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  1. Yeah I had some red flags go off in my head when I heard gremlin interactive. !WARNING WIKI REGURGITATION INCOMING! Seems Gremlin Graphics was renamed in 1994 to Gremlin interactive along with some rebranding. This is probably just a fun train of thought Ross had left on the cutting room floor. If you remember he put in decent subliminal messaging during the potty pigeon episode. I found it weird at the time and in review. There wasn't anything too ridiculous about gremlin graphics in my opinion. So either is Ross has a few jokes ready for the long game or Gremlin just hits notes with him. Back to Gremlin history. Apparently they killed it business wise and got some guys who made GTA and Lemmings and stayed independent until 1999 when infogrames bought them. Here's where a Realms of the Haunting remake can totally happen. The studio was actually shut down in 2003 and Ian Stewart created his own Company called Urbanscan and purchased the gremlin intellectual library. So Ian owns the rights for RotH as far as I can figure. He hasn't done anything amazing just yet but is still in business. In conclusion I've been avoiding studying for my history exam by researching VIDEO GAME history and creating conspiracy theories about game dungeon. Still surprised Ross didn't at least mention the Gremlin connection. Looking forward to playing RotH myself, even knowing what's coming.
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