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  1. What the actual FUCK I just quickly check AF site before I jump into PS2 session and I see this. Straight out of fucking nowhere. I'll admit, I don't usually follow gaming news in general so this is probably old news by now but still, what the hell. At this point, I'm honestly thinking of doing something, anything to prevent PS2 AND future games from shutting down like that. I wasn't thinking about it, but ever since Ross started talking about this problem, shit man, games dying like that... That's just rough. edit: waaaait I'm an idiot. It's PS1. I saw footage of PS2 and blindly assumed Ross is talking about THAT game. Shoot me. *facepalm*
  2. YES Also "Salty veterans of old have turned tail... probably to play Overwatch or something."
  3. I may be quite new to PS2, but if I may share my experience: shotguns. I've had some success with other weapons, notably heavy's SAW, but once I switched to engineer's shotgun... I I am pretty sure by this point I've raked in more kills with it in shorter amount of time than all past weapons combined (bar MANA anti-infantry turret). I could be due to fact that I've switched to shotguns after already playing for some time so I wasn't completely clueless like the first day, and/or maybe I just found myself in such situations that benefited shotguns the most OR maybe something else, but as a new player to new player - I'd say at least try them. If nothing else, shotguns in this game just feel so... satisfying to shoot.
  4. All right! I was about to ask in the PS2 recruitment thread what's up with the official Outfit and all, great that you've come around and introduced yourself, CaptainInArms! I'll be joining VCO today (as soon as I finish writing this post, in fact!), name's DmitryStrelokov. Currently BR10 and for now I'm more or less playing engineering class as it is kinda in line with what I usually play in MP games (support types). Unlocked anti-vehicle turret so I am now both suppressing fire & AV-capable. Two questions though - how much of voice communication is expected from new/low-ranked outfit members? I'm asking because I'm playing from Europe and when the event happens the time over here will be 21:00. My voice comm will be limited as the time progresses as I do not wish to disturb people in the middle of the night. I have no problem listening and following orders, mind you, just any sort of feedback from me will be more or less limited to old fashioned typing. Second question - do you have or are planning any separate squads (sections?) within the outfit for European players? You know, people like me who have limited time to play during the event or maybe people who lag due to distance (though I never experienced any sort of trouble in PS2 even when connection on rare occasions registered as "poor" - good net code, I guess?) Anyways, cheers, and see you in the game!
  5. So this video finally made me register here after being a fan of FM and Ross Scott in general for years. Hi everyone. Regarding video: Great work as always, Ross, and thanks. While I am no stranger to FPS or even MP-focused shooters, I can say your PS2 tutorial was quite informative. I didn't watch any other so I can't comment if it was THE best (though the most hardcore Ross fan inside of me would vehemently agree it was), yeah, it was damn good. I would personally like a bit more information on other classes and/or vehicles but as you've said yourself - this is not the video about that, this is video how to get to the action and have FUN. And having tried PS2 today for the first time, it definitely helped. Second thing, I find it interesting you were leaning towards picking TR. From what (little) I knew about PS2 factions I was sure you'd pick NC straight away. Of course, my faction-knowledge is limited to watching faction videos on official site so from those I got the feeling that - TR are bullying dicks with a fascist streak ergo Ross wouldn't pick that; VS are elitist pricks with a self-supremacy complex ergo Ross wouldn't pick that; NC are a lose collection of rebels and freedom fighters, fighting against the Big Guys and for peace and equality... what I didn't know was that they were supposed to be "corporatist pawns". And from what I know about Ross, it now doesn't surprise me he would pick TR over NC. Also interesting you classified TR as Cybran... but I guess if you compare their appearance rather than philosophy, yeah they are pretty Cybran. Now, regarding this: This is a bit troublesome, but I don't think all is lost so here's few possible solutions, if I may: 1. First come, first serve(d). Mentioned couple of posts ago. So, at the start of the event, Ross logs in PS2, sees which continent has least NC and announces via Twitch which continent to join. People who manage to get in do get in, those who don't, don't. Most crude and I wager least pleasant solution, not a big fan of it myself but if nothing else it is a possible solution. 2. Switching to low-population hour. Someone would need to nose around a bit and try to find if there's any sort of statistics floating around showing at which hours target server hits the lowest pop-cap. And that's when we get to join up. Of course, the downside of this solution is the very same thing that's supposed to be upside - less people will play at those hours, but probably a lot less fans of Ross will be able to join also... *2.5. Switching to a different server? Again, someone would have to dig out some sort of statistic, but maybe there are other server that have lower population by default? European ones, maybe? People from US/Asia would get higher ping, that's for sure, but maybe it's wort a try? 3. Mixed sides. This was mentioned before. We forgo the original plan of sticking to NC, instead everyone joins any faction they want. As already mentioned, some people probably wouldn't want to shoot at Ross AND majority would probably prefer to stick to his faction anyways... BUT let's be honest, in the heat of the PS2's action you are rarely paying attention to what is the name of the person who is on the opposite side of your barrel. Besides, maybe some people would get kind of a satisfaction to play against Ross? I mean, it's probably to be expected there will be people who listen to Ross's Twitch with sole intention of finding and killing him in-game anyways, so why not make an event out of it? 4. (And here's my personal favorite)... United NC offensive. So. We stick to the original plan. Same date, same time, same server, same faction... ALL CONTINENTS. Think about it. IF there will be enough people to fill multiple maps... Why not do it on purpose? Why stick to one continent? Judging by the comments here we already know there will be people who won't stick to the main Ross army group so why not expand on that? Now Ross doesn't command an army. He commands an armada. Not a continent, but a server to be conquered! All we need is to designate some sort of official communications officers, people who carry on commands/suggestions/inspiring rallying cries from Ross over multiple continents. Of course Ross will stream, but instead of everyone having to have Twitch open to listen to him (and I'm sure some even can't due to bandwidth limitations) we organize ourselves into squads where some people do also have Twitch running in the background and voila. Or instead of squads, outfits, yes? Outfits have outfit-wide communication and can have lots of people in, right, so that's the way to go. The downsides to this are, similar to suggestion number 3, some people would simply like to play WITH Ross. Playing on the other side of the map or even continent just might not appeal to some. Not to mention, for continent-wide communication official outfits need to be created well before the event so we need to appoint some people to be leaders or let them volunteer AND some might not be comfortable with joining outfit (though why would you be?)/are already in another so there's that... But those people can still have stream opened, I guess. *4.5. GLOBAL NC offensive? Oh my. Ok, I'm sure this one is pretty much out of the scope even for Ross, but it would be spectacular to see every PS2 server across the world experience a simultaneous NC offensive. Of course the numbers would be significantly lower, but it could be interesting! This are just some suggestions I have. I'm pretty new to PS2 so I am using just my speculations and common sense to judge how feasible they are. I was anticipating heavily the opportunity to meet up with Ross in a game so I'm thinking really hard how to make this project possible. And now unrelated to this, but still related to PS2 - hey Ross, check out these war stories. Especially the 3rd one that talks about leading/playing in a massive allied "blob" which is something I'm guessing our experience will be like. I found it interesting! Also, related still, did you consider contacting any YouTube-er with experience in organizing massive PS2 battles or the likes? Specifically, I'm thinking of Criken, though that's just the one I know. He made a fans meet-up in PS2 too (there's videos of it on his channel), maybe he can share some insight? He also held a massive "cow-stampede" event in World of Warcraft, maybe you can get some ideas for future project if PS2 one doesn't work out? Also, I'm sure there are other known YT people who have experience with PS2 (AngryJoe was mentioned, don't know his videos enough to talk about him; maybe TotalBiscuit dabbled in that too?), but Criken is the first that came to my mind. Hope any of this helps! I'm interested what do you mean by that. Care to explain? Should we fear a strong, united counter-offensive or is it something else you are talking about?
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