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  1. Description in Portuguese: Siga os pensamentos do doutor Gordon Freeman, um físico de 27 anos e indivíduo neurótico. Neste episódio, após ligar o gerador, Freeman volta em direção aos trilhos a fim de escapar para a superfície. freeman_s_mind_episode_23_pt.srt
  2. Hey, people! I'm not really artistically inclined, but my girlfriend is, and she's been posting her old fanarts on her Steam page. Most of it is related to an indie game called Dustforce, though you can find other games there as well. Check out her Steam profile, her Twitter, her Artstation and her Instagram for more artwork; it's definitely worth a look.
  3. Description in Portuguese: Ross entra na guerra com Wolfenstein. P.S.: Holy crap, a whole year since my last subtitle. I didn't mean to abandon you people like that; it's just that life got in the way! I'll try to post regularly again. ross_s_game_dungeon_wolfenstein_pt.srt
  4. On the first jail cell, I did the same thing as Ross in the video to get the key. Once I had it, I don't remember having any trouble opening the door, but it was a while ago. I guess I just kept clicking; the part with the button on the moon buggy taught me to expect a lot of pixel hunting in this game. I didn't make it as far as the second jail visit. I think I'd be totally stumped, though; I remember the game never specifies too well that something will only work if you click on it repeatedly.
  5. AAAAAAAAHH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I PLAYED THIS GAME! Jesus Christ, I really didn't think I'd see this game on the Game Dungeon. I heard about it exactly from the first follow-up episode, when he talks about Nyet III. Since I was brushing up on my German at the time, I thought it'd be perfect. I really enjoyed it, specially because it was my first stab at adventure games, and it mostly left a good impression in me. I did get stuck in some parts (the buggy car was the first one, and the jail cell, oh my god, it took me forever to figure that out, and let's not even talk about that maze), but I got pretty far before being hopelessly lost and quitting. It was when I got to Wahringen; I went as far as ratting out the rebels and getting the reward, but, after that, I just had no idea what was the next step. It didn't help that I wasn't yet fluent in German (and still ain't). Anyway, I got the game from this website: http://monkeygames.uz/game/die-hoehlenwelt-saga-der-leuchtende-kristall. You can find a ton more games in German, either translated or original. Also with the game files came the manual, the aforemented "Buch von Veldoor", both in .doc and in .txt. I'm uploading it to you guys, so you can put it on Google translate or something. I thought about translating it to English myself, but, besides being... busy... *ahem* TF2 *ahem*, my German wasn't that great back then, and it's only gotten worse with time, so I doubt I would do a good job. But yeah, thanks a bunch, Ross! It feels like a birthday present! (I converted the .doc one into pdf, so I could upload it) Das Buch von Veldoor.pdf BUCH.TXT
  6. Hi, people. For quite a while now, I've been making subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese for the videos. A few months ago, I made a playlist on Youtube containing all the videos that had Portuguese subtitles added. I thought viewers from other countries (in my case, Brazil) could benefit from having in one playlist all the content in their own languages, instead of having to hunt them down between all the other videos. What do you guys think? Maybe we could do the same for the other languages? I know that some of them (like Russian, Spanish and Italian) have way more submitted subtitles than Portuguese. Could be worth it, right?
  7. Ross tenta descobrir o que tem de estranho em Life is Strange. ross_s_game_dungeon_life_is_strange_demo_pt.srt
  8. Well, the occasional thanks makes it all worth it.
  9. Hi, everybody. I'm uploading a new version for the Spanish subtitling of the video. I'm doing this because I had a look at the ones I had previously done, and they were bad. Really bad. Poor grammar everywhere, lots of awkward sentences, expressions not translated right; it was just a horror show. I wasn't really fluent in Spanish at the time of my first attempt (my native language is Portuguese). So, now that I'm a bit better at the language, I decided to do a revamp of the original ones. It wasn't a complete do-over, but a lot of the lines got restructured or rewritten, and the end results are a lot more satisfying. I definitely recommend this new version over that old PortuPanish abomination of mine that's currently sitting on the Galaxy Gulp video. Thanks! New (and better) subtitles coming soon! galaxy_gulp_director_s_cut_es.srt
  10. Hey, no problem! I'm really liking the new design, by the way.
  11. (not sure if this is the right place to post it; if it's not, feel free to move it) Hey, people, I've noticed something on the "Freeman's Mind Videos" section: Episode 16 is missing from the list; The page for episode 6 is embedding the video for episode 5; They're very minor issues, but I thought it was worth noting.
  12. Description in Spanish: "Diario de un zombi" es un relato conmovedor acerca das luchas y adversidades que padecen un zombi solitario en su misión de encontrar la verdad sobre la humanidad y sobre si mismo. diary_of_a_zombie_es.srt
  13. Description in Portuguese: Ross diz a verdade sobre 3D! ross_rants_3d_pt.srt
  14. Description in Portuguese: Siga os pensamentos do doutor Gordon Freeman, um físico de 27 anos e indivíduo neurótico. Neste episódio, Freeman incorre no segundo jogo mais perigoso. freeman_s_mind_episode_63_pt.srt
  15. Siga os pensamentos do doutor Gordon Freeman, um físico de 27 anos e indivíduo neurótico. Neste episódio, Freeman reconhece a gravidade de sua situação. freeman_s_mind_episode_44_pt.srt
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