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  1. CALL OF CTHULHU: SHADOW OF THE COMET It's here if you want to buy it http://store.steampowered.com/app/389470/ The game takes place in 1910, and concerns the visit of a young British photographer, John Parker, to the isolated New England town of Illsmouth (an alteration on Lovecraft's Innsmouth) to witness and photograph the passage of Halley's Comet. In 1834, on the last passing, Lord Boleskine visited the town after learning that certain conditions near the town would allow astronomical objects to be seen clearer and closer than on any other spot on earth. He decides to test this theory by observing the comet from Illsmouth, but something unexpected happens and he goes insane, spending the rest of his life in a London lunatic asylum. John Parker, learning of the 1834 incident and reading over Boleskine's papers, wishes to succeed where his predecessor failed. When he arrives, Parker stumbles upon a sinister conspiracy and must survive the three days between his arrival and the comet's passage while finding out what happened in 1834. If that doesn't sound like an interesting story then I don't think you read it right. Anyways,it's a strange game that's certainly worth looking into. If you want to,save it for October so you can get the scary vibe going.
  2. "The World Ends With You" has a fantastic soundtrack- It's befitting of a fantastic game.
  3. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a very unique game made by the team behind Ace Attorney. It was released in June of 2010 for the Nintendo DS, to a lot less reception than it deserved. You play as a deceased man named Sissel on a quest to find out how he died using 'Ghost tricks'. Ghost tricks revolve around possessing an object and making it perform an action,usual allowing you to access territory you previously couldn't access. (Ex: Making a fridge door open to move further away, making a gun go off to distract cops, etc.) The story is extremely well done compared to the majority of games in its' year of release. It introduces a large amount of characters with different stories and manages to resolve them all by the end. The twists are pretty good,too,but can be spoiled easily by a trip to google images. The puzzles aren't too hard or easy generally ,and the music is pretty good. It can be easily emulated using Desmume, but if you aren't about that life then you can get some of the cheap physical copies online. I'd recommend that you make a game dungeon video about it so that you can introduce it to others that would probably go their entire life without ever hearing about this game. Video version here: p.s- not made by me.
  4. The "Timesplitters" series has some great music. Timesplitters 2 in particular- , , etc. 999 has some pretty good music as well- , . It's a great visual novel with a few (scarce) puzzles in the mix. I'd recommend it and its' sequel if you like good stories. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is great too- , . I wouldn't stray too far from saying it's my favorite game,and i'd recommend it to anyone. I'll put it as a request in the 'Game Dungeon wishlist' thread.
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