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  1. I bet the faster zombies got shot by caffeine bullets or something. Anyway Ross, just take things easy and get better at your own pace. All things considered I'm surprised you've gone this long before contracting anything serious, so we'll make due till you're feeling 100%. Thanks for working so hard for us.
  2. I wanted to throw in my meme too. Pummelings are always scarier from angry bearded guys!
  3. Man Ross, you should get a vacation soon - it is Summer just around the corner after all, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to get a break in.
  4. Hey Ross, Happy Birthday! I got a present I'm working on, but it's a project that's gonna be a ways off. You'll have forgotten about it well before it gets completed, so I guess I'm not hurting anything by telegraphing a surprise. Anyway, go kick some more ass this year, dude.
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