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  1. Hey Ross, if you had the money, would you take a trip on the interplanetary transportation system? Also, what's your opinion on private space agencies, and space exploration in general?
  2. if you had the money, would you ride on Elon musk's interplanetary transportation system? And also, what are your thoughts on private space travel in general?
  3. whats the current status on "THE MOVIE"? does it have a title yet? is the title a secret right now?
  4. right off the bat, the works of Bob Eggleton definately match your tastes. he draws a mix of sci-fi and medival style paintings. http://www.infectedbyart.com/contestpiece.asp?piece=1686 this only shows so much, youll need to look up more yourself. http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/323944/No+Mans+Sky+concept+art+and+screenshots+surface/ this is assorted screenshots and concept art for the game No Man's Sky. http://en.spaceengine.org/photo/ screenshots from the "game" space engine.
  5. i actually have a decent number of good soundtracks i know No Man's sky https://loudr.fm/release/rodina-original-score/UKVDx Rodina https://vitashow.ca/dave/2015-11/music/outer-wilds-alpha-soundtrack/ Outer Wilds
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