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  1. roger_duncan_101

    Freeman's Mind

    Freeman's Mind (Episodes 26-30).zip
  2. Ігрове Підземеля Роса - Captain Zzap Рос і капітан Ззап об'єднали зусилля, щоб урятувати Різдво. ross_s_game_dungeon_captain_zzap_ukr.srt
  3. Игровое Подземелье Росса - Captain Zzap Росс и капитан Ззап объединили усилия, чтобы спасти Рождество. ross_s_game_dungeon_captain_zzap_rus.srt
  4. roger_duncan_101

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Captain Zzap

    Hi @danielsangeo In subtitle #108 there's an extra "the". Subtitle #149 - extra "like". Subtitle #321 - "shooting" instead of "aiming". Subtitle #323 - "in" is missing: "right in front of you".
  5. roger_duncan_101

    Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 10

    @Erasmus Roterodamnsus Well, "Shit!" it is then. Thanks for clarification.
  6. Розум Фрімена 2 - Епізод 10 У цьому епізоді Фрімен конфліктує з місцевими за право контролю над річкою. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_10_ukr.srt
  7. Разум Фримена 2 - Эпизод 10 В этом эпизоде Фримен конфликтует с местными за право контроля над рекой. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_10_rus.srt
  8. roger_duncan_101

    Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 10

    Hi @danielsangeo. So I checked this episode on youtube this morning, and somebody's had already uploaded the english subtitles, but lo and behold the're not yours! Looks like some guys made them using youtube editor. So, as far as I'm understand, the're not being approved by the owner of the channel or anything, because Ross knows that you're making them. Anyway, thanks. By the way, at 06:14 your subtitles saying metrocop says "look out", while the youtube subtitles have "shit" and it does sounds a lot like he says "shit", but it's hard to say for sure. Also in subtile line #66 there's missing a "be".
  9. roger_duncan_101

    Freeman's Mind

    Freeman's Mind (Episodes 21-25).zip
  10. Ігрове Підземелля Роса - Uncanny Valley Рос намагається перетнути "моторошну долину". ross_s_game_dungeon_uncanny_valley_ukr.srt
  11. Игровое Подземелье Росса - Uncanny Valley Росс пытается пересечь "зловещую долину". ross_s_game_dungeon_uncanny_valley_rus.srt
  12. roger_duncan_101

    Playlist for subtitled videos

    Well, if I can control the order in which videos are being displayed (for example, I want it to show all FM in a row, then RGG, then other videos), then, yeah, I can see myself spending some time on this. Thanks for the idea, I'll look into it.
  13. roger_duncan_101

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Uncanny Valley

    Hi Daniel. I'm not sure whether it's worth fixing after such long time, but here it is. There's and "I" missing at 00:06:11,571 --> 00:06:14,241 ("figure out what I was doing") and "at" uh at 00:08:22,602 --> 00:08:28,375 ("put that AT the bottom")
  14. roger_duncan_101

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Apocalyptica

    Ok, so I guess then I won't be troubling Ross with this stuff. The're really are piling up and I don't think many people visit forum, so obviously uploading them to Youtube videos would be much appreciated. Thanks again!
  15. roger_duncan_101

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Apocalyptica

    Hi @danielsangeo! Couple of things I spotted during translation: Word "way" is missing during 00:01:16,167 --> 00:01:21,600 timeline "as" instead of "at" - 00:02:50,767 --> 00:02:53,516 Also I have some questions. Now that Ross have subtitles submitted to Youtube, shall I send them directly to him? And is it okay if I also send him the subs for many previous translations that still yet to be uploaded to youtube videos? What about the compendium, will it be updayed sometime in the future? Thanks.

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