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  1. I call that bold talk for someone who is not on a unicycle.
  2. The Goal Oriented Action Planning system, first implemented in the video game F.E.A.R., is considered by some to be the most realistic video game AI system ever created and has yet to be bested by another game, yet the actual programming behind it is very simple. Why is it nobody's taken that and expanded upon it in a way that's made it into a more recent AAA release?
  3. Well, here's my personal list: Chell's Mind by CyhAnide, The Point Man's Mind by Triox45, Stark's Mind by Anion, Taggart's Journey by Blue15bomber, Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 by Centaur1um, Mind of Ryan by DravenMario, and possibly Shephard's Mind by Krimsin if you can ignore some of the dated jokes and uneven characterisation. Kane's Mind gets an honourable mention if only for the fact that it's still being made and the guy deserves brownie points for sticking to it, and if you're an absolute completionist and don't have too high standards then I guess Barney's Mind does too.
  4. I found out about this one from watching a video about a cancelled Half-Life port for Macs. The company that was working on it had previously developed several games, including Defiance, a sci-fi shooter where you pilot a mech and shoot up alien nasties as part of a 'cold war turns hot' scenario on an interstellar scale.
  5. Huh, turns out the BMS version of FM very obviously used the original audio without any changes. Well don't I feel like the fool now. (I lost my old login but it's not sockpuppeting if I admit I'm the same guy right?)
  6. Yup. It's cr*p on a cocktail stick. Happy festive season btw
  7. She did her own series in BMS called "Magda Conquers Black Mesa", if that's what you're thinking of. Ah yeah same! That'd be the best thing ever!
  8. I've looked back at some supplementary material I think I was supposed to do it on OS types rather than brands. I also think I've lost access to the supplementary material due to telling my course tutor I'm not planning to come back for next term and thus only have access to material relating to this term.
  9. I appreciate the gesture. I'm just going through the list of things for each OS for now. I'm sure the evaluation part will come easier once that's out of the way. Hopefully.
  10. ...and I'm working on two instruction manuals: a technical and a non-technical. Both must use the Harvard Referencing system. I am required to "evaluate the structure and functions of an operating system, with regards to functionality, operation and dependency", and analyze the following in the three chosen operating system examples - Windows, Mac and Linux: Memory Processor Devices File Security Performance Error Management (Yes I am aware Linux is the kernel not the OS, I didn't write the damn brief) I'll be honest, I am really struggling with this. Please send help.
  11. I'm sure I remember hearing that she was thinking of doing her own version of Chell's Mind. Aw man you know what would've been so awesome? If Magda and Cyh had done Half-Life Decay together. That'd just be the best thing ever.
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