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  1. I'm still vaguely curious about "sweet pickles".
  2. Hope someone can rip the music from the game, 'cause I kinda liked those snippets of the wonkier tunes. The easy-listening reminded me of that sax music in the new Twin Peaks. Great vid with lots of laughs!
  3. Anyone who likes "one track wonders", should look up beeper music (aka "1-bit music"), songs made using just the one pin out on the CPU. Tim Follin's a master at it: It's funny how he's got more polyphony out of this one channel of zeroes and ones than the dedicated sound chip added to the Spectrum later on.
  4. There's nothing quite like a decision making game with NPC's that don't believe you. An unexpected but good review, I had the same frustrations with the game. Also that chromatic aberration filter. A game about photography should be all about avoiding things like that shouldn't it? Might as well have the whole thing out of focus and underexposed.
  5. What are the chances of being able to play this game 'cause it really looks like my cup of tea. How would I properly emulate Windows 95 for this to run?
  6. How could you expect an ending if you cheated? The aliens know all!
  7. That would be fun. EDIT: Other classics like Elite (BBC Micro) and Jet Set Willy (ZX Spectrum) are quite nice.
  8. Another game (sort of) I remember was controlled by the brain via neurofeedback on a program called Cygnet. It had a game called "InnerTube" which had this really nice and chill electronic music that I'd love to find again somehow. Basically all you did was relax your brain, and by doing the right things, the spaceship would progress through a series of tubes. The textures would vary from abstract to oddly biological like you were inside an intestine. https://youtu.be/jXR-cGAZg_c I doubt there'd be an Dungeon episode on this for the obvious reasons (namely the hardware), but I just thought Ross and others might like the graphics and music. If I could get my hands on it again, I'll see if I can extract the assets. You're welcome! I'm glad I made someone's day. EDIT: Oh Toonstruck would be fun too. A graphic adventure game where you play as Christopher Lloyd who gets sucked into a generic and garish 90's cartoon universe.
  9. Mushroom Age was rather bizarre from what I remember, nothing too intense, but had nice music too. Hidden object game with puzzles. D.R.O.D. (Deadly Rooms of Death) is a simple and fun but tricky game where every step you make, the enemies make one too. It's free and you can make your own levels. Pocket Tanks. Like Worms, except only two players, you can't move. Also like Worms the slew of weapons can be quite interesting.
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