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  1. Розум Фрімена 2 - Епізод 12 У ньому Фрімен робить чергову незаплановану зупинку. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_12_ukr.srt
  2. Разум Фримена 2 - Эпизод 12 В нем Фримен делает очередную незапланированную остановку. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_12_rus.srt
  3. Well, I hope "busy" isn't a substitute for "shitty" and you're doing fine. Just to think how much you have done over the years... and the speed you've been releasing new FM subs - you need a medal for doing such an amazing job and I thank you very much for all your work! Not only as a viewer, but as a translator as well. I mean, without you I wouldn't have anything to work with. Let's hope that someone will back you up on the longer episodes. Although, if that's not the case, in my opinion it would be more practical to take as much time as you need to make subs for the better albeit longer episodes (or the one's you like best), than to waste time on relatively throwaway stuff like Harry Buster. But then again, you know better what's best for you.
  4. Yep, uploaded the subs the other day and seen it. Thanks!
  5. Ігрове Підземелля Роса - TrackMania² Canyon Рос намагається відшукати правду і гонки в TrackMania² Canyon. ross_s_game_dungeon_trackmania_2_canyon_ukr.srt
  6. Игровое Подземелье Росса - TrackMania² Canyon Росс пытается отыскать правду и гонки в TrackMania² Canyon. ross_s_game_dungeon_trackmania_2_canyon_rus.srt
  7. Hi Daniel. At 00:10:02,900 Ross says "give", not "gives". And at 00:12:19,033 it's "the graphics would be so abstract"
  8. Розум Фрімена 2 - Епізод 11 У цьому епізоді, перш ніж продовжити свою подорож по річці, Фрімену належить розібратися з деякими справами. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_11_ukr.srt
  9. Разум Фримена 2 - Эпизод 11 В этом эпизоде, прежде чем продолжить свое путешествие по реке, Фримену предстоит разобраться с некоторыми делами. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_11_rus.srt
  10. So, here I am, almost 6 months later and I'm happy to announce that Ross has finally approved all of my submitted subtitles (apart from Ross's Big Game List for Ukranian, Ross's Game Dungeon: Zany Golf for Russian and Ukrainian and Freeman's Mind Episodes 31-35 for Ukrainian - all of them have been sent for approval, so we'll just have to wait). Ross's videos featuring Russian subtitles - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqMv3BnY3QDmuuWg_qAgqZO_Oq9js8I9b Ross's videos featuring Ukrainian subtitles - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqMv3BnY3QDkWPbUU93eWFntfw6Jwsnkh More subs coming!
  11. Игровое Подземелье Росса - Zany Golf Росс играет в гольф и проводит расследование в отношении злых сил, которые за ним стоят. ross_s_game_dungeon_zany_golf_rus.srt
  12. Ігрове Підземелля Роса - Zany Golf Рос грає у гольф і проводить розслідування стосовно злих сил, які за ним стоять. ross_s_game_dungeon_zany_golf_ukr.srt
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