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  1. Uhhh I did not mean for the topic to go that direction. Uh.. uh... sex is a natural thing so...yeah, this is my fault. I'm sorry.
  2. I can imagine the days after the final episode were filled with a healthy diet of sex and sleep.
  3. Gman most certainly has control over Gordon still--- He's just temporarily lost total grip. If you recall correctly, it was not "normal" Vortigaunts that prevented gman from doing things, nor have they shown to have total control over the Gman. At best, they can weaken his grip. Sort of, his control is... limited at the moment. Also, the "Vortigaunts" that currently have freed Gordon from his control are a mysterious "Third Power" (First being The Combine, second being The G-man). You can see though his degree of control in Episode 2, when the Vortigaunts were distracted he didn't really control Gordon besides from freezing time and sending a message. In fact, that cutscene reveals that he isn't there for Gordon, he was there for Alyx. You can even see the degree of control that the G-Man has lost since he kindly asked Gordon to escort Alyx to White Forest. I also wouldn't call G-Man evil yet, mainly since Valve intended for him to be a Grey character. All we know is that he's not human, and that he himself is controlled by his "employers", which in turn means that G-Man doesn't have direct control over Gordon, G-Man's main purpose is to report back to the "employers" as well as to act out actions no doubt from orders given to him by his employers. However, another question remains, at the end of Half-Life 2, Dr. Breen states that Gordon's contract is open to the higest bidder. Leading me to believe that Gordon is more of a Universal Mercenary open to hire for all, however, I still believe that the G-Man does not own Gordon directly. We do have to wait until the next entry is released to hopefully find out. All we have at the moment is the leaked concept art from Episode 3 which implies: EDIT: Also, in terms of the Combine's opinion on Freeman, they see him more as a potential asset rather than a threat. (Again, Dr. Breen's statement at the end of Half-Life 2) They most likely know the truth behind the G-Man and Gordon's employers. In fact, thinking now back to the original Half-Life 1 story, when at the end G-Man states that Xen is under "their" control. Leads me to speculate that considering how Xen is under Combine control post-HL1, that perhaps Gordon was doing the Combine's bidding at the end? It is a shot in the dark but makes a little bit of sense.
  4. Not sure about the portal storms, but Marc Laidlaw confirmed that the Xen critters began teleporting in all over the world directly after the incident. He did state that Portal Storms still happened post-Combine invasion. The whole Combine thing that goes on outside of Earth has really not been explored, as well as also a lot of post-half life stuff, all we really know is from a source outside of the game sadly. I do really want to see something that shows off the post-Half Life world when portal storms were everywhere. EDIT: By far, the most interesting theory is what G-Man actually is, a few people have thrown around the idea that the G-Man represents a universal rebellion group, which could be supported since he seems to be anti-Combine. And another theory states that the destruction of the Citadel was done so that the G-Man could bait Combine forces to Earth. However, as you may know, G-Man no longer has power over Gordon anymore due to the "third power".
  5. I'm not sure if that is exactly right either, the Combine had been chasing the Nihilanth for a long time, wiping out its brothers as well. Xen was their last refuge, Marc Laidlaw that at the time of Half-Life the Nihilanth had its back to the wall in regards to the Combine. The Resonace Cascade was simply an "opportunity" to escape from their wrath. So, essentially, the Combine would of ended up coming anyway since they would of seen the portals caused by the Cascade.
  6. Wow, people who like "nerdy" things and have never experienced reddit, what do you do with your internet time?
  7. So this topic has really fucked up now.
  8. You know, maybe instead Ross could just do a mini-series, I for one would love to see Freeman Across the Universe, think about it: One episode = one game.
  9. I really can't wait to see Freeman's reactions to Ravenholm!
  10. *insert generic doctor who gif here* In all seriousness, This may sound selfish, but at the same time.. I dunno how to describe it yet, I want there to be another seven years. I just realized how much of my life was focused around Freeman's Mind, hell, Freeman's mind came to me at a.. well, lets just say I may of been a bit too young. I remember being 9 years old, it was the 22nd of September, 2009, and I remember waking up to the 2009 Australian dust storm, what was the first thing I did? Watch Freeman's Mind, and since then, it's interfaced with not only who I am, but my opinions on companies like Machinima. I also want to thank you, for giving me a purpose, now just wait a second it's not what you're expecting. Around the time I started watching I had.. well, I had no skills, I was terrible at everything in school. Then, somehow, your series connected to me, you helped create the first rendition of my writing and humor style, and where am I now? Well, I still suck at everything, and I will never get anywhere in maths or science. But my Writing skill is the one thing I can brag about, all thanks to you. Ok, so writing things at 4 AM turns my thoughts into mush... I just want you to take this simple thing from this deluded post: By creating this series you have not only influenced myself mentally, (You were lucky! You got in at the point where the brain is the most vulnerable!), but you have no doubt influenced many others around the world in ways that you may never see. So, congrats, not just for finishing the series, but for immortalizing the legend of Gordon Freeman, Captain of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes. PS. Judging by the comments at the end, I think you might have created something that actually ended up reaching more people than the original Half-Life. ADHD Version: You're the reason I am me. Now make Freeman's Mind 2 so I can ste- err.. get more inspiration.
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