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  1. Arcade America honestly has some of the best and most hilarious voice acting I've ever seen in a game - and yet I can't seem to find the full voice cast anywhere. Not surprising considering it's a game largely forgotten by the internet, but damn, I at least want to know who voiced Joey. IMDB does has a page for the game and a list of its voice actors, but it doesn't list the characters each actor voiced (except one guy credited as the voice of the Alcatraz ghosts). If someone here can brave the task of getting the game to run (I don't have the knowhow or the spoons to figure it out), I'd love for them to find the full voice credits and post them somewhere. That voice acting is too good to go uncredited imo.
  2. This might be the longest cold open in any Game Dungeon episode yet. 6 minutes!
  3. Oh man, I'd be all over a 'Mind' series featuring two characters rather than just one.
  4. Sorry for the double post, but I've found a site that's hosting the entire soundtrack.... in MIDI format. The link's here: http://www.mirsoft.info/wogm_download.php?data=YToyOntpOjA7czo1OiIxNDQxMSI7aToxO2k6MTU0MDI1NjQwNTt9 Sadly I can't find the original sound fonts for it, so getting them to sound like how they do in the game will be tricky (and probably a bit pointless when someone could just download the game and record the music), but hey, if you just want to piss about with some MIDIs, here you go.
  5. Not sure if anyone has posted this already - I searched the forums and found nothing - but if anyone's still interested, someone's uploaded the ending to Freakout: Extreme Freeride (aka "That Ski Game") right here: The video's actually a year old but I only just discovered it. oops.
  6. Well it's some progress! I did try downloading the game, but I'm on a Mac and I can't seem to get it to work on Wine. If anyone else wants to try that, please do, I'd really appreciate it.
  7. I don't remember exactly how, but at one point, the chat got into a lengthy discussion about furries and Sonic OCs. and I think I'm largely to blame
  8. I honestly thought that was intentional
  9. I can't help but wonder if this game was meant to be run at a much lower framerate, what with the super-sensitive controls, the jittery aliens (and jittery everything else I suppose) and the text moving insanely fast. Kind of like Test Drive 3 but with aliens. Or maybe this is just me being unfamiliar with DOS games (I am, after all, a filthy millenial). Anyway, fun episode!
  10. Question in title. The music sounded really catchy but I've not been able to find it on its own anywhere. I'd try extracting it myself except I'm on a Mac
  11. I'm not sure why, but I burst out laughing when the Combine officer flew up from the exploding barrel and plopped straight into the gap in the wooden platform. Did you pick that scene from several takes or did you just get exceptionally lucky?
  12. Might be alone here but it's bothering me slightly that the last couple Game Dungeons have differently formatted titles
  13. As someone who despises PayPal and wishes to use it as little as possible, I would love for you to open up a Patreon so I can help support you
  14. There was one song in that game which I really liked. So much in fact that I did a cover of it... Still sort of fudging my way through making digital music but I kinda like how this turned out. (Otherwise, uh, I wouldn't be showing it off..) By the way, long-time fan, first time poster here. Hi. EDIT: oh I posted this in the wrong place I think. oops
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