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  1. If it wasn't for the donations I get the feeling that might be getting axed at some point. Good thing Ross is very old-school so I don't believe we are facing an existential threat. It's just a matter of transforming this from Do Lung Bridge to somewhere between regular Hill Valley and alternative 1985 Hill Valley.
  2. Anything but Pleb-It. It works for the videochat questions, but the second you start adding points to posts it's all over for creativity. Psychologically you start hedging your comments based by internet currency instead of what you actually want to say. Well those who want to jump in the fray, of course. And don't be negative. Maybe they'll come join to support you.
  3. It's a shame that most browsers have autoplay off by default Otherwise we could play the sounds of shuffling footsteps and then pop up a gif of a bum going "nyaaahhh"!
  4. You may be right, but I've lurked on here in the early 2010s and it used to be lot more lively. Most of the old guard is gone now except for a few mainstays. Sometimes an overzealous political grifter trickles in and lightens up the place for a bit and I half wish that they would show up more. The passionate types are a lot of fun to engage with, but someone always calls the mods whenever the fun reaches its zenith and cramps everyone's mojo. Maybe we can rebrand as a crazy hobo encampment that provides Soapbox as a Service. Take the discourse I mentioned here and in the OP and just blow it up. Anything but a slow and boring death.
  5. 1987 a young BTG was frolicking in the steppes if Wyomin'. A herd of wild mustang swept him up into the fold like ravenous mudflow and spat him out across the county line.
  6. The title, basically. Aside from a few new video posts that crop up, the forum devolved into a handful of acerbic nerds, like myself, communicating with each other through inside jokes and nonsense stoner babble. We've reached that Realms of the Haunting spiritworld decorum and I admit that I'm partially to blame. Personally I prefer any online discussion to be be as chaotic and open-ended as possible, but if this is driving new blood away, then I can tone it down a bit and try and act like a normal person. I would also encourage the other regulars (you know who you are) to do the same. Otherwise, it might just be that is format of internet discussion is dying out because of aggregates like Discord, which I think is a real shame. I can't really think of other ways to revive this community apart from maybe announcing and holding a few gaming sessions and archiving(hiding) stale threads.
  7. Noooo'ohp. Seems like deep-seated hatred to me I don't really care about the show, but the absolute polarizing options about it are wild
  8. Why do you think btg hates ponies so much? A tragic Polo accident in his youth?
  9. When the evil not last posters attack! This CIA boy gives them no slack
  10. Is possible for someone to be this wrong? Apparently it is.
  11. The War of 3812 When cyber Francis Scott key wrote the Star Spangled Banner brain broadcast melody.
  12. Don't have the patience for stealth games anymore
  13. I guess he's not learning (he's not learning), he must be falser now, he'll soon be turning (turning), round the corner now Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark he's aching to be nope'd
  14. Weird Al and Mel Brooks are mere spoof dilettantes compared to the awesome might of the Zuckers.
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