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  1. You're welcome! I'd recommend something like MySQL Workbench or Navicat and connect trough ssh tunneling as Peregrinator suggested, that way you don't need to have any port open, most support SSH Tunneling and it's very secure (if used with ssh keys).
  2. Nice work on the site guys, I like it! Also it's nice to see that it's now hosted on DigitalOcean, that's where I hosted some of the UT2004 sessions with fans a while back! PD: I'm not too sure about RunCloud tho, also why is MySQL port open? (no users can login, but still a tiny bit insecure). Try out CSF if DO' simple firewall isn't enough, it has a lot of security alerts and neat options like port knocking. PD2: It's highly recommended to change the default port for SSH.
  3. That does not result in an actually secure connection, only a superficially secure one. (it appears to be secure, but is only as secure as regular HTTP) Hm? CloudFlare HTTPS connection is actually using modern encryption (TLS 1.2 and soon 1.3). CF also allows to enforce a HTTPS connection between them and the server, now is set to flexible (Origin <----HTTP----> CloudFlare <---- HTTPS ----> User). So, there are still uncrypted connections between the proxy and the server but for someone to monitor that traffic... we must be targeted by NSA (are we?) What makes it a bit "insecure" is not enforcing it, redirecting to a http version of the site may lead to cookie hijacking, however, just enabling it on the forums is good enough to prevent credentials being sent in plain text.
  4. The site is already using CloudFlare to secure the server, they offer free HTTPS with not setup required. What needs to be done is to enforce it using CloudFlare's site rules like so (the first rule is redundant): Otherwise, you can already use a SSL enabled version of the site, just add the 's': https://www.accursedfarms.com/ PD: The blog doesn't work well because all the assets are loaded from http:// using an absolute path instead of https or just relative (most likely a WordPress setting), so modern browsers blocks it from loading it but the forum seems to work just fine.
  5. I used rar since it gave the best results in terms of file size, downloading 100MB before hand can be annoying so I wanted the smallest file size possible. Also, most of the players are on Windows (based on the ut server logs) and chances are most will have any other open/free software that supports rar extraction. What does that supposed to mean? -- For those who doesn't have winrar, here's a ZIP of the pack. And for those who are on GNU/Linux and doesn't have a rar or zip tool, here's a tar.gz file. Yes, the in-game download is painfully slow if no "fast download" url is specified on the server side, our server has a fast download so it should take 1 to 2 minutes to download a full map if you didn't downloaded the mappack, even less depending on your internet connection. However, you need to have the latest patch to work (apparently)
  6. Hey Ross's fans! The next play session with fans will feature custom maps, however, we need some suggestions so we can make a pack for everyone to download ahead of time, upload them to the server and not wait the in-game download which can be very slow. The custom maps need to be OnsLaught and fun (obviously). Some places to look for maps: https://www.utzone.de/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=46 http://www.mapraider.com/maps/unreal-tournament-2004/onslaught http://gamebanana.com/maps/cats/370 http://www.gamemaps.com/ut2k4/ So, if you have a suggestion just name it here and I'll be testing them and then making the pack so we buy Ross some time.
  7. What version is your Steam copy? The server is running the patch v3369 with an exploit hotfix.
  8. I think it's off by an hour for me, the session starts in about half hour and it says 1 hour and a half
  9. So I had to do that while playing and being logged in as an admin? The server was dedicated running on a Linux vps, it wasn't running on my computer. I couldn't find anything in the config files but tbh, I wasn't even aware about link setups and I had to research a bit while playing with Ross's fans
  10. So much fun, and I agree that Primeval was really intense. Sorry about the server crash, I didn't added Primeval to the server's map list so it crashed when I changed to that map. It's my first time playing UT2004, let alone mounting a server but it went somewhat fine, sadly I didn't have a clue on how to change the link/node configuration for Torlan. Maybe next time if Ross wants me to host again UT2004 or any other game, I'll be a bit more prepared
  11. Would you please give me the ips so i can test them? thanks Here you go: viewtopic.php?p=260237#p260237
  12. I just finished setting up an UT 2004 server, just as overflow/fallback. I only have the demo of the game, so I edited the server's config in order to allow players joining with a demo version. If any of you have the full version feel free to join and check if it works. I've never played UT2004 before, so I've no idea if it set up correctly. For joining, a console command is necessary. open ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:7777 or open I sent Ross all the details and files required to host an UT2004 server in Windows and Linux. (There are a lot of server exploits, patching is required)
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