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  1. Oh I getcha. But I can't really think of any modern music that's just like what you're looking for, stuff that sounds like Yes, Genesis and King Crimson. I guess I'll let you know if I do manage to find something, but I doubt it. Yeah, my way of labeling music is way too skewed for me nowadays, and that was my attempt. I'm sort-of in my own world when it comes to that kind of thing. That and I'm becoming more of a metalhead nowadays, so that changes some things. And I think I'll mention one more band called Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I doubt anyone is really into this since they're actually an avant-garde "music collective". But I would say they provide something kind of interesting and powerful for those patient enough and willing to stick around. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven is a classic. You have good taste. Really pleased to see Aphex Twin and µ-ziq is still getting attention today!
  2. Made some edits to fix up the genres mentioned here. I haven't played the game, but I've definitely seen others play it. I thought it was pretty good way, way back when it was first released, but more flaws stood out to me as time went by. There's still quite a few interesting things I can think of that happens in the game, such as weird reality fuckery, uncovering conspiracies and all that, but like you said, they're all overshadowed. Life is Strange is overrated. TIME FOR MUSIC! Most of the stuff I listen to is electronic (IDM, drum n' bass, etc.), but I'll stick to progressive rock and metal, my other favorites. Metal first. Ne Obliviscaris is absolutely amazing, and also the heaviest band here. Just listen to "And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope" and you'll definitely see for yourself IF you don't mind a bit of black metal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMorAdnCixg. There's also Coheed & Cambria ("Welcome Home" and "Gravity's Union" are the best, ) and Dream Theater ( ).Progressive rock! There's a lot of bands I really like, but the only one I can think of that's relatively "modern" is Thank You Scientist ( ).But my number one favorite band is The Mars Volta. Their stuff is fucking insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyUMHEua7-A. They're not so much progressive rock as they are experimental, but nevertheless. Don't mind the lengths... EDIT: So hey, I might as well include the REST of the music I listen to that you may not necessarily be taken to. Specifically electronica. Here's Autechre ( This is from 1994, their current stuff is WAY different and out-of-the-box), Boards of Canada ( ), µ-Ziq ( ), Nosaj Thing ( ), and Aphex Twin ( ).
  3. "The owner of the / strip malls, and public schools / isn't going to walk out there and shoot you in the head. / So, that's forgivable." I didn't expect it, but this is really funny and it's gotten me snickering.
  4. A long while ago shortly after Source Filmmaker was released, there were some news out saying Shane Acker, the director of 9, would collaborate with Valve to create a full-length movie called DEEP, using the aforementioned software. While this was back from 2012 and is no doubt abandoned, and it may not have been planned for a theatrical release, it's interesting to think about the idea of a game engine-produced movie and as more than just a YouTube video... but, your movie project's the closest thing that we'll get. It may as well be an impossibility, but how do you feel about machinima catching attention of the film world and at least reaching out to film festivals and beyond?
  5. I must admit that I've only made my account just for Ross's birthday soundtrack topic, but this is something that everyone needs to know about. Not too long ago, Doug Walker, A.K.A the Nostalgia Critic, made a video concerning the abuse of YouTube's copyright system and complete ignorance of Fair Use. zVqFAMOtwaI Here's what is happening- Numerous people on YouTube have been met with hostility by claimants at one point, because of anything that comes close to copyrighted material. This has been happening for years now, all because of the DMCA system YouTube set in place. But they may as well say that it is made to be abused, since it has threatened every content creator on that platform. IHE (I Hate Everything) had a video false-flagged by a hypocritical man who was the director of a bad film IHE reviewed. YMS (YourMovieSucks) has endless amounts of copyright claims that he can't even get rid of because of a strike. IHE had his whole channel deleted soon after for 17 hours without YouTube never explaining anything other than "spam." Now, that removal may not have been connected to copyright, but that's what could happen to YOU at any possible moment. Having the copyright system managed completely by bots and no humans especially makes the content creators on YouTube helpless and weak. Another example of this, which led Doug Walker to make the video, had Hollywood deleting his videos on YouTube, making multiple claims, all without Fair Use in mind. Actually no, all while giving the middle finger to Fair Use. This is what made a huge decline in Doug's videos, eventually making reviews made completely out of extremely poorly-done reenactments instead of using movie clips. Brad Jones, made a review of a movie he watched using raw footage of him and his buddies, in a car, discussing the movie. No clips whatsoever, no copyrighted audio. But, lo and behold, he still got a copyright claim... that means the people who make these claims actually watch these videos, they don't give a shit about anyone and they're willing to make sure they'll make monetization off these videos. Oh, did I mention that anyone on the other side of the copyright debacle can take away your monetization of your videos and always get away with it? All this while the claimants get no penalty whatsoever. They can go scot-free doing whatever the hell they're doing with the copyright right now without being punished. More information will be given by watching the video above, but this is something that needs to be stopped. Entire livelihoods are at stake while the dated copyright system is still being used. That includes you, IHE, the Accursed Farms YouTube channel, Nostalgia Critic, independent animators/musicians, everyone who is still making videos at all. People are taking notice of this and are spreading this video, and subject matter, around. People including Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, RubberNinja, AlphaOmegaSin, PeanutButterGamer, Boogie2988, etc. It can take an eternity for YouTube to actually do something about this, but something will happen eventually if you, everyone, and everyone you know make a big noise about it. Because the abuse of the copyright system threatens the idea of freedom of speech on YouTube, and maybe even the internet. If you didn't want the Fine Bros trademarking a basic human function, "React", then you do not want corporations taking away your monetization on YouTube or even your channels.
  6. If you want intense, darkly atmospheric ambient synth music, here's Manhunt, an infamous survival horror game made by Rockstar North in 2003. http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/manhunt-ps2-gamerip I'll only give you the necessary details about the game to understand the tone and atmosphere of the music: it is an incredibly violent and controversial game, as your character is forced by an unknown person speaking to him through an earphone, to engage in numerous executions for his snuff film, using stealth mechanics to sneak up behind a person and kill him... so yeah. Better have a strong stomach for the game. It's the kind of music for pondering about the very dark side of humanity... it'll really creep you out. This isn't the music for the holidays at all. And one last thing, you'll notice that most of the music slowly becomes more intense... it has different levels to jump to depending on the AI: Idle, Suspicious, and Aware. There's also Scene Completed and Scene Failed, for when you, yes, complete a scene or fail. So, happy birthday Ross!
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