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  1. Unfortunately, Ross is a dyed in red wool Trump fanatic. Better pack your bags.
  2. Walter White V Britannia commands you to love Code Geass
  3. I am a True Man, as in everything I say is 100% true
  4. Learning is for intellectually indigent. True men of cerebral capital never research or learn anything.
  5. Like it or not, but this is what peak performance looks like
  6. /Jump Cut/ "A lot of people think of X, but *fidgets around frame and adjusts glasses* X is not okay??? *strikes an inquisitive pose* Sorta???" /Jump Cut/
  7. Code Geass is cheesy machiavellinism and mechs. It's also a completely insurmountable beast of literary risk/pay-off and ambition that will never be outdone.
  8. Code Geass, HxH, Death Note, Monster all had pretty meh first episodes.
  9. Hey Hank Green Green here! Answering real questions from real Nerdfighter Fighters!
  10. Nah, it's the Three Episode Rule(TM) The first episodes of my now favorite series were nothing to write home about
  11. Hey Savage Green here! Answering real questions from real Myth Fighters!
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