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  1. "Resident Evil Extinction: Online Convoy Game" was a promotional game for Resident Evil: Extinction. Despite opinions on the movie series as a whole, I did play this game way before it came out and enjoyed it. It's been dead for a long time, I don't even think it can be found anywhere online anymore. I can't find anything on it at all. It was an isometric-mission-based-vehicle game, from what I remember. I know it probably didn't hold much importance, but I think it still should be recalled a bit. http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/residentevilextinction/game/ http://www.beyondhollywood.com/play-resident-evil-extinction-the-online-game/ I know it's not news, but I guess it's worth some noticed. Some, not a whole lot. EDIT: I'm using the Wayback Machine to try and find a possibly working link.
  2. I don't have any time to REALLY talk about this, I have to get to bed as soon as I'm down posting this! But, this is just some 'keyframe testing' that I did today, because I'm working on a short cartoon with a buddy of mine! Feel free to tell me how crappy my art is and how I'll never amount to anything, I already know these things! I can't wait to see the comments you guys/ladies leave me. Alright, goodnight, I got school tomorrow. Oh, and P.S. Do you guys want me to post a link to the cartoon when it's officially uploaded? It won't be on the channel that the video I linked up above is on. And yes, we will be looking for voice actors after we finish the script.
  3. Alright, here I go. Hello everyone, I'm Hunter. I've been on here for a while now. Before I tell everyone what one of my game suggestions for the Game Dungeon is, I'd like to say something. I'd like to give a big thanks to Ross for making this show in the first place. I'm young, and I'd like to one day make games, cartoons, art, or anything. (But most of you probably guessed that by now consider the posts I've made so far.) Anyhow, I do a lot while online and off, but I like to have a tab open with audio while I work. Occasionally I'll pop in the ol' podcast or some music I like, but Ross's videos are a common listen. I must say, I ABSOLUTELY love the Game Dungeon. Ross is a very honesty man, and puts a lot of effort, care, and some kind of weird love into each video that you don't get from a majority of YT content creators. I'm not saying there aren't other great reviewers, there most certainly are, but I think the Game Dungeon deserves more attention as a legitimate source for (not just) finding obscure games, but also listening to someone with a few things to say about gaming of yesteryear and now. Serious, the show is a blast. I try to watch it every episode as soon as it's out, but sometimes I miss a few and honestly, I love catching up. But enough butt-kissing and cheeriness. I want to talk about some opinions I have about the show. Now Ross brings up some very valid points, and his honesty is amazing. But he does namedrop a lot of more mainstream games while talking about the ones he's found, or wants to tell us about. The truth is, I want him to keep doing this, forever. But I'd also like to see him (maybe not so much as review) but talk about a ton of games we all know about. Silent Hill, Resident Evil (especially 2, I'd love to see a video of him talking about his opinions on Resident Evil 2.) And maybe some more modern games like he's been doing lately. Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number would be amazing in some kind of video. I'm trying to imagine what he thinks of those, and maybe some of Cactusquid's older games. But for a long time, I've had a idea. Like maybe Ross could just make a few Game Dungeon videos on more popular games, and tell us what he thinks about them. Or, maybe it could be like a (very small) spin-off kinda deal. But I would be hoping it wouldn't be a one-off thing. I'm willing to be Ross could do this for the few fans that want it. If I'm not the only one, I hope I'm not. I know this post may seem a bit gagged, I'm wondering how I should write, or if I should ask Ross about this directly, or... I don't know. He seems like a cool dude though, and he reads a lot of his fan's messages and posts. I'm assuming in his downtime, since managing a YT channel this awesome takes a lot of effort and time. (I actually learned about Ross through his series Civil Protection, as I was getting into HL2 when I was younger.) Anyways, I think that's about it for the idea (or, opinion/s) I wanted to get off my chest, for now. I have a few more I'll probably spew out at this crowd later, if this even garners any attention. It may end up being a large read. So, what is the game suggestion I had? Is it a mainsteam game or an obscure title? Well, with this game, I don't really know what to say. The thing is, Ross has used music from it in one of his previous episodes, the Bib Bop collection episode to be precise. What game is it? Tell us! POSTAL. I was thinking this would be a good episode for November. Why? Well, you're prepping for Thanksgiving, the weather is colder, and you're just living your life like normal. So why not play an older PC game that's practically a murder-sim, but not exactly Manhunt. It's a game that a lot of people know about, but don't really discuss. Now POSTAL 2 is, and I would also love to hear what he has to say about PST2. PSTL2 actually got an official expansion pack recently, I think in 2014, Paradise Lost. POSTAL, POSTAL 2, and POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost are all on Steam, and I think GOG as well. And while PST2 is somewhat well-known (probably because of YouTube) POSTAL 1 isn't really in my opinion. It's like POSTAL 1 lives in this strange grey area where the series it's apart of IS well-known, but it doesn't feel like it is. And, to be clear about something, if anyone else is a fan of RWS, I'd like to say that they are remaking this game. POSTAL: REDUX is in the works, but in the meantime, they are updating the Steam versions of PSTL1 + 2. They really care about their fans, in fact, I talked to them on Twitter a while back, talking about some of the issues I had with the added 'twin-stick' controls they added to PSTL1. The mouse+keyboard is still kinda unstable, and they are experimenting with it, from what I know. But I borrowed a Dualshock 4 (PS4) controller from a close friend recently and I think the controller/game pad controls are actually really nice. But yeah, I'd like to see this game get more attention, despite it's main themes and concept are kinda realistically disturbing. I mean, it's a game about a guy snapping, thinking he has a demon in his head, and trying to kill the police in his town because they're "after him". It's something I'd like to see talked about, and I think Ross is the right man for the job. But I understand if this is more of a back catalog-sorta thing, or if he just flat out thinks it wouldn't make for a good episode. Maybe he could save it for a rainy day or something. Or, he just never make it. I do have some more games I would love to see videos of on his channel, obscure ones and a bit more well-known ones. But I might just wait and talk about those later. One I can off-shoot was the first point-and-click game I ever played, Shivers 2. I've never really seen a decent review of that game. But now I'm just getting annoying now, aren't I? Alright, thanks for reading through all of this, if you did. Even if you just skimmed through it, thank you. I'll sit back and wait for a response. I hope all of you are having a wonderful night. Anyway, see you guys/ladies later!
  4. I'm coming up with some ideas of a video I've been wanting to make, and working on a game of 'somekind'. If you guys/ladies want me to, I can talk about some of these projects I'm working on, but that may not be as interesting of a conversation as I always try to make it, eh.
  5. Don't I look like a REAL lady's man, eh? (I'll probably post a real picture of me soon.)
  6. I will be having beef stroganoff for dinner tonight. (I've always spelled it like 'beef stroganhov') It's something I love a lot, it and macaroni + cheese are neck and neck, almost always tying in at my favorite pasta-foods. I would say lasagna is as well, but I love (a really cheap brand) mexican-style lasagna more than normal lasagna. Sorry, if that sounds weird, but... yeah. Though to be honest, nothing can beat a hearty meal of any kind. I am not a light man, I'm a chubby seventeen-year-old, with a taste for many great things. Sauerkraut is something I should eat sometime this week too. (I always spelled that as 'sour craught'.) Oh, and I'm currently drinking a blue powerade, some pepsi, some water, and I have a strawberry-lemonade powerade sitting in the fridge.
  7. I've had a very... I'd say shitty day. I won't go into reasons why, but I won't be going to school tomorrow. I have a fever, and after everything that happened in the span of about four hours this morning, I really just don't want to deal with the people in my life right now. Luckily, my family was being nice today when I got home. Anyhow, I've been re-watching a ton of Game Dungeon episodes for a few hours, but I fell asleep while doing so. So, I'm feeling sick, and upset... I'd say I'm depressed, but really, I don't know how to talk about that, or if I should. Really, I don't want to dump my problems all on here, because I'm new here. But woah, today was just not a good day at all. I'd say tomorrow might be better, but I doubt it at this point. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day, regardless of mine.
  8. I haven't touched Crocotile in a long time now, it's been... months? Last time I used it, I made this big guy, out of a ripped SH1 texture: And just a while ago, I tried to recreate Leon from RE2, and...: So yeah, I'm terrible with 3D, but I think I have a good handle on 2D-pixel art by this point in time. (I need to make some better examples than the 'Bozo idea' sheet though.) I mean, I may just be arrogant, but I like to think I'm good at making sprites. But when practicing 3D, I normally just take textures from games I like a whole bunch, and the results are never exact. But, oh well, maybe I'll do something nice someday. Oh, and credit to Giromancy and Ultimecia for ripping the textures from these classics! On a side-note, I'd love to hear Ross's opinion on games like these. I know he mentioned Silent Hill once on the Game Dungeon. Anyways, I like to work on prototypes too, I want to make a game, but, eh.
  9. Thanks Jek! Most of these were actually commissions, but that last one is my current icon on a few social media sites. I made it just for fun, I actually had a body for him, but I screwed it up, and just keep the head. Uh... I might post more on here if I can. I know I posted a spritesheet in the 'Bozo's Night Out' thread, for a potential project I could do, if people want me to try and do so.
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