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  1. How weirdly steady that crossbow was while moving annoyed me such much when I noticed it. It's like when you spectate someone in Overwatch and your camera is locked to their head, so it looks like it's perfectly still while everything else is moving.
  2. I'm mildly surprised Ross likes the NC music over the TR, most of the time I agree with his opinions on music but I really like the TR music. Also, I'm pretty sure the dev team was primarily NC. Might have had something to do with the bias they get.
  3. That's awesome! everybody are so serious and threat this video so SERIOUSLY probably because it's actually one of the best videos i've seen in ages, i don't know how it's an april fools video in the first place, i just thought it was an interesting concept for a video. I thought he was bringing Moon Gaming back, but improved based on the criticism, for like half the video.
  4. I actually hope this comes back again at some point. This is basically what I wanted from moon gaming. Great video as usual. ♥
  5. There's a mod that reskins the Brotherhood of Steel to be Nazis. I like the comical value of it. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5586/
  6. From the name "Dungeon Siege", it sounds like you're going to be going from one dungeon to the next rather than a random one here and there and rarely. I think that's what Ross was going for there. Ah, alright. Makes sense. Guess it would be weird if most of Skyrim took place out of Skyrim unless you took a side path for a while...
  7. Well after watching the video I decided to play the game myself. Noticed 2 things pretty quickly.(These may have been mentioned, I only skimmed the first page of replies) To start Ross mentions that there aren't many dungeons in the game, maybe he meant full on dungeons that were like raids. But after about 20 minutes of playing I already found 1. But it was a side thing, hidden away in some glade. Also I wanted to explain the story and why you're fighting random animals. So as far as I can tell from the opening cinematic, there was an empire. It got greedy, then died to evil. Except 1 of it's legions which went off to a new continent and lived in peace for 300 years. Apparently they lived in peace because they cast some dark magic, but that magic probably ran out. Because now all the things that were previously peaceful have started attacking them. So I guess the evil doesn't send many minions on it's own, but instead turns everything against people. I'll have to play more to get a better idea on these two things, but so far having a lot of fun with the game.
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