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  1. Next up is a Sonic game? Is it Sonic Schoolhouse? If it is, I dunno if it's a good idea, since it was done to death, and it's more a meme than anything. But maybe it's not it, maybe it's a different game, maybe it's the Adventure games since they are also available on PC. In either case, surprise me, you always does. As for the video itself, I have one thing to add about A New Beginning. I was expecting that you would at least mention something about the major plot point about nuclear power being the cause of global warming, because you said you were confused by it and many people (both in this forum and the youtube comments) gave a answer of why the game villanizes it. So, I'm kind of dissapointed that you didn't brought that up in the video, because I wanted to hear if you had anything to say about it.
  2. Borderlands * 87 bazzilion guns - I know, pretty obvious award, but we can't deny it is a staple of the franchise. * Tentacles and disappointment - While I don't find the story to be bad, general consensus is that it is "meh". The best way I can sum it up is that it's a wild-goose chase for alien booty on "Mad Max Planet" where the main antagonist ends up impaled by a tentacle in a non-pornographic fashion, and you end up fighting a eldritch abomination instead. But hey, at least I take this story over any Ubisoft sandbox game plot. * Downright spiral to identity and insanity - The series didn't became wackier overnight with the second game, we can say that the DLC campaings from the first game helped to shape it to that direction. A mad doctor that's totally not a NPC you met in the main game, a zombie apocalypse, a psychotic sexy clown, midgets coming out of chests, goddamn nepotism, and robotic communism. Compared to the main campaing, the DLCs are far more entertaining plot-wise in my opinion. MDK * Best alien invasion method - You only learn this if you read the manual. The aliens you face are called Streamriders, and they have this name because they teleport from planet-to-planet via energy streams, and they invade with gigantic mobile cities that consume everything on it's path, only leaving scorched earth behind. If that's not the most terrifying and kickass way to invade our planet, I don't know what is. * Best WTF ending for a PC game - Just like Ross always says, old-school PC games are notorious for having weak endings, but MDK opted for something different... A music video by a french band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISFXmukrQO4 * All-time favorite - It's far from flawless, especially considering the sniper mechanics, but I can't think of a better game that I beated multiple times because I liked it a lot. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood * Symphonical diarrhea - While the soundtrack isn't the worst I've experienced, I have to agree it's bad. Most tracks are bastardarizations of many classic Sonic tunes, and that's enough to put it in low regards. * Between a rock and a hard place - In the second half of the game, Sonic and his friends end up stuck in another dimension where some powerful alien species resides, and they have to fight them before they gain their trust. However, the first aliens you encounter are the Kron, which are sentient walking rocks, and they are extremely tough. Their defense is so absurd that they take 1 damage from ANYTHING your characters can throw, except for ONE attack skill that Shadow has that ignores defense. This is almost the same caliber of level 3 from The Chosen: Well of Souls, since everything after is more doable compared to this. And speaking of The Chosen... * Somebody Cared - ...I have to also give this award, mostly because of the plot. I don't think that this game has a good plot, but of all of laughably failed attemps of shoehorning a plot more complex than defeating Eggman/Robotnik/Whateveryouwanttocallhim in the franchise, I think this one is at least decent and not laughably bad, it also helps that Sonic Team wasn't involved. One of the reasons being that they try to stitch together most of Sonic lore (the main villains are the the ones responsible for creating Emerl from Sonic Battle, just to give a example), which is something that Sonic Team itself doesn't seem to care very much (which begs the question of why they even bother with worldbuilding if they are going to forget and contradict themselves later anyway). Also, many Sonic characters that I usually find annoying are at least tolerable here, especially Big the Cat. I can see that they really wanted to do something special here, but it didn't turned out as they wanted it to be, and we payed the price for it.
  3. No, I didn't mean like that. When I said that I meant that I found the music trippy as all hell. Like if you are in a very psychotic dream.
  4. Rock of Ages It's really not that old, it has a sequel, and it's not that obscure, but it's a game that screams Game Dungeon to me. Why? Well, can anyone define what genre this game belongs? For those who don't know, it's a game where you control a boulder, and you need to roll it towards the enemy's gate to break it until you crush it. But your enemy is also doing the same, and you both can place defenses along the way to slow the progress of each other. So, we could say that this game is a combination of a physics game, a racing game, and a tower defense game. Is that enough to qualify this game as a weird and unique experience? Since I've played Crystal Caves to completion, I can say that it's leaning more towards a possible sequel of that game. But seriously, WTF is up with that music?
  5. If you can handle edgy humour and constant uses of Gordon Ramsay clips, Civvie11 might interest you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21uZkfXpT8rPY-gPgMiCwA He also does playthroughs of old-school FPS games. And his Hunt Down the Freeman review might be my favorite video of his: But if you want a more normal guy that review games, SomecallmeJohnny might be worthy checking out. He did many platformer reviews, especially Sonic and Shantae games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg83RGdRpwfvoFEuE2zWKZA As for movies... Well, if you like B/cult movies you can check ou Brandon Tenold: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBrandonTenold/featured
  6. Fuel Okay Ross, you said that The Crew has the SECOND biggest driving open-world, what about making a episode about the game that has THE biggest driving open-world, huh? I dunno if that's true, you are the one that's saying that... Ok, jokes aside, I don't know much about this one (except that it's post-apocalyptical), so I'm kind of curious about your opinion on this one. Especially if there's anything else besides the size of the world that it does better compared to The Crew. Slain: Back from Hell This is a platformer with a heavy-metal theme, but that's not the reason why I'm suggesting it. It's because this game is a warrior. Remember the "somebody cared" award that Ross gave to The Chosen and A New Beginning? Well, it's like that, but on a different scale. This was originally lauched as simply "Slain!", and was heavily criticized for being brutally unfair and broken in some areas, and it was. However, the developer decided to give an overhaul and relauch it as "Slain: Back from Hell", and... It's still hard as nails, but at least it's fair this time, so it's a good game now. I would say that it's interesing because even though we live in a era where it's easier to download a patch to a game, the games that are usually patched by the devs are ones that didn't receive mostly negative reviews and they only do some bug fixes and small quality of life changes. Otherwise, they may be left to rot and/or they get mod support for modders to fix things that the devs could've fixed themselves (I'm looking at both of you, Bethesda and Cucklefish). This, alongside War for the Overworld, is one of the few exceptions, where the developer decided to fix it despite the bad press. Back from Hell indeed.
  7. Full Throttle * Half-empty gas tank - It's a short game, especially compared to other Lucas Arts adventure games. But it's still a enjoyable ride. * Curse of Eternam - Like Ross said in his Eternam review, putting sessions in a adventure game that requires arcade-like timing or reflexes is not a very good idea since usually these games would be ideal for non-gamers, and unfortunately Full Throttle has one of these. Of course, it didn't bothered me that much, but well... * 1% Approved - Even if it's not a action game, it still is a good biker gang themed game.
  8. Sorry for the necro, but I was rewatching this episode and I wanted to comment about something that Ross said about point-and-click adventure games, especially about the part of people thinking that the genre is dead. I will not disagree with everything that Ross said, but I want to mention another factor that may had lead to this sentiment. While Ross said that games in the genre has the potential to have better writing than most games, "potential" is the key word here. I don't know all of them, but I know that the genre also has a lot of stinkers, like Hopkins FBI, Mystery of the Druids, and even Jack Orlando. And when I say "stinker", I don't mean just the puzzles, I mean on the writing department. Having a game with bad writing and amazing gameplay can still leave a bad impression, but will not be the end of the world, but a game that relies on writing to keep you invested and it be bad is a death sentence. (except if the game is "so bad, it's good" like Hopkins FBI and Mystery of the Druids, but it still proves this point)
  9. Armed and Dangerous Not to be confused with Armed and Delirious. This game is a third person shooter developed by Planet Moon Studios (also responsible for Giants: Citizen Kabuto), a team composed of ex-Shiny Entertainment devs, you know, the same studio responsible for MDK. As a game it's playable, but pretty standard (except for one infuriating level). What makes this game stand out is it's plot and manual backstory, that in true Shiny fashion, is extremely silly and filled with british humour and black comedy. Definitely a type of game that you won't see been made today. Hunt Down the Freeman Yeah, I know. This game was already ridicularized enough (I recommend Civvie 11 video on it if you guys want some laughs) to the point of being a dead horse, but I still think there's still one last nail that needs to be nailed down to shut this game's coffin for good, and I can't think of a better person than Ross to do it. One of the reasons is already obvious, since Ross does the Freeman's Mind series he has good insight on Half-Life's lore to tell why this game doesn't fit in. Or maybe just comment on the story in general and maybe why it would suck even if it didn't have the Half-Life name on it. Or just a excuse to talk about Half-Life lore in general. But maybe it could be also a good opportunity to comment on the most glaring issue of this game: This is not just a glorified Half-Life fanfic, It is a Half-Life fanfic that was ENDORSED by Valve. Which could be a good excuse to talk about Valve in general and their lack of care to what they sell in their store. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Just a idea for a Halloween episode, if not this year, maybe another year. I'm sure Ross is pretty much aware of this game, but for those who don't, I'll tell what's all about: It's a point-and-click adventure game based on a sci-fi novel of the same name (and the author himself was also involved in the production), and it's about AM, a rogue AI that exterminated all humanity, except for 5 individuals that AM decided to give immortality so it could torture them to exercise it's own hatred on humanity. And AM tortures them by taking advantage of their psychological problems, past traumas, and even dark pasts. Needless to say, it's a very intense game, and has by far (in my opinion at least) the best evil AI you can find in a videogame. I know that sounds extremely awkward since I've been away from the forum for a looooooong time, and only now I'm replying you (sorry about that), but I have to reply because I'm puzzled: Where did I said that Sacred is about a Skittles comercial? I was referring to Darkened Skye, I mentioned Sacred 3 but as a comparrison. Sorry if I sounded rude, it's just that I'm confused. I don't think that obscure is a obligatory requirement anymore for the show. What defines Game Dungeon to me is Ross's commentary on anything unique about a game, being atmosphere, story, or gameplay, especially if you compare it with the rest of the mainstream gaming scene. It's easy to find that in obscure games (and even this could be the reason why they became obscure), but not all unique games I see that I think deserve mention are not obscure, or at least not THAT obscure compared to some of the stuff that Ross bring to the show. (seriously, where does he finds that stuff? I could have died without knowing that shit like Armed and Delirious actually exist) So I can see him talking about Yume Nikki just fine.
  10. Full Throttle Remastered. Cool story and characters, I liked it. Only problem is that it kind of suffers from same problem Ross mentioned in his Eternam review, about sessions in a point-and-click adventure game where it requires arcade-like reflexes (in this case, the fights on the road against the other bikers). I did find them pretty easy (once I understand what to do) to be honest, but then again, arcade-like reflexes, so it may not be for everyone.
  11. Well... Considering how unforgiving this game turned out to be, I'm surprised that you didn't gave the award "curiosity killed the cat". Now that's some good information that's worty of a follow-up episode. So basically Ross got the bad ending. Then again, I can't blame him, the game is already cryptic enough, and the fact that it was machine translated made things even more wonky.
  12. Of all the games that Ross would cover, I wasn't expecting this one. I must say that I gone down in a memory lane thanks to this episode. I didn't played it, but I watched Spoony's Let's Play of it. I decided to do a quick research (and by that, I mean checking Wikipedia) and I can say that you are not alone on thinking that the sex and gore in this game is too tame for the rating, because that was one of the criticisms even back them. Also, there was plans for a third Phantasmagoria, but since this one was a flop, the sequel never came to be. But I must admit, I think Dimension X is the lamest name for a alien dimension ever. I know that coming up with names is hard, that's a problem that I face in every game that allows me to name my character/town/rebel-faction/whatever, but come on...
  13. He probably took the same pills from the granny from Armed & Delirious.
  14. I don't have games from the top of my head to give awards at the moment. For now however, I will give at least one award to a game that Ross covered previously, because I think they deserve it. Nyet 3 * Gaming Doomsayer - I know someone already pointed this out in the Youtube comments, but it deserves to be repeated, this game was ahead of it's time in a very sinister way. The game has "optional" power-ups to buy to make levels easier, but as far as you get in the game, you start to realize that these power-ups are not as optional as the game says they are. Does that sound familiar? Yep, this game reminds me a lot of the current gaming landscape and it's predatory microtransactions, especially the mobile market. And the fact that this game's ending show the guy of the title screen in a yatch is the icing on the cake. But hey, you might say, at least they didn't publish a game where they charge us money to save our game. Well... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUX4fGCd_dk) If this game was published today as it is (not with real microtransactions, just to clarify), it could be passed off as a satire like DLC Quest.
  15. I've been away from the forums for a very long time, so I have a LOT to catch on. Honestly, this episode was pretty weak in my opinion. Game Dungeon is at it's best when Ross is covering at least one of the following: 1 - a VERY obscure game (seriously, sometimes I don't even know where he finds some of the stuff he covered, and I have seen many obscure shit myself); 2 - a game with a story worthy of commentary; 3 - a game with that either tries to define it's own genre or tries to bring a new spin to an already existing one; 4 - a game that's bad in a very special way. (like The Chosen: Well of Souls) At first glance, one could say it fits on number 3, but to me this game is a attempt to cash in on Dead Cells, so it's not that original. The only thing it has going for is the aesthetic, but everything else falls flat. I think over-reliance on RNG to fake replay value is one of the biggest sins this games has.
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