see why people would take this as trolling.) and give you a real answer. Let’s assume your rallying cry works and you get enough warm bodies to march upon the capital and take out the leadership. Assuming they step down or you win a long hard fought battle now what? Who will you choose to lead this new America? You? What about the infrastructure of this country during the transition of power? How will food and water be distributed to the 300 million or so Americans? How can you ensure they all have power and heat? Even if you feel they don’t need television or internet, then what about the electricity needed for hospitals to keep the sick alive? Will you keep the US dollar, try to switch back to the gold standard, or do something else entirely? Since you used the word fascist, I will assume that you dislike the laws of this country. How will you go about fixing them under your new America? Will you remove all of them but for a handful of important ones you can think of off the top of your head? How can you ensure that you won’t miss an obscure but important law? How will you enforce these new laws? With the police or martial law enforced by the army you used to overthrow the US? You could also keep all of the old laws but then just start the long process of removing all of the unjust laws. But then who would choose which one should be kept and which ones should go? Even if you do rework the laws then how do you get the word out? Do you send it via snail mail (assuming you still have a post office) or do you call up every district to inform them (assuming you kept the phone lines and electricity going)? There are other matters such as how do you keep states from seceding, police states being formed by local military/gangs, foreign powers from invading, or one of the many other issues I failed to touch upon in this quick post. The truth is that things are very different then when the Founding Fathers of America fought the British for independence. Unlike then we live in a much larger fully explored America and we wouldn’t be fighting a handful of soldiers who get there orders by boat from across the sea. If you really want to change things then why not try a more peaceful solution? Be someone like Elon Musk who tries to improve the world by pushing innovation or join in the ranks of people trying to dismantle the NSA. Trust me you are not the only one who dislikes the current government in the United States but a violent solution isn’t always the best. I am sure everyone dislikes the state of the world but forcing your change onto others is never the right way to go about it.
  8. I think it’s fair to say most of us here play games and have all played some truly fantastic games in our day. That being said we have all had our share of games we hate and love to hate. So I thought it would be fun to come together and talk about the bane of our gaming existence. To make it more interesting though let’s stick to games we have beat. ----- For me the worst game I have ever had the misfortune of beating was the first Mafia game. b0lyjl27jFE This hardboiled mess of a game has you play an unlikeable taxi driver trying to snitch his way out of the mob. You play this Henry Hill wannabe flashing back through his god awful driving controls, poorly looping music, throwing away whatever ammo is left in his clip (even if it's a full clip) every time you push the reload button, stiff combat controls, and life of crime. Now I know this might be stepping on the toes of some people as for whatever reason this game is very well liked. Still it's a game I hate with all of my heart. So what games do you guys wish into the Sixth Circle of Hell? ----- God dammit Paulie! All you had to do was get on the train!
  9. I try to avoid mentioning Notches involvement in Java4K. Not because I have anything against him or think that his work isn’t worth praise. Mostly just to try to avoid it because I feel it can take away attention from the other programmers. I am of the philosophy that someone’s work should stand out based on its quality not their name.
  10. Now this might be cheating as Java4K isn’t a single obscure PC game but rather a website full of games made by a bunch of different people. Still I think it’s something Ross and many other people would enjoy. What is Java4K you ask? Well I think the website puts it best. Also stolen from their about section is a short history of Java4K. These yearly competitions have often been a highlight for me and many others but unfortunately due to the loosing popularity of Java over the years, there will be no more competitions. Luckily for everyone who was apart of this website the owners plan to keep it up for posterity's (and I imagine nostalgia's) sake. Fair warning is due that not all games are original. In fact a good number of them are just remakes of known games in java. Still that's not always a bad thing as that's how I discovered VVVVVV from it's 4K incarnation. Hopefully you all enjoy it as much as we did!
  11. So ends an era. Thanks for seven long years of memories and one hell journey. I was watching you before Freeman's Mind and I imagine I will be watching you long after but first things first man. Get so rest as to quote G-Man "No one is more deserving of a rest." See you in 2015 and have a great New Year!
  12. You heard it here first folks! Ross promises to finish Freeman’s Mind today! On a side note. Do you plan to give any notice when you will be uploading it or do you just plan to upload normally without teasing the fans?
  13. It was a Saturday five years ago not too different from this one. I was gathered together with about ten of my friends for a LAN party in one of their basements. In the late hours of the night when the Mountain Dew and Red Bull had started to run dry, the pizza and Chinese got cold, and most people had started to doze off when I found it. A CD-RW sitting in a case covered in dust with the words Penumbra writing on it. Eerily not even the owner of the house had any knowledge of the disc. So the four other brave souls and I who were still up gathered around the soft glow of a computer monitor in the dark basement. With bated breath we installed the game and began our journey into Penumbra. My friend bravely took control wandered the lost silent halls gathering what items he could find. We watched as he wandered up to a locked door, placed a stick of dynamite in front of the door in hopes of unlocking it, and blow himself up. After that we just wondered off to bed. I have since picked it up and would say it’s worth playing if you like survival horror games.
  14. Bloody hell, it has been going on that long. Every time I think about how long I have been watching Freeman's Mind I feel like I should check myself into a retirement home.
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