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  1. The Elder Scrolls has lizards with breasts but they actually have a lore reason for it. If you dig deep enough you get tons of details about the sexual characteristics of their beastfolk. Priorities!
  2. Grand Turismo 6, specifically the songs by Daiki Kasho. I'm unsure if Ross is into this sphere of car games but it's so outside of the sort of things I play that I was surprised to find out just how hard this music goes:
  3. You might try Rise of the TMNT. The writing is still saturday morning cartoony but the animation during fights is certainly nice to look at.
  4. This is pretty tangential but that cartoon you showed briefly has a *dope* opening theme. https://youtu.be/MVEKKQAM7PY
  5. That is honestly impressive that in the middle of an intentionally bad sonic story you made up, you nearly came up with Enerjak, a real character. For the record, it's definitely the game, not you. I've heard Sonic Colors is the best 3D Sonic game but I haven't played that one yet. Edit: I see the fanfic comes from an old SA troll. This is why reading the credits is important.
  6. Forgive the double post, but in the last three years, well: You may have heard of Pigeon Simulator, a 3D game prototype that looks somewhat like Goat Sim: https://www.bossapresents.com/ There's also Grayland, a game where there's a war going on between humans and aliens and you're a pigeon that shits on things: https://store.steampowered.com/app/297190/Grayland/ ...I want to stress that I didn't go looking for these games. They found me. Also, although there's no poop, you have to admit Untitled Goose Game hits a lot of the checkmarks you laid out for bird mischief in the English countryside. Put all these games into a cauldron, stir them up and you might have the perfect birdshit game on your hands. Please wash your hands.
  7. Probably not the reaction you intended but I love the backgrounds you use from old source maps. There's a twitter account that posts pictures from old HL1 era maps but it's just not the same thing. I used to load up custom tf2 maps by myself and just take in the ambience. I'm weird. Edit: Looks like someone was inspired to follow in his footsteps and make a twitter for Unreal maps.
  8. If you're looking for more pigeon scatological games, this one showed up in my discovery queue. Not sure what that says about me! http://store.steampowered.com/app/449530/Grand_Pigeons_Duty/
  9. I work in healthcare and can confirm Granny's behavior hits close to home. Hoping someone can dig up a soundtrack!
  10. Were you perhaps thinking of Disaster Labs? http://web.archive.org/web/20040504232747/http://www.disasterlabs.com/index.php?sec=cheese&che=maabus The site made a name for itself with the Arfenhouse series but it also had content for normal people. Alas, it's dead. But the Hall of Gaming Cheese has many games that'd be perfect for Ross. Return to Zork in particular sounds right up his alley.
  11. I almost want to get this just to see if I can make a control scheme for it with the steam controller... Although I guess I have all the Tex Murphy games if I want to torture myself for a night trying out trackpad settings... Speaking of which I'm surprised you didn't call that one guy Evil Tex Murphy.
  12. That soundtrack sounded pretty nifty. Is it rippable or are we out of luck?
  13. Basketbrawl for the Atari Lynx looks like it's right up your alley. ( )
  14. Question for Ross Sorry if you've answered this before, which is why I'm asking here. Have you given thought to making a steam curator list to point out gems that you think went unnoticed?
  15. In terms of music, the only one that comes to mind as something you may not have heard yet... There's this song: MFu66ye6YWM Which got made into this song for Super Locomotive for the Sega Master System: ZsmZ6wplXOU I have no idea if they had permission. Probably not.
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