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  1. Have you played Ori and the Blind Forest? If not, its expansion is about to come to PC, and if you like metroidvanias I'd highly recommend it.
  2. as expected, literally everyone recommends undertale which is okay, because undertale is fucking good
  3. Can confirm, Undertale's soundtrack is amazing; although this page doesn't seem to have the full soundtrack. Some of the tracks that should definitely be listened to on there are ASGORE (Great boss battle theme) Home (Calming home music, like being in a house in Earthbound or Legend of Zelda) Heartache (Another boss battle theme) Bonetrousle (no explanation) Waterfall (I feel like it describes an adventure well) Another Medium (Theme with a lot of anticipation) Spider Dance (Extremely catchy) CORE (Late-game area theme that keeps you going) Undertale (Really nice to listen to-- main theme of the game despite being 71st on the soundtrack) Bergentrückung/ASGORE (Intense boss battle theme, should fill you with determination) There are several other really good themes that are absent on this list, like Megalovania, Hopes and Dreams/SAVE the World, Reunited, Finale, and Last Goodbye, but I'd suggest playing the game if you want to hear them-- except Megalovania.
  4. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to have a game playing in the corner if you set the game you were playing to "Gaming Talk Shows"
  5. i needed somewhere to post this
  6. Sorry if this answer isn't useful or what you're looking for, but if you want my opinion, it sounds like the best way to sort songs would just be to do it manually, not by any "system." Put songs where you feel they should go; if you later find they don't fit there, move them. With refining and time, it'll eventually get to a sustainable and consistent point. Like you said in the follow-up episode, there's no kind of service like Pandora that will sort music by similar style for video game soundtracks. If you go to Pandora and try to listen to video game soundtracks, it just gives you a jumble of video game soundtracks-- one minute you'll hear boss music from Final Fantasy, and the next it's the overworld theme for Super Mario World. I have a blessing, I suppose, in that I like listening to music not by mood, but by if it's good. I just have a big playlist of music I like, most of it video game soundtracks, some of it not.
  7. The problem is, while I didn't particularly enjoy the video(s,) or the idea of Ross doing let's plays, I didn't HATE it. I actually enjoyed it significantly more than other let's plays, however, I don't think if it were coming out on a monthly interval that would make up for it. I love the whole "on the moon" theme where it gives the impression that being on the moon is not at all what it's cracked up to be, and Ross is clinically depressed and a bit space crazy, but that itself doesn't carry the show. If you want my 100% honest opinion, Ross, this series could be great, and maybe would have got the reception you wanted it to, had you picked a different game. Sorry to say, this was a terrible game for a let's play, especially for the debut episode. Incredibly boring game, doesn't give much to talk about, doesn't look interesting, seem interesting, or induce anything interesting. I feel that if you had picked a different game, people would have enjoyed it a lot more. I wouldn't let the reception get you down, though. Clearly we love your content; otherwise we'd just be trash-talking you and your video would have a metric shit-ton of dislikes. You experimented; that's great. Game Dungeon was an experiment, and everyone loves it. Keep experimenting, maybe you'll hit another Freeman's Mind.
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