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  1. I used to be a gallery artist and now spend a lot of time at my current job as a group home counselor teaching kids how to draw. I'm always super interested in checking out what cool art people make in their spare time! Also I searched this entire forum and couldn't find any other community art threads so I really hope this isn't a duplicate topic. I'll start by posting some of the ones from my gallery artist days that seemed to get a positive reception. I mostly draw with ballpoint pens and sharpie markers on standard 8.5x11 US printer paper or 5x8 index cards because I enjoy being able to go crazy with inexpensive tools that are accessible to most people. Loving the Dead Girl (2013) Betray Your Senses (2013) Tower of Ascension (2013) Throne of the Id (2012) Processor in Person (2012) Grow Up (2012) Land of Misfit Toys (2012) If you are interested in seeing any more of my full art pieces I have a deviantART gallery where I very rarely, but surely, update. If you want to see more of what I make, I maintain a terrible (and occasionally NSFW) daily "webcomic" where I post my various doodles that often make very little sense. So how about it? What awesome art do you have to show off?
  2. I had Shaq Fu on the Genesis back in the day and really enjoyed playing it with my brother. I didn't know until much, much later that so many people thought it was terrible. I understood that it was goofy that Shaquille O'Neal was the main character, and even kinda understood that it was pretty unbalanced, but the smoothly animated graphics and even some of the designs of the fighters really kept me into it. Nowadays I don't touch it though.
  3. Been playing Soul Calibur 6 off and on. It makes me miss Soul Caliburs 4 and 5 because they just plain had more content, but it's a really solid game with a super cool create-a-character that I adore. Create-a-character tools are a super fast way to get me to love a game. With my wife we've been playing through the Layers of Fear games. The first one was pretty virtuosic considering it involves little more than walking through a spooky house and manipulating things like swinging doors. Something about the atmosphere and simplistic yet intense story mixed with the world slowly turning into a madman's painting just really absorbed us. The second game attempts to add more involved gameplay with chase segments where you can be caught and die, but given that the gameplay is set up more for slow and moody exploration these segments are just annoying and take me out of the experience more than anything. Additionally, the environment just isn't as interesting or colorful as the first game most of the time. We're in the final act of Layers of Fear 2 and are enjoying it overall but it's hard not to compare it to what the first game did so much better.
  4. There's a handful of interesting games not made by Nintendo that I was pretty keen to check out since I've never seen their maps before (Klonoa, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Souls) and they seem to be expanding. They also seem pretty welcoming to requests and submissions on their Discord. As for the content disappearing I'm not terribly concerned about that since it's all content that can be experienced in other forms (such as from the games they originally come from) but a lot of the files being used and their methods of extraction aren't being kept terribly secret either. I'd similarly prefer something local just because I prefer dedicated apps to doing everything on shitty unoptimized web browsers, but given how open and receptive the guy behind this is I don't think we're in a lot of danger of him suddenly pulling the plug and saying, "This content is lost forever with the server and I will never let anybody else host/download it."
  5. Earlier today a good friend recommended that I check out noclip.website. I subsequently spent several hours exploring several game maps from my childhood in ways I haven't seen them before. It's still a very active project and the developer is active and approachable on their discord. I figured given Ross's penchant for mapping out games and appreciating their environments this sort of thing must be right up his alley. They're still adding things but what's there is pretty immense already. I highly recommend checking out Dark Souls, Super Mario Sunshine, and Kingdom Hearts.
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