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  1. No imaginary obligation felt. I have watched the content because I enjoy it; that it has a positive side effect on Ross's income is the icing on the cake. Full-time YouTubers have stressors that don't come with other occupations, but that comes with the territory, and all jobs have stressors. If expression of frustration about the cadence of production is not allowed, how else does a creator get the message, except through views dropping off? My note may seem unsympathetic and overstated, but I don't wish Ross ill. The point was to communicate that not producing content would lose a subscriber for a specific reason.
  2. Not looking to get anything. As a consumer of the site, this is an expression of disappointment that it has been reduced to the monthly chat with fans. Also, as someone who has also taken allergy injections for many years, I do understand what bad allergies are, both food and the inhaled kind.
  3. I have been following this channel for years. It has been 4 months since Accursed Farms has been able to produce anything other than the fraud or chat with fans video. If there were to be a chart of this channels production since the end of Freemans Mind 1, it would not look so good. Ross has created some great things, but he is challenged by the breadth of what he has produced to date. Yes, I have read his Twitter channel, and understand that he is having further issues with mold. I have allergy issues also and take Flonase and Claritin-D for that. It doesn't stop me from showing up for work. Unless Ross starts producing content, I will stop following this channel. That means that I will no longer click old links to follow previously released content, which I have done religiously in order to support Accursed Farms.
  4. Monkey off your back? You make some strong arguments, although the estimate of 1 hour to a few days to achieve the minimum level of repairability seems thin. Even if the development effort for the work is X number of hours, it still needs to be tested and verified to be functional, which means test cases and testers. For software produced by mature companies, you should also assume ancillary activity for things like documentation, analysis, and project management. The minimum effort could still be low, but probably not as low as an hour. Also, the reason for calling it Gaming As A Service is probably more a nod to latching onto the cloud computing bandwagon with buzz words (Software As A Service, Infrastructure As A Service, Platform As A Service), rather than being anything remotely connected to the NIST definition.
  5. Keep the Ross's Game Dungeon intro! The four-note theme is an essential ingredient in putting me in a Game Dungeon mind-set. I get that changing the title cards is more work than it looks like, but when you binge-watch a set of these, it's actually cool to note the ones that are standard titles versus custom titles.
  6. Agree with ReverendTed, it did not prompt me to change my password & nothing in my Junk Email folder.
  7. Protect your intellectual property! Give 'em hell!
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