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  1. I can't tell if it's the one called The Experimental or if it's one of the previous songs shown in the credits after that, because I couldn't find that particular type of soundtrack at all on Youtube or any other place...can any of you Accursed Farm fans help me find out where that is?
  2. Hey, where's the link to the outro's credit fanart? I wanna see where's that and probably use it for sometime in the future.
  3. Ahhh...the legendary Freeman's Mind series...I wonder why so many fans seems to have misspelled his quotes alot but I'm not a crazed arsed Grammar Nazi to criticize that, I just find it funny people actually left these quotes incorrect throughout the web. Anyway, here are my favorite quotes from the Amazing Freeman's Mind! -Episode 0: (After listening to the holographic assistant demonstrating...a ladder, it seems!) "To wipe your ass, first orient your hand behind yourself...then move it forward! Or backward...honestly, who doesn't know how to use a ladder? I mean it's a LADDER! Somehow I don't think this program is designed for the gifted..." -Episode 22: (Gordon busy busting out of the power generator room while worms that were snapping him suffocates) "If any of these worms get in my hair, I swear to god, I'm just gonna freak out...yeah, worms get in my hair, the power fails, and all the lights go out, then some old guy with a raspy voice starts laughing and poking me with a stick...that would complete the experience!" -Episode 24: (Gordon tries to puzzle as to why the guard's wasn't telling him the whole story about the tram track until he starts getting to the 'miserable' part) "Of course, the real tragedy here is I didn't bring a camera...if I had been taking pictures, I'd be READY when I had to sit through some family member's slideshow...I can whip it out and be like 'Fuck you, your picture sucks, look at MINE!' 'There's me blowing up some bipedal alien the size of a dump truck' 'There's me shoothing some troops because I'm hardcore!" Surprisingly, every quotes in this series is almost bookworthy...I wonder why there aren't alot of people checking up on something like this.
  4. Hey DK1 and DK2 users (Including Ross), is it possible for you guys to run Tower Unite, a casual game involving a social community with minigames on Steam right now through VR? I ask because I heard of it being possible due to the developers implementing it in, but I think it's only workable in Virtual Desktop...in which Ross said most of the 3D Theater Modes screens are flat and aren't really full 3D which limits alot of possible functionality, but I like to see if y'alls can give it a try by going through the unofficial way.
  5. I used to be either: ENFP and ISFJ... Now? Well, 2016 is a bad year for me, so I'm not sure anymore.
  6. I used to be a space ninja that travels within the Sols System through light years away and a carton full of liquid milk that owns it's own virtual apartment tower doing nothing but typing games for points... Then I came back to reality as a pointless human male. XD
  7. In Warframe (a semi action MMORPG), there used to be a riot dedicated to "cupholders", as to say they were blocking the main entrance point of a massive floating space station called Relay at it's docking bay...the twist is that there were more than 20+ players dressing pink colors as the riot... Here's a screenshot of it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707894784 And I would like to personally thank you for creating Freeman's Mind, Ross, it's been great to watch the entire marathon again without Machinima's interference. EDIT: Sorry if this was late...but just like what Ross said...better 20 years (8 months to be precised) late than never.
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