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  1. Very cool. Would it make sense to make a git repo for this, so that other interested people can find and contribute to it? Maybe it gets to the point where it gets merged back upstream.
  2. Is there anything new in this area? Have any new GUI concepts been shown? Any progress on any of the other relevant projects?
  3. In the last video chat Ross said that he is interested in seeing if WSL2/WSLg (WSL from now on) can somehow be used to replace Windows shell with some Linux DE. So that he would have some Windows-Linux hybrid. It probably isn't possible to use WSL as a full shell replacement like with other Windows shell alternatives. But from what I see, it is possible to run and display some DE as it's own application, so visually it's similar to virtual machine or remote desktop. As far as I know, WSL does allow running Windows programs from within the Linux environment. Not exactly sure how that is done and what kind of programs can be started. But it is there, and that makes WSL be much more fitting for creation of Windows-Linux hybrid than it would be say Linux running in VirtualBox using "seamless mode". Even if it is possible to get some desktop environment running well, there is still an issue of getting Windows shell out of the way, making it use absolutely minimum amount of resources, and re-implement the functionality in WSL desktop environment. There are many people with low-spec machines, so someone probably already stripped Windows 10 shell down to bare minimum, but there probably aren't many people who made WSL understand the full capabilities of the Windows host. Things like having XDG-Open point to Windows programs for relevant files and URLs, having shortcuts in Linux guest that open host's Control Panel or other settings, etc. I think that this idea of Windows-Linux hybrid is interesting, and should be explored further. Few relevant links that I found when doing a quick search about this topic: https://github.com/NathanCastle/BootShellCredentialProvider (looks outdated and abandoned) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SuERIEJJUA https://github.com/microsoft/wslg https://sourceforge.net/projects/vcxsrv/
  4. 4 years later, many many new community chats have been released we need to find a technological solution to this, doing it manually would not be a good way to do it. Archive all Reddit threads with questions, archive recordings of Twitch chat, get some good speech recognition software and run it over the recording of chat, so that we at least work with transcripts instead of audio
  5. Interesting radial menu: https://github.com/Schneegans/Fly-Pie/
  6. Does anything here looks like an example of UI that Ross is looking for?
  7. There is this thing that has been appearing on my radar recently. I know that it's meant to be more as a joke or spectacle than an actual user interface, but maybe something actually usable will come out of it:
  8. Go glow in the dark in some deeper part of the internet
  9. I tested it out quickly and it seems that it requires you to click. Turbo mode is just "keep menu open only while I am holding shortcut keys pressed", so it closes instantly when you release the keys. But whole project is free and open source. I'm sure that if some of us went to tinker with it, we could make it behave similarly to the interface draft that you made.
  10. We need a central knowledgebase for everything related to the GUI Quest™. A place for proposed ideas, design guidelines for existing interfaces, links to experimental interfaces, list of abandoned concepts, etc. Someone on Reddit made a repo that I assume will be used for this purpose. https://github.com/HawaiinPizza/Ross-Good-Gui But if it won't then we should set up a different place where we can gather and present knowledge and ideas in a readable way.
  11. Is there anything we can do to help Ross with the issues he is encountering in Linux?
  12. Holy shit, I had no idea what was yet to come. Proton, Lutris, D9VK being merged into DXVK, a LOT of native games, many system-level improvements to game performace, etc. TImes are insanely good for us pengiuns.
  13. I believe that they will add AI in the future. But we will have to wait for more announcements to see what the game will have on release. I think that this game could be good for a play session with fans (of cournse if it gets reasonably low price or when it gets high discount)
  14. I agree, this game would be very good for play session with fans. Sadly the playerbase died off, so outside of the organised event the only way to see this game in action is by playing againtst AI.
  15. Is there a way we can add new video? I mean, there are January and February videos out, your site is still on December video.
  16. So different game next month? I watched the recording, and from what I see number of people in this play session is below 50, so like Ross said, this opens up many options for other multiplayer games. I would suggest Renegade X or Savage Resurrection. Both games are free. Renegade X can take safely take 50 players per server (makes it 25v25 match). Savage Resurrection can take 32 players per server (16v16), but also allows one player to play as commander who builds base and commands other players in RTS mode. I would love to be a soldier in Ross' army. Both games need a bit of tweaking to run on toaster computers, and both of them are not exactly bug-free. However both of them can provide incredible amount of fun in most cases. Example matches of those games: wNuS3_Um4kc yf8GVayBL88 I imagine that Ross would like them, but he probably hasn't even heard of them. Since his inbox is probably very much filled up, I won't send him any mail, but if anyone wants to point out my suggestion, I would be very grateful.
  17. From what I see, Linux is getting more and more popular, so we are on a good track. Also number of games for Linux is growing quite fast. It's nice to see AF community discuss this topic.
  18. Renegade X and Savage Resurrection Both FPS/RTS hybrids Renegade X is free game made by C&C community. https://renegade-x.com/ Savage Resurrection went free to play recently. http://store.steampowered.com/app/366440 Both games have very small playerbase, barely enough to fill up one server at a time. Does Ross like FPS/RTS genre? Would he come to play a round of either of those games? If he liked it, would he be willing to put a good word about those games on the internet?
  19. is out and Ross says that he would like to try something else than Planetside 2.Is there any place were we can discuss suggestions for other games? Are there any known statistics, how many players actually come play into this sessions? I would suggest a game called Renegade X, but it has 40 player limit on public servers, can push it up by making own server. Or if Quintet can take big amount of players, we could revive this almost-dead 2013 game and have some almost-Star-Trek-Bridge-Crew action, make whole fleet, do some fun space stuff. I think it would be better to discuss possibilities in the community before we fill up Ross' inbox even further with suggestions.
  20. I would suggest making IRC work again. Lot of us have Flash Player disabled, so IRC client does not work for us. Also the server that it points at, irc.kottnet.net, does not have channel called #accursedfarms. Are there any other ways to get real-time communication going on with Accursed Farms community?
  21. I like this idea, and I did propose similar project in the past. Problem is that there is a lot of work to be done. You could add everything from this table into your project: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pwk3ymDhSecfXHJFVo3J2TGlaU7yGsCHOk-_XNquD6k/edit#gid=0 Also from what I see, ScumCoder makes posts with questions and timestamps. ScumCoder, you are doing God's work.
  22. About timestamps for questions and preventing unnecessary duplication, I think that real-time collaboration would be the best solution: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pwk3ymDhSecfXHJFVo3J2TGlaU7yGsCHOk-_XNquD6k/edit?usp=sharing Again, just a suggestion.
  23. I don't know Ross' workflow, but wouldn't emailing him suggestions make his inbox even messier than it already is? I would suggest Google Form (or any other similar platform) where people could post suggestions, so that end result is nice looking table instead of bunch of emails getting lost somewhere in Ross' inbox. Form: http://goo.gl/forms/9aLWXTH8wo Table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aHbzjjMz-xyeCmubGs7HtQksM3ykWd_foLJuJihJiP8/edit?usp=sharing (provided example answer of Magicka: Wizard Wars getting killed)
  24. IRC is still very much alive in some communities (open source community and some gaming communities use it very actively), Accursed Farms IRC channel however seems to be quite dead every time I visit it. AFAIK Ross is planning to redesign some aspects of website, right? One of things that I would like o see is javascript / HML5 web client for IRC instead of current Flash-based one.
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