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  1. CharlieHadron

    So I'm on a Higher Education Technology course...

    Yup. It's cr*p on a cocktail stick. Happy festive season btw
  2. CharlieHadron

    Was Magda planning to make her own Mind series at one point?

    She did her own series in BMS called "Magda Conquers Black Mesa", if that's what you're thinking of. Ah yeah same! That'd be the best thing ever!
  3. CharlieHadron

    So I'm on a Higher Education Technology course...

    I've looked back at some supplementary material I think I was supposed to do it on OS types rather than brands. I also think I've lost access to the supplementary material due to telling my course tutor I'm not planning to come back for next term and thus only have access to material relating to this term.
  4. CharlieHadron

    So I'm on a Higher Education Technology course...

    I appreciate the gesture. I'm just going through the list of things for each OS for now. I'm sure the evaluation part will come easier once that's out of the way. Hopefully.
  5. ...and I'm working on two instruction manuals: a technical and a non-technical. Both must use the Harvard Referencing system. I am required to "evaluate the structure and functions of an operating system, with regards to functionality, operation and dependency", and analyze the following in the three chosen operating system examples - Windows, Mac and Linux: Memory Processor Devices File Security Performance Error Management (Yes I am aware Linux is the kernel not the OS, I didn't write the damn brief) I'll be honest, I am really struggling with this. Please send help.
  6. I'm sure I remember hearing that she was thinking of doing her own version of Chell's Mind. Aw man you know what would've been so awesome? If Magda and Cyh had done Half-Life Decay together. That'd just be the best thing ever.
  7. CharlieHadron

    All that missing antimatter

    Mirror Matter and Anti-Mirror Matter too?
  8. So I was reading through Hawking's A Brief History of Time (it's a surprisingly engrossing read; I'd definitely recommend it) and in the early sections it deals with the fundamentals of space, time, matter, and the basics of the laws of physics. Whilst reading the section on antimatter and how the universe appeared to have more matter in it than antimatter, it occurred to me that antimatter by definition shouldn't be able to be detected by conventional means. How do we detect ordinary matter? By projecting particles towards them. This approach by definition shouldn't work with antimatter; as is well-established, matter and antimatter annihilate each other on contact. So how do you detect them instead? By their gravitational pull. Gravity is a universal law that applies to all matter - or antimatter - and so therefore any significantly large bodies of antimatter, such as anti-meteors, anti-planets or even anti-suns and anti-nebulae, should in theory be detectable by their gravitational pull but not directly observable. So then I wondered, if they're out there, why haven't they been detected yet? Surely a non-detectable source of gravitational disturbance more or less equal to the current distribution of matter should be pretty noticeable? Fortunately Hawking provided the answer shortly after - we already have detected gravitational anomalies matching the description of the ones that I have described, and they have been attributed to a hypothetical exotic matter called dark matter. Anyway, that's my speculation on the subject. I'm certainly no expert so feel free to iron out any scientific inaccuracies or inconsistencies that I may have overlooked.
  9. CharlieHadron

    The Master Minds

    Kind of a difficult thing to miss. How'd Macca manage it?
  10. CharlieHadron

    Master Minds documentary

    April next year is the 10th anniversary of the first episode of Barney's Mind. As I said to Cyh, I thought a good way to celebrate the event would be to produce and release a documentary about the Master Minds and what they've been up to since. Cyh thought this was a good idea and gave me a few pointers to work with, and from there I've got a working plan of how I'm going to structure it. I had already performed some preliminary research for such a project, and quite fortuitously besides trawling through a trove of Mind Series videos, podcasts and spinoffs, I discovered a number of interviews with the Minds by a YouTuber called Caboos15 that give some really interesting insight into the making of their series. I'm also planning to conduct some interviews of my own with some of the Minds (so far Corky64 is the only one I haven't been able to reach though I hear he's trying to get a job so it's probably best to let him be for now) and assuming there's no unforeseen delays it should be ready for release in time for the anniversary. That said, I think it would be unwise not to try and have some kind of contingency in case of any of the aforementioned potential unforeseen delays interfering with my ability to complete the project. I think the best course of action with that in mind would be to turn it into a community project but I don't know if the community has the time or the interest in getting involved in this. So I thought I'd put the word out, see who gets back to me.
  11. CharlieHadron

    Continuing Chell's Mind, and other stories...

    Thanks blue15bomber! I may have something for you to do if you're interested, I'll tell you about it in DM. I have got a bit of an update - I've brought on a co-writer who's interested in voice-acting for Chell but she doesn't have a HQ mic. Despite that stumbling block we've got a lot of preliminaries out of the way and so far I think things are going good.
  12. CharlieHadron

    Unusual but potential "Mind" series

    Yeah, I like the sound of that too. Sort of ironic my family originally came from Ireland and now I've got to do a "plastic paddy" voice for a recreation of the Half-Life Alpha. I'm not sure what sounds worse, the original voice or me trying to impersonate him. But yeah, this idea has some real potential behind it.

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