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  1. Okay so I'm tired right now and I'll probably respond to the big posts tomorrow or next day, but I'd just like to point out, yet again... It literally does not matter that Christianity advocates to killing. Comparing Christianity and Islam is stupid. Christianity is no where near as ass backwards and fucked up as Islam is. Islam is literally how bad Christianity once was 600 years ago. Comparing modern-day Christianity to Islam in it's current form is baffling to me.
  2. I've been learning reverse engineering and getting really into it for the past few months, and I have heard alot of people saying that Dark Spore is impossible to be cracked because of what is done to the data. "It doesn't exist" is what I've been told when asking about it, which is extremely vague and weird. Does Dark Spore do something weird like delete all of the data after it's closed? Can someone give me just a quick rundown of why it's impossible to crack?
  3. Okay. And? Your point is? "Oh, well we have illegal immigrants - but don't worry it's only 12 million!" They don't pay income or property tax, and that's besides the point that 12 million is such a low ball number. That's the smallest possible number. According to http://www.cairco.org/issues/how-many-illegal-aliens-reside-united-states So there you go. Yeah forget about the tax dodging, forget about the initial crime they commited when they went over the border, forget about the harm they do to the economy from cheap labor, forget about the drugs that are smuggled over the border... naw - They do less violent crimes! That means it's ok! Let them all in!!!! OH yeah by the way http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/07/illegal-immigrants-accounted-for-nearly-37-percent-of-federal-sentences-in-fy-2014/ But that's besides the point... You realize all of the immigrant statistics are for documented migrants right? Not even really sure where you're going with this one. How is preventing people from illegally entering the country preventing them from becoming Americans? He's said himself he loves immigration, as in LEGAL immigration. He's not going to prevent non-US citizens from becoming a US citizen, he is going to prevent them from illegally entering our country. I don't think you understand what exactly it is that illegal immigration is. We have a a massive military presence worldwide, which contributes to the low amount of number of Americans killed in America. Also the fact we are still pretty strict on who gets in. The thing everyone is afraid of is one of those massive big attacks like we saw in Paris. Like I don't get it. We aren't BANNING MUSLIMS FOR ALL ETERNITY, we are trying to impose a temporary ban on Muslims from Syria where there is a civil war with ISIS. Other than "o dats racist" I still have yet to see a single good argument against this idea. Also here you go. ... Do you see people still practicing the old testament widespread? Do you see people killing other people in the street over minor offenses? Do you see people following all of that word for word anymore? Are you kidding me? Christianity doesn't even advocate killing, it's one of 10 sinful acts that damn you to an eternity of hell. I can not stress this enough - THEY FOLLOW A RELIGION THAT SAYS TO DESTROY YOU IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAYS, AND THEY BELIEVE IT AND FOLLOW IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY. Yeah, do you? Obviously you don't because of what you said quoted above.
  4. I'll respond to this more in depth later as I'm a little tied up at the moment, but I will say right now real quick: The main driving reason I really dislike Sanders and his supporters is because his economic policies are completely absurd in every possible sense of the word "absurd". He has no idea how the economy works at all on any level what so ever. His policies appeal primarily to SJWs and college going folk.
  5. Skimmed a bit too quick there. Sorry mate. Let's see here... The first one is from Cosmopolitan, so I'm going to go ahead and instantly close out of that tab. The second one is just your average "OH WELL TRUMP WANTS TO BAN ALL MUSLIMS AND ALL MEXICANS HURR HURR HURR" I want to talk real quick on Trump being a racist. He might be racist towards Muslims or Mexicans but he is racist against them for good reasons. For starters, he doesn't want to ban every single Mexican in America. If you think this, then you obviously have not been paying attention to him or what he is saying. He wants to ban all ILLEGALS, and he wants to strengthen the border. He basically wants to do what any good country does: protect it's people from foreigners who do it harm. And this leads me to my next point: He may want to ban all Muslims/Impose a visa on them, but this is for good reason. You need to understand that the people coming from these war torn countries may not have our best interest at heart, and a great many of them may very well be ones coming here to harm us because of what is in their religion. Their religion literally advocates the destruction of the West in the most violent of ways. I can not fathom why you would want to invite them over here. I'd rather ban all Muslims/refugees then willingly allow potential terrorists in to kill off more people and shed more blood than necessesary. Thank you. Atleast until something is done about ISIS. I don't like saying it, but it needs to be said: We can't trust anyone coming out of there. If that's racist then so be it. It's only logical. Anyways onto the third one... Which is another article that is shamelessly taking everything he has said either literally, out of context, or just warping the words to fit the article. Please, I know that it's hard to do - but STOP LOOKING UP ARTICLES ON THIS. Go DIRECTLY TO HIM AND SEE WHAT HE HAS TO SAY. http://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions And finally we have your final link... >HuffingtonPost Toplel. No thank you.
  6. I think so far skimming this thread, that I am in the minority here for supporting Trump. So far, every single post that I've seen here uses the average dismissals of trump. "He is racist" "He is sexist" "He is mean :(" Without going into any detail what so ever as to WHY or HOW he is these things. I mean regardless of whether or not you like Trump, at the end of the day it's going to be a choice between Trump or (s)Hillary, and I'd rather have Trump any day. If by some horrible travesty Sanders somehow manages to win, then it will be Trump vs Sanders, and then I'll definitely be voting Trump 100% of the way. No thank you Socialism.
  7. Huh! I just scrolled down and found this: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7891 Well damn. I got ninja'd. Feel free to close this thread.
  8. So for fun, let's all bring out our inner armchair psychologists and sit down and list all the different mental disorders our favorite (fictional) neurotic theoretical physicist has boiling inside of his brain during Freeman's Mind. It might just be me overthinking shit, but I always thought that as the series went on, Freeman became more and more crazy and "far out" which is understandable given the stuff he had gone through by the time he even got to Xen.
  9. Sorry if this is considered a 'dead' thread and necroing, but after taking a glance around my control panel I had some ideas to make the forum a bit better. Ahem, to begin I think that the forum lacks a certain edge profile-wise. I might be spoiled seeing as to how I come from a forum which has things like an event calendar where members can make events such as gaming events global to all users on the forum, but I kind of wish that the AccursedFarms control panel had an 'about me' section to it where I could put some more information about myself other than interests. While on the topic of enhancing the profile page, there should probably be a few more choices in accounts the user can link. Such as Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, but I realize this may sound like trying to just launch a miniature self-promotion advertisement campaign in place of profile pages. I don't know, just makes more sense to include those social media links next to your AOL number, Yahoo Messenger account link, etc. Actually... That's really all I got so far. Just a few minor enhancements to the profile page. :/
  10. My name's (Redacted by the humane society against wild Revans). I live in the hot ass slums of Texas, I enjoy the finer luxuries like hot pizza, hamburgers, soda, and reading books. Seriously though, aside from the TeamAvolition forum, a forum centered around an infamous team of Minecraft griefers a few of you probably have heard of, this is the second forum I'm registered on. The Avolition forums are kind of dwindling to halt traffic-wise, so I'm trying to branch out and find a new forum to call home and meet new people. (A link to my Avolition profile is on my AF profile if you wanna go check out what I posted there... Beware though, the earlier posts I made there are pretty horrible in terms of quality.) AccursedFarms looks to be kind of small in terms of community, but that's no big deal. I like small communities where you can get to know everyone. I'm kind of rough around the edges sometimes, (EG: I may call you a faggot. If I call you a faggot, please note that it is not me being serious and it is just a misguided attempt at humor.) but I mean well. Actually, I don't really plan on calling anyone a faggot here though. I'm planning on keeping all my posts non-flammatory. I was just kidding. Hehe. My main interests are Programming and Writing... And gaming. And pizza. Favorite games are pretty much first person shooter games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Source, Team Fortress 2, etc. And those are just my favorite multiplayer games. I enjoy playing retro games, I LOVE System Shock 2, Morrowind(Though that's not really metro...) stuff like that. Personally I think the current state of the gaming industry is appalling but that's another thread for another time. Anyway I hope to meet alot of you in the coming weeks! P.S: Happy 2015!
  11. (Wasn't sure where else to put this thread. Apologizes in advance to Moderator/Administrator if I got this in the wrong place) So what are your New Years resolutions? Anything big planned for the New Year? Personally I hope to increase my skills in both Programming and Writing, and to finish up my studying and ace the GED tests so I can move on in life and get a job and become an actual responsible adult. 2014 was a pretty horrible year for me, both emotionally and mentally for reasons too personal for me to reveal other than to my close friends, but 2015 seems to be pretty bright and I have high hopes it will outshine the shittiness that was 2014. Call it blind optimism but meh. As for resolutions, my resolutions are to drink alot more water, get in shape, and not look like a skeleton! Basically just increasing my overall health in general. Funny because I have a root canal on Monday for a tooth that has a whopping cavity.
  12. Revan114


    Usually when I need to vent, I just go on a nice Rant & Walk. Basically I go outside and go on a long walk, and the entire way there I just rant and rave about whatever pissed me off enough to make me go on the walk. Usually I feel alot better after walking around the entire neighborhood, but I occasionally get weird looks from my neighbors.
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