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  1. It is very, very short. I think I played it all in an hour or so, and that was me taking it slowly. Still, what an hour it was. No big scares, but the whole way through I was very invested and even a little bit anxious at times. For its price, it's definitely worth playing.
  2. Played this. Definitely recommended. The puzzles were clever, if not too complex. The plot was also pretty good. I only wish the first chapters were a bit longer, but they're all good and creepy.
  3. Question time! Has anyone finished Helious II?
  4. I have one recommendation. Eastern Mind The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou The plot goes like this: You lost your soul to the island of Tong-Nou (the green head thing) so you borrow your friend's soul and go get yours back. It's made by the same guy that made the trippy Dream Emulator game for PS1, but this one is even more obscure.
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