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  1. The built-in cheat in Creatures II is unorthodox. To gain infinite lives, the player must wait for the credits screen to appear, then wet his finger and quickly rub it across Joystick Port One. A big picture of Maximus Mouse (from the games Summer Camp and Winter Camp by Thalamus) will appear, waving his arms every time the player rubs his finger across the port. The player must repeatedly rub the port until Maximus Mouse turns grey, at which point the Fuzzy fountain will also flash to confirm that the cheat is now active.[2]
  2. Oh shit i forgot about the weirdest cheat ever...creatures 2 by the apex twins (who made mayhem in monsterland which was a sonic rip off that got 1000% reviews) anyway the cheat involvled licking your finger and rubbing your finger over controller port 2 which would do something fucky to the c64 and give you extra lives. I have no idea if any game cheat code has come close. A rat picture would appear and you'd be invincible. Ok im really drunk.
  3. Oh and as added stuff to the muncher, it was an advert for candy (i'm using the word candy because in the us you call it that, in the uk we call it sweets) but the game is really really well made for an advert and then in 1992 they gave the game away for free in c64 magazine on the free game tape. So you have a well made game given away for free by a company...i think it was gremlin graphics when has this ever happened? Also mr scott if you read this and get a taste for my brain knowledge i have many obscure c64 games in my brain, but fuck the back and forth i'm drunk again. Deflektor was also a puzzle game given away on the same cassette as the muncher and it was awesome with cool music. And cuz i can't stop other c64 games that ruled were. Zoids. Lords of chaos. (Which a christian friends mother confiscated) Hostages. Which had a sneak section a sniper section and a fps section and was pretty easy to complete but was based on the embassy terrorist attack in the uk. Oh and ummm. never mind im drunk and had a shit week thanks for gettin me through mr. Scott keep kicking ass.
  4. That air duct IS total bullshit, wtf valve seriously.
  5. Grandpa and the quest for the holy vest. Point and click mildly smutty game. Early 90s. Battlezone Fps rts on the moon. Late 90s. Outwars 3rd person jetpack space shooter. Late 90s. Myth 2 the fallen lords. Great Rts with funny characters and bloody violence, i love this game. Early 00s?. Dark colony. Hard as nails rts on mars with alien greys and bloody violence. Viz the game. A series of ridiculous mini games such as making pancakes with a massive pair of testicles. Netstorm. RTS with tetris puzzle elements from the late 90s, the online community was still working a few years ago. The muncher. An obscure c64 game not unlike rampage, where you are a godzilla style lizard monster called the muncher who was the mascot for an english candy company called chewits, you'd side scroll through cities wrecking everything and eating people before fighting godzilla monster rip offs.
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