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  1. oh hey, I just remembered that I made an account on this forum forever ago, and I think I have an interesting thing to point out, so I'll paraphrase the comment I posted on the video here. so I actually live in Roswell, New Mexico, and I gotta say; they kinda blew it. like, geez. this town is kind of dumpy, but it's not THAT rural. hell, if any part of town looks like what the video shew, that would be way off on the outskirts, but the UFO museum (which is totally real, btw) is right in the middle of main street. the game should be showing the MOST urban part of the city. and, also, what the actual fuck is that giant Space Needle-esque tower there? I've lived here my entire life and never seen anything remotely like that. where the hell did they get that from? I genuinely have no idea what that's supposed to be. it's kind of a bummer that they screwed up my town a bit, because the overall aesthetic of the buildings and scenery is absolutely dead on.
  2. Well he was officially "first of the dead", so probably not
  3. Huh, the title reminded me of another kinda janky arcadey extreme sports game from around the same time, Freekstyle. Maybe you oughta check it out Ross, you seem to have a taste for these kinds of games.
  4. Oh hot damn, you have no idea how into this sort of thing I am. First off, the OSTs I can't really recommend highly enough. - Skullgirls - Jet Set Radio Future - The Binding of Isaac - Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 - DANGANRONPA - Killing Floor - Watch_Dogs (even though the game was lame, that doesn't mean the music was) I also recommend the music from Gunpoint and They Bleed Pixels. There are a shitload more that I'd wanna bring up, but I figure I'll leave the more high-profile games to other people and mention some stuff that others might not know of.
  5. Just to slightly amend one of the stories you mentioned: if I'm thinking of the right story, that EVE Online guy didn't just betray everyone, buy the biggest ship, and get attacked for revenge. He actively placed an absurd bounty on his own head, just daring anyone to come for him.
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