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  1. Hello Ross Your awesome questions: 1. In between doing game dungeons, why not do some quick Rants\ updates videos, or game ? Or does that detract too much away from creating game dungeons? 2. I know you have a kind of loose format for each game dungeon video, but how about setting up a template in adobe premier where you are justing dropping in bits for each point you talk about in each episode. I know it sounds formulaic and maybe might take away some of the character but maybe it will help with speeding up production of game dungeons. Most people just want to first see a game dungeon video and then just hear your opinion. 3. still think the bip bop video was the best because it was completely crazy game with crazier game mechanics, which other games can you think have crazy game mechanics? Thank you. more game dungeons please.
  2. Hey Ross, Your awesome. My questions: 1. Which part of the editing process do you hate the most? and vice versa? 2. Do you get invited to other YouTube channels/shows a lot? I would like to see you more on other peoples shows. 3. Do you think maybe you could do a one off special on application dungeon? for either a very strange obscure but interesting application or something just awesome and interesting that you tried once? Loved the deus ex videos and even your posts in the forum. Points well made. Thank you.
  3. 1. In you last videochat you mentioned surprisingly driving games and another as your favourite game worlds to experience in VR. Why not an RPG? like the oblivion, skyrim et al series. witcher or any other big rpg series, surely the very definition of RPG (role playing game) is that you get to play/experience a role in another world? So not RPGs? 2. Your video chat or rant videos are pretty good quality in terms of resolution and composition (whatever that means), what is you video equipment set up? in particular, what do you use for your green screen???? (i don't know what I'm talking about) 2. 1 side question: does your girlfriend help in any of the video production? 3. Has anyone ever gifted you a game on steam and said it was amazing and it turned out it actually was. also what about the opposite (turned out it was rubbish) 4. Do you get much time to actually play games nowadays (apart from the planetside sessions)? LOVED the deus ex video , my brother and his friend are huge fans and its their favourite game of all time also. So thanks. best review video of a game i have ever seen and I'm 35.
  4. Hey Ross My questions 1 . What are your top 3 or 5 game worlds that you would love to be immersed in once VR gets its shit together? 2. Which game character would terrify you even more than regular playing if you were to meet them in person lifesize VR? Also inversely, do you think you player reactions/feelings would be different when being talked to by characters if they were looking at you at eye level. 3. Whose the most famous person you met or know personally? 4. Do you have some sort of a written down plan/list of activities for making the movie that you are following or are you just doing bits as and when you can? 5. Do you think you will be moving out of Poland anytime? 6. As per previous poster, when will get another "follow up" video? Your awesome and I loved the spiderbot video. Me and my brother thought we were the only ones in the world who played that game and were confuddled by it. Thank you
  5. Hallo Ross Hope your doing well. Here are my questions: 1. How good are you at RTS's? have you ever competed in some tournament anywhere? 2. Which game genre are you the best/strongest playing at then? Which is next? and so on. 3. Obviously next question is which is your worst? I know you don't like turn based but I think you'd still be good at it. 4. When can we see the website update? personally I don't think it need it. People come to your for original content not style. I mean Look at maddox of www.bestpageintheuniverse.com Stay productive. Fan
  6. Hallo Ross, Hope everything is going well and productive. Questions: 1. Which game do you think is the most complex and deep that you have played? I don't mean just that its hard, but one that allows for a increasing level of skill , understanding and strategy? for me, I would have to say Medieval total war 1. 2. Which game did you actually learn something from? eg, I actually learnt about city structures and placement playing simcity 2000 and was fortunate enough to get the deluxe version manual which had poetry, art and in depth articles about stuff. Same for medieval total war, which every so often throughout the campaign drops historical facts. Bit like Civ series, 3. Do you use any project management or workflow management software? I personally recommend trello. Its very simple and very satisfying to use in that when you complete a task , you get to move cards to the complete column/list
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