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  1. 7:50 Eat Static - Inner Peace 10:50 Eat Static - Gulf Breeze Both from the album 'Abduction' (Ross might like the eponymous track, since it's got a Rama-esque ambient sound but with some beats). (Thought it'd be wiser to say that here, since I'd expect copyright bots to scour the comments one day if they don't already; don't want to be the narc!)
  2. How did Ross disable Nexus to bring up the dock with the mouse? I've been enjoying using an extra mouse button and AutoHotkey to bring up the icons so they're not in the way. But still no matter what Nexus settings I try, if the mouse touches the edge of the screen, the dock comes up (even if I have the activation set to a hotkey). For a good GUI the keyboard and mouse will have to change, even if only slightly. The keyboard as it currently stands isn't designed for GUIs, it's still in the IBM days. I would like to see the end of the top bar with the close/minimise/maximise buttons, so every program looks full-screen by default. Then the close/minimise/maximise buttons can physically go on the keyboard (instead of uncomfortable Windows key/Alt+F4 nonsense). They'd go on the left side 'cause it'd be easier for the keyboard hand to reach. Maybe the close button could even be a momentary switch (like the Atari VCS reset switch or iPhone "unlock"). You'd have to make a specific and deliberate (yet still imprecise and quick!) effort to close the program.
  3. Great video, Ross! I don't think about this kind of thing often, but you know how to sell an imaginary concept. Virtual world exploring does sound lovely, especially if there's surround sound ambience and such. I hope this dream software doesn't distract the programmers in the audience away from developing a better GUI though; that would be the software that would further the human race.
  4. One thing I notice with a lot of Linux/terminal devotees (believe me I tried to get into Linux), they're usually not doing media. I can't imagine the mouse being dropped for use in video editing or DAWs. With the Windows 7 to Windows 10 extortion, ExplainingComputers did a good video. If it's affordable, you could leave your Windows 7 offline, and build a separate Windows 10 computer dedicated to VR and online. What Linux is great for (for Windows users) is the internet/text/e-mail department which I really enjoyed. But yeah, shame about not getting audio interfaces to work and none of my much needed music/video software and hardware working. 'Cause my lastest build is Ryzen, I've moved to Windows 10 LTSC. Still god-awful, with its double Control Panel/Settings etc. Speaking of media/audio, you can tag BWF files with descriptions and everything, so you can search for a sound/sample without knowing the exact file name. If you could do the same with applications, you wouldn't have to worry about knowing the exact program name, and customise the tags to your particular way of defining that program.
  5. Hope someone can rip the music from the game, 'cause I kinda liked those snippets of the wonkier tunes. The easy-listening reminded me of that sax music in the new Twin Peaks. Great vid with lots of laughs!
  6. Anyone who likes "one track wonders", should look up beeper music (aka "1-bit music"), songs made using just the one pin out on the CPU. Tim Follin's a master at it: It's funny how he's got more polyphony out of this one channel of zeroes and ones than the dedicated sound chip added to the Spectrum later on.
  7. Mushroom Age was rather bizarre from what I remember, nothing too intense, but had nice music too. Hidden object game with puzzles. D.R.O.D. (Deadly Rooms of Death) is a simple and fun but tricky game where every step you make, the enemies make one too. It's free and you can make your own levels. Pocket Tanks. Like Worms, except only two players, you can't move. Also like Worms the slew of weapons can be quite interesting.
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