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  1. As much as i would love more Ross, specially on podcast form, i wouldn't like it to be with VNN, the sheer amount of unnecessary hype and misinformation it spreads really does not help either valve or the community. /rant
  2. Happy birthday Ross! Thanks for everything you gave us! So here are a couple favorite tracks from some of my favorite "old" PC games! I would describe then a bit better if I could but I don't have an idea on how to classify music. Die Hard Trylogy (The first one for PC/PSX/Saturn): Garage Theme: A video with all the remaing tracks: Track 7 from Starsiege: Tribes (PC): A playlist of the remaining tracks: Lush Theme from Tribes 2(PC): https://youtu.be/1nTJQxkcz54 A playlist of the remaining tracks: https://youtu.be/Rt46KEzauG4?list=PLE89316F044083D36 "Extra" Tribes Ascend Flag Theme: And the most "different", the soundtrack for Pharaoh(PC): A playlist of the remaining tracks:
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