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  1. I find comedy/SoL stuff ather mundane and uninteresting. I couldn't get into The Office Gilmore Friends of Seventh Heaven either. Someone already posted borderline echhi already. They were making an abotomical point, apparently. But I'm honest with myself- if the active ingredient of a stew is pornography, then that's the main metric for judging the stew's taste.
  2. Im_IRS

    Discord Group

    Discord sucks in general, but the one ran by Aku/Zaraki is ok
  3. I thought you hated Asian cartoons
  4. Are there any politicians left that genuinely care about America? Everyone seems to tow the line of one of two ruling suicide cults
  5. Im_IRS

    'No' Thread

    It's false. All of it. The letters, the symbols... They are all fake
  6. Im_IRS

    'No' Thread

    Here is the 'no' in ascii
  7. This is now the official Accursed Farms hentai thread
  8. don't forget to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON
  9. Im_IRS

    'No' Thread

    false, no man can quote me
  10. 3678- Say are given a funtion f(X) = Y = X^2, and two points(values for X) 'A' and 'B'. You want to know, on average, how much Y, the output of the function, changes with respect to X, the input, between point A and point B. The formula for this average rate of change is rise over run, or change in Y over change in X. Or using our set up: f(A) - f(B) divided by B - A Does this make sense so far?
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