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  1. kermenter

    News on Russian dubbed copies of my videos

    Ye, who else would you expect it from... I am ashamed to be Slav
  2. kermenter


    You ACTUALLY got me! Nice one, nice one..
  3. kermenter

    End of March update

    And would he consider a system that lists games desired, then allows 1 and only 1 donation, then prevents further donations? Yep, that's dumb, didn't think it through
  4. kermenter

    End of March update

    1. Ross, I remember you stated that you won't reveal your fans games that you wanna play, so they wouldn't send you million copies of them. What do you think about making a section on your website with list of games, that you already own. Or you can give your fans a link to your steam profile, so they could see, what games are you currently owning.

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