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  1. Civ V but I kept getting shitty RNGs with locale and ruins.
  2. (Skip because I want the number after the next)
  3. You only answered my question by raising the stakes and eventually alluding to some concept of an Original Sin. Maybe a fat person will get offended by a riff on fat people, but we still make quips don't we? That doesn't mean that the person making the joke believes fats should held back by society and be discriminated against. That's where the distinction lies. It's not illegal at work, but it's not the time or the place. We don't talk about sex or religion either.
  4. It's not arbitrary, but the line is a bit blurry. It's the same as distinguishing passive interest and zealotry. I doubt that's true. Even you're a racist in some passive way or another
  5. Depends, do you walk around fuming whenever someone cracks an ethnic joke in a non professional setting? At some threshold being PC decouples from its original intent and becomes a form or self gratification.
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