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  1. I misremembered - "caldorian" could have appeared in the translation but didn't. I just used "caldors" as the name of the people. About the backwards walking in The Hobbit: I forgot to mention that the reason I found that remarkable was that it wasn't a glitch but actually the way you parry attacks by design.
  2. Links were broken, here's a folder with the english Book of Veldoor: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r52oDdEPqdJwt-Vqx0sCSw-D_HmnQGZa?usp=sharing
  3. "Caldoria" - Reminds me of "caldorian" from the "Book of Veldoor", which I just noticed I seem to have deleted from gdrive. I hope I still have a copy on my other ssd. Edit: I did! :) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r52oDdEPqdJwt-Vqx0sCSw-D_HmnQGZa?usp=sharing As for invisibility by moonwalking - I don't know about that, but in "The Hobbit" by Inevitable Entertainment/Sierra, you are immune to all damage except poison when walking backwards.
  4. I think familycomputer.wsz is really nice. It's got an old-school 3D look to it, but also a more modern style with clear edges and a limited color palette.
  5. The music at 34:34 reminds me of the into to "Lost Painting" from the Symphony of the Night soundtrack.
  6. Thanks for the appreciation! From what I've seen the game really feels like the predecessor to Nyet III, with the slightly condescending remarks, a more simple version of the money system in the form of "Nobbies" and the tough levels, some of which require the use of items. You can't save, but the game has a password system. The catch: You only get the password when you reach a level all the way from the start, so if you want the password for level 50 (the game has 100 levels), you have to beat 49 levels in a row.
  7. And it's done. I've expanded the app (anyone should be able to pick it up and make changes now) and gone through the game text again, this time with much fewer length limitations. Here's the translation.
  8. I got inspired a few days ago a decided to translate Nyet II. The products: A little WPF app to help edit the strings: https://github.com/GabrielVonSchneider/Nyet2StringHacker/releases (Warning: It's really barebones and basic features can only be used by undocumented keyboard shortcuts. A more user friendly and feature-rich version is coming!) A translation. This includes NYET.OVL, which can be used to patch the game and hack.n2h, which can be used to continue the translation. It suffers from string length limitations in a few places, but that's something that a new version of the app should be able to resolve. Another issue is that I wasn't able to translate the title screen, because changing the text there results in the game not being able to start up. I also wasn't able to test the translation fully, since neither my hacking nor my tetris skills are particularly good.
  9. Another update on the Book of Veldoor: It's pretty much done now! Many of the images look a little faded though. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OFKTXgBCkoI1rH37WPV66xoFGHaHg0aP (PDF) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uF7t89e15g5cqBvK3Ys54f4T5IH-vxhF (ODT)
  10. A little work-in-progress snapshot of the Book of Veldoor translation (Had to upload the files to Google Drive, since they're too big for this site): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S8SbMkEQo2FuPYYSMBaczEazttSKdBWZ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L05MUXV3UNTY9SpDbCJLlkx7K7S2-4x3
  11. A small update on the graphics: I'm not an expert on this sort of thing by any means, but running the .0xx files through the visualization tool Veles made it seem like the .001 file contained a lot of bitmaps.
  12. Oh, those drawings look great! I'll be sure to paste them in when I finish the translation. I especially like how the collaborators are basically portrayed as subhuman goblins. I'm a bit disappointed by the ogas though. Giving how they're described, I thought they would look like something totally from out of this world. I've not been able to extract any bitmaps, but I also haven't looked that hard, so I think it's likely to be possible.
  13. I like the idea of translating other stuff, but I think I'll stick to this game for now. I think there is a lot of value in being able to interact with the text, rather than reading it on a separate screen. Right now I'm working on a little app which is purpose-built for editing the .003 file. Kind of overkill maybe, but having an instant preview, for instance, would help a lot with judging the impact of certain lines: The .003 file has the neat feature that you can decide to put different lines on different screens. This can be used to vary emphasis. I actually had a basic working version ready, but that turned out to have a bug, which caused certain event triggers to disappear. I scrapped that and worked on this newer one, which turned out to take an unreasonable amount of time. Still, it was a fun learning experience for me. I think I'll put it on github, in case anyone is interested, but I've got some cleaning up (and translating the Book of Veldoor) to do beforehand.
  14. Man, when I saw that ZTranslate was a thing, and that this game was the first target, I didn't know you were going to play it so soon. I actually spent a quite a bit of time making my own translation, working with the game files instead of OCR, but I got heavily sidetracked along the way. I do still intend to complete it. About that issue throwing the pie at Qualbert: That's strange, I never encountered it in the couple of playthroughs I did. I do have a bit of nitpicking to do: Collie is short for "collaborator". Hellami (the woman with the green shirt) explains this in the first conversation you have with her. (I honestly don't know if that was a joke on your part and I just didn't get it, or if it was an oversight.) The origin of the light is explained in the companion booklet "The Book of Veldoor" already mentioned in this thread. Tl;dr: it's coming through crystals in the cave ceiling. If you inspect the book in-game, the game will actually make a snarky remark: I've made a rough translation, which I was gonna finish later, but I guess I can put it up here now. I'll try to polish it up in the next few days. "Ginbart is fine, and he knows a lot more than you do." - That's a translation error. The original line went more like "Ginbart is all right, and he knows a lot more than you'd think." If the guys at the inn in Wahringen walk out or refuse to talk to you, the game isn't softlocked. For the low price of 3 folints you can go back to Berg-Wolkenheim and talk to Ginbart. He's got some connections and can pass a message, which will make them return. The place with the static waterfall and the big dragon statue is called "Mindhoor". The dark side of the cave world is called "Maldoor". "Are you healthy and fit?" - I would also consider that somewhat of a mistranslation. I would have gone with "Did you come back in one piece?", or simply "Are you all right?", or something like that. But most importantly, of course: Maomi doesn't have to dump you at the end! The game has a, sort of, relationship status variable for Maomi, which increases, when you pick choices the game considers proper, and decreases when you pick the wrong choices. One wrong choice, for instance, is asking "How's Gusmar?" instead of asking "How are you?" when taking the three mirrors back to Sekamidoor. Another one is suggesting for her to leave the Cave World with you, instead of staying and finding the gleaming crystal. I don't know all the relevant conversation options, so I've not gotten it legitimately, but editing the byte at 0x465B to 0x0A and the one right after that to 0x00 in the save file should get you the good ending. (I've attached a save file where this has been done.) About the card game: Yeah, that was weird. I've played that as well and it didn't have any multiplayer option, just a big singleplayer map with a lot of AI opponents to battle. And it's grindy as hell, unless you found the glitch, which allowed you to sell the same card infinitely many times. (That made the game a lot more fun.) It also has a strange campaign mode, which plays a bit like a text adventure, except with battles, which are fought using the card game. There is also an editor, which can use to create your own campaigns, but I haven't come across any fan creations. The card game is based on the Höhlenwelt-Novels written by the game's writer, Harald Evers. (If you watch the credits again, you'll see his name more than one time.) My impression was that while they started out with some interesting concepts, they got pretty boring by the second book. There were going to be 3 "cycles" with 4 novels each, but Evers was only able to complete eight novels, as he died of a heart attack in 2006, at only 49. One last thing: The game didn't just use CD audio, it also came with some MIDI tracks. So in case anyone feels like giving some new life to this music, I've attached the sound files I was able to extract. Edit: Oh, yeah, I forgot. The episode was great. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I guess part of the reason was that I spent so much time with the game myself. I especially liked your comment about the "semi-insane infinite looping conversations". SAVE.zip cave_sounds.zip The Book of Veldoor.zip
  15. You said in your videos about VR and 3D that good stereoscopic 3D can be a great experience. Do you have any good examples of movies/games with great 3d that someone who's only been exposed to bad 3D or no 3D at all could try out? (Preferably without spending too much money. )
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