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  1. I played Cayne and had no idea what was happening until I realized it was a side story or something to this game. On Cayne: I really don't like playing adventure games where I'm a pregnant woman. I feel bad for not solving the puzzles right away and forcing this poor woman to run all over this unhygienic facility when she's about to pop
  2. Game is kinda difficult at first, but then gets really easy once you figure out how everything works. Not quite complex enough for me. There's an obvious 'best way' to go about surviving the river unless you impose arbitrary restrictions on yourself, like being a vegan.
  3. I liked this game, but just barely. I classify games like this as "What now?" Games. The puzzle aspect was fun, and the game world has a way of raising questions and made me want to learn more about it, but when the end happened, I was just left feeling a little empty, like I had just read a book where the author died halfway through writing it. If you want a game with similar gameplay and style, but brighter and more fantastic visuals, check out Two Brothers.
  4. Helious II doesn't have an ending. It says so in the instructions in-game.
  5. Ross, what do you think of the news on Microsoft's VR device so far? The lower spec requirements, cheaper price, potential wireless functionality, and bringing third-party manufacturers on board all seem conducive towards getting more people to purchase VR. Do you think an increased user population will lead to more of what you want to see from VR with regards to backwards compatibility with old 3D games? Or do you expect more of the same VR-only exclusives? The headset does require Windows 10, so I'm not sure what to expect from it in terms of functionality with pre-win10 games.
  6. 1. What game(s) have your favorite ragdoll physics? 2. Are there any narrative elements or character archetypes that you HATE in video games/movies e.g. I hate the "military asshole" archetype that you find in movies like Avatar and District 9 3. Did you watch the Summer Olympics? If yes, which events did you like, if any? If no, is there a reason other than you don't enjoy watching sports?
  7. I know Ross does his own thing with the game dungeon, but I'm still surprised he didn't talk about the AI or the lack of believable consequences with the 3 factions throughout the game. Those were the things I felt held back the game the most, aside from the level loading bullshit. I remember clearly shooting an enemy with a poison dart, and quickly popping back behind cover, and watched with my x-ray vision as she did absolutely nothing and got knocked out like she didn't even notice. On the flip side, certain enemies that I tried to sneak past seemed to have superhuman hearing as they were able to hear me crawling on a different level than them. But the worst thing was that no matter how much you screw over the Templars, how many black market biomods you splice yourself with, or how many Templars you kill, the Templars still seem keen to trust you to carry out their requests. The same goes for the Illuminati. Only the Omar react believably at all....by taking away a discount they may have given you in the past. Whoop dee-doo. It was this lackluster approach to player consequence that really took me out of the game, and made me never want to play it through again. Also he left out one really good positive to the game: Better jumping. This is the one of the few FPS games where you can actually climb ledges like a normal person, and it does it quite well. The jumping itself though, it kind of strange because you get this awkward sort of hang time before dropping faster than you jumped up.
  8. Damn Ross, I did NOT expect you to go so political with this episode. I'm glad you did, however. Your points resonated with my own feelings on the game's insidious nature. I'll leave at that. I wanted to know if you tried out the Shifter Mod, and what your opinions on it are. I really like the concept (although the execution is weird sometimes), as in the original game there were a lot of gameplay styles that are heavily favored (as you mentioned in the episode). This mod seeks to balance the different weapons in the game, and reward the player for challenging feats, and best of all, they beefed up the AI, and made the game more realistic with a randomized inventory. I guess you wouldn't like those last bits so much, since they push gameplay in favor of Slasher villain-type gameplay even more, but I personally found the run-n-gun gameplay really effective (if you level up your skills appropriately) I'm gonna watch the episode again tomorrow. Thanks for the insight and entertainment. Can't wait to see what you have to say about the rest of the series.
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