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  1. An excellent Lovecraft-inspired adventure game. No jump scares except maybe like 1 or 2 total, but quite good I thought. I am no expert at reviews and giving break downs. I likes what I likes and this was good. Lots of detail and reading. Really feels like you are a Call of Cthulhu-esque detective.
  2. Just as a side note for some, this is officially a MMORPG/FPS game.
  3. One game I loved was Messiah. You play as a cherub sent down from heaven to clean up the corruption in the world. It is a funny contrast. The cherub, Bob, is cute, sweet and very much like out of some ancient painting of cherubs. A little baby with wings in a diaper. The rest of the world is like the bad part of town of Dues Ex. Strippers, prostitutes wearing almost nothing, corrupt cops, genetic mutations, people with cyborg enhancements. You hop around and possess people to perform puzzles and such. Like a scientist can only enter restricted science labs, etc. Good shit.
  4. Jump Raven! Should try that game, quite similar to Quarantine in some respects.
  5. Jump Raven from 1994, similar in a sense to the Quarantine game you reviewed. I think you'd like Jump Raven, I loved it.
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