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  1. I hear this one all the time and it baffles me. I wonder if people are making this one up. I wear glasses and can't read this text without them, and I watch 3d films with great enjoyment. You got like half inch thick revenge of the nerds frames or something? its just more of an annoyance to wear glasses on top of glasses ross for president
  2. another point for 3d is that its a pain in the ass when you have to wear glasses.... and whats your opinion of the 3ds 3d... i personally think its great and you can easily see what it looks like with it on and with it off for comparison. but it does have a drawback of having to pretty much keep your head and the game still.
  3. this is one of the many reasons why i wish i had any form of political power lol shame that game is dead and relied on microtransactions(which i think is another video game evil all together)... looked like it would be a rather fun rts
  4. hmm this is an old dos game... dont know if itas up ross's ally or not but i suggest torin's passage.
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