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  1. I have a question: Ross already made his thoughts on killing games VERY clear, but what about killing / "redoing" Dev studios? If you aren't familiar, i will try to explain: When a dev group, owned by a larger group, is doing fine but not spectacularly, the people behind it get fired/replaced/put on hold permanently so the larger group try more lucrative games. EA is again famous for doing it. They bought already MANY smaller studios, cashed in for a couple games, then cut funding for that studio, which is unable to ever continue their own series / games. There are several examples, like Maxis (makers of The sims, Sim City, Spore and several other smaller simulation games), owned by EA, was severely cut down after the newest Sim City didnt do so well, and are basically taking care of The Sims 4, with no larger projects ahead of them. Similar thing for Visceral, makers of the Dead Space series. DS3 wasnt a failure, but hasnt hit EA ludicrous expectations, and were put on hold, not producing much afterwards.
  2. So, is there a confirmation of when the next video chat session will happen? Saturday or Sunday? At which time?
  3. Yo ross, i hope you read this, i actually was thinking about to come here to talk about the nostarius server. Some info that Windflow didnt made very clear: It is in a gray zone, at least from the perspective you usually claim in your videos. WoW is technically being sold and is "playable", i will refraim from criticizing several bad game design decisions (there are MANY, but some are open to discussion), and just criticize the completelly objective bad changes in the game: As the lore changed, several locations changed too. Some quests, itens, skills, and even zones are no more available in the retail game, no matter what you do. That i guess is the largest red flag. Together with the questionable design changes make the game available VERY different. Waiting for the next videochat.
  4. I know what you are talking about. Dont know the name of the genre, nor any old games like that, but the single one that i know by name is Fortix. Check it out.
  5. Nice video. It was interesting... Hope you dont get harvested. Im not sure if you are open for sugestions, but i would like to give some any way... They arent completelly forgotten games like this one or Niet 3, but arent much famous, are a little old and have very unique mechanics: Savage I and II God Hand LSD Dream Emulator.
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