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  1. Hey Ross one more thing bud. I already asked this once on your April fools video, but I understand you don't have time to answer every last question your fans have. Anyhow you mentioned in it that you got in school suspension in highschool for something you did as a freshman. Would you mind sharing with us what the prank was, it sounds like there might be a funny story there?
  2. Hey Ross, just wanted to say another awesome review, great job bro! I am definitely going to download the music from the link you posted, and I agree completely from the tracks you used on this review it sounds like the musical equivalent of Valium lol . I have to disagree with you about Ms Salvatini though the crazy hot redhead would always have a special place in both my crew and heart . Thanks again for posting this you really have become one of my favorite reviewers over the years, I always learn something from your reviews, get a lot of laughs, and are one of the only reviewers that I can truthfully say has never let me down ( I know I will be entertained as soon as I see a new game dungeon posted !). If I ever get to the place where I am not so damn poor please know you'll be the first person i will donate money to man! Please please please keep up the awesome work your doing ( I can't wait to see what you have cooked up in your head for your movie, I bet it's going to be hilarious!), and know you are making a lot of peoples lives better with the laughter and knowledge you are working so hard to bring us, and once again thanks!
  3. So just out of curiosity what did you do to get the inschool suspension ? When i was in high school the vice principle kept getting his mailbox torn off, think this happened like 20 or so times. The real beauty of this little prank was sometimes it would happen like 3 or 4 days in a row then nothing for like a week or so then bam it got torn down again, eventually the poor guy cemented the thing into the ground, until someone hooked a chain to it and tore it out of the ground. On another not I think i speak for all my people when i say we prefer to be called hicks, gotta keep things pc =) .
  4. Ross man i seriously love the vids you do ( no one on channelawesome makes me laugh like you), but please never compare NIN to coldplay again lol ( and yes I know you were joking). I can respect the fact that not everyone shares the same taste in music i have but listening to NiN and basically anything Maynard James Keenan is connected with is about the equivalent of a religious experience for me.
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