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  1. What I like in addition to the keyboard only approach is that it actually works. We have the technology right now and it is comfy. I get that other people prefer other approaches, although it is not as hard as you might think to remember every single hot key you put on every single key of your keyboard. And it is very rare that I hear people disliking it after they got used to it (lots of people complain about it in the beginning though since you have to learn a couple of things). Worth looking into if you want to use Linux or any of the BSDs as your OS but I guess if you want to keep your options as a gamer, you probably have to stick with Windows.
  2. Um, there are minimal distros which have the bare minimum of software installed. You can install X11 and whatever DE or WM you like and do not have to use some default DE. Now if you want a DE or WM without a default look that makes you design it yourself, I don't know if that exists..
  3. The whole video I was waiting for you to talk about window managers (WM) like i3 or dwm or even just fluxbox but you got mostly got stuck on the default DEs like KDE, GNOME or XFCE. Checkout this dwm build (this is not linux but the WM works for both linux and OpenBSD) or just go to r/unixporn to find something at least looks cool and can get you inspired. If you dislike the colors (which are very nice imo), I would not even let that slide as a nitpick since it is very easy to change. Btw, people who prefer the terminal over the mouse have the same issues as you. It is inefficient to switch your hand from mouse to keyboard. Your solution is to make everything revolve around the mouse but theirs is to make everything revolve around the keyboard. Even using a webbrowser can be done by using something like qutebrowser or an addon like vimfy. Modifying your GUI like this is usually called ricing which might be helpful for you if you want to look up more stuff on your own (e.g. type "dwm rice" into youtube or if you dislike dwm maybe look for i3, awesomewm, cwm, bspwm and you will find more videos than you would want to watch). Now I am not delusional and know that for most people, something like dwm would be too much of a hassle to setup yourself. And I am not here to convince anyone to use it. Do what you want, I am not your mom. However, I think it is exactly everything I need in a WM. This is why people choose free software. They let you do whatever the fuck you want, even rewrite their code. With proprietary software there will always be artificial boundaries but with free software there are only real ones (such as your knowledge and skill). Not everything is perfect and sometimes it sucks but at least I don't have to bend over and say please to Microsoft or Apple.
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